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Admiral Dryer Not Tumbling (How to Fix)

What can you do if your Admiral dryer is not tumbling? Try these solutions first.

White dryer machine with clothes

Driver Pulley

The dryer pulley holds tension on the belt wrapped around the drum. If the dryer pulley is damaged or worn, it must be replaced.

Visually inspect the dryer pulley for damage. If you see any damage, replace both the dryer pulley and the belt.

Door Switch

The dryer door must be closed for the unit to operate. Nothing will work, including the drum not spinning if the door is open.

If the door switch is worn or broken, it may not allow the door to latch in place fully. The sensor will detect that the door is not latched properly and keep the appliance from operating.

You can check the door switch with a multimeter. Replace it if necessary.

Top Reasons Why A Admiral Gas Dryer Is Not Tumbling

White dryer machine with clothes

The Power is Off

One of the more common reasons why a gas dryer may not be tumbling is also one of the easiest to fix. If the dryer is not getting power, the drum will not spin.

Gas dryers may use gas to produce hot air, but the dryer uses electricity for the inner workings. You must have the dryer plugged in, and it has to have the flow of electricity to it.

Diagnosing this issue is relatively easy because nothing will work if the dryer doesn’t have power. Even the gas that may go into the dryer will not ignite because it requires electricity to spark the flame.

Several issues between the breaker box and the dryer could lead to this problem. If nothing in the dryer works, including the lights and sounds from the control panel, then the power is the first place to look.

Breaker Box

Most gas dryers use a single breaker. If it is tripped or faulty, power won’t reach the dryer. Open the breaker box and look for the circuit breaker associated with the dryer.

If the breaker is slightly out of line with the others or has a red line on the side, it is tripped. To reset the breaker, turn it off and flip it back on again.

If the breaker continues to trip, you either have too much running on the same circuit or a problem with the breaker itself. Contact an electrician to swap out the breaker, as it could be a fire hazard.


In most cases, the receptacle is a very reliable piece of equipment. They can occasionally fail, including having only one side of the outlet fail.

The easiest way to test the receptacle is to plug something else into it. You could use a lamp; if the lamp lights, the outlet works. Make sure you are testing the same side of the outlet used for the dryer.

The receptacle may be a GFCI, and it needs to be reset. Look for a GFCI receptacle in the area with reset and test buttons. Reset the breaker by pushing the reset button if it is out.

Otherwise, you may need to change the receptacle. It may show some wear, such as burnt areas on the outlet plate. If that is the case, swap it out immediately.

Power Cord

Inspect the power cord for any physical damage. You should replace the pigtail if it is cut or bent, or if the plug is melted or burnt.

Control Board

The control board is the final place to check for a power issue. If the control board is not operating but is receiving power, it may need to be swapped out.

You can test the power to the control board with a multimeter. Be very careful when testing anything involving live electricity.

The Drive Belt is Broken

If the drive belt snaps or becomes stretched, the drum will no longer spin. The dryer may operate otherwise, but it will not tumble.

The motor operates the drive belt, and as the belt rotates, it causes the drum to turn. You can test the belt by spinning the drum while the dryer is off. If it spins freely with no resistance, the belt may have a problem.

Although it may be possible that the drive belt is broken, that doesn’t have to be the case for the dryer to stop running. If the drive belt is stretched or not aligned properly, it may also not spin the drum. Sometimes, it is an easier repair.

The only way you will know for sure is to take off the front panel and visually inspect the drive belt. Before doing so, disconnect the power to the dryer and protect the source so it can’t be turned on accidentally.

After removing the front panel, inspect the belt for any damage or misalignment. If it is misaligned, try putting it back into place. You can then test it to see if that fixed the issue.

If the belt is stretched or broken, you must get a new drive belt to fit your model. It can be reinstalled, and afterward, you can reassemble the dryer by putting on the panels that were removed.

Only at this point should you turn the power back on to the dryer. Try running it through a test cycle to see if the drum is spinning. Otherwise, it may be another issue.

Pro Tip: If you have removed the drive belt during the inspection. It may be best to replace it at that point. A new drive belt can revive even an old gas dryer.

The Drum Bearings Need to be Replaced

Even with modern appliances, we still rely on simple technology, such as bearings. You can find these bearings in the dryer motor and the dryer drum.

Notice how the dryer is running to diagnose a problem with the dryer bearings. When dryer bearings go bad, the drum may turn for a few cycles and stop before starting again.

The stop-and-start motion occurs because the motor is overheating. After the drum stops spinning, the motor will cool, and the process will start all over again.

Even before this issue starts, you may have a problem with a squealing sound from the bearings. It is best to fix the dryer at that point or at least check into any unusual sounds you hear.

If you allow the bearings to go completely bad, it will be a more extensive and expensive issue to repair. It’s better to fix it at the onset rather than allowing the bearings to burn out completely.

Fortunately, changing the bearings in a gas dryer is not typically difficult. You can even access the bearings through any access panels made available by the manufacturer to lubricate the bearings if necessary.

Some drum bearings are installed inside the drum, making it necessary to replace the entire drum rather than just the bearings. If you can remove the bearings and replace them on their own, it’s a more straightforward job.

Always turn off the power completely before working with the panels open on the dryer, including working on the bearings.

The Thermal Fuse is Faulty

Sometimes the smallest components in your dryer will cause the biggest problems. That is true of the thermal fuse.

The thermal fuse is an interior in-line fuse that monitors the temperature in the dryer. If it detects temperatures that are too high, it will trigger, and power will be shut off to the dryer.

In some gas dryers, the thermal fuse will shut the power off so the gas will not ignite. If that is the case, the dryer may still operate as expected, except it will not get any hot air. It will take an extended amount of time to dry your clothing.

If the drum is not spinning, it may be due to a faulty thermal fuse. The only way to know is to test the thermal fuse using a multimeter and replace it if necessary.

The thermal fuse is a single-use item. After it fails or blows due to high temperature, it will not reset and start working again. You will have to replace the thermal fuse at that point.

One of the most common reasons why a thermal fuse fails is due to a buildup of lint in the vent or a clogged lint filter. Clean the lint filter after each use and check the dryer vent for obstructions regularly.

The Door Switch or Door Sensor Switch is Faulty

There are multiple safety items built into your gas dryer. One of those involves the door because if the door is open, the dryer should not be operating.

If the drum spins after you open the door, it’s a serious safety hazard. If it is spinning, you could easily get your hand or arm caught and injured.

That is why gas dryer manufacturers build a safety switch into the door switch. It senses if the door is open or closed. It will stop the tumbling action if it detects the door is opened while the dryer is spinning.

If the door switch or sensor is faulty, the dryer may operate as expected for a short time and then stop running. This occurs as the door goes in and out of alignment.

The easiest way to check the door switch is to gently pull on the door while the gas dryer operates. If you can open the door easily, the switch is likely bad.

You can also check the door sensor with a multimeter. If it doesn’t check for continuity, then it should be replaced.

Pro Tip: Most gas dryers combine the door switch and sensor into a single unit. It is best to replace both if you are going to replace one.

The Drum Glides are Worn or Broken

The front drum glides are a relatively simple mechanism that allows the drum to spin freely and smoothly. If worn or damaged, the drum may bind and not turn properly.

Drum glides are very easy to replace, but they differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should always verify the specifics of the gas dryer you are fixing and get the appropriate drum glides.

You may find the drum glides directly installed on the drum rim, or they could be inside on a panel that supports the drum. In either case, you can usually pull them off easily and replace them.

There is no way to test the drum glide other than with a visual inspection. If you notice any damage or wear and tear on the drum glide, it should be replaced.

The Drum Rollers or Roller Axels Are Broken/Worn

One of the more difficult things to fix on a gas dryer is the dryer roller or roller axle. These items may wear out over time, and eventually, the drum may not spin as it should.

Diagnosing this issue can be difficult but often results in a thumping or squealing when the dryer tries to tumble. If that is the case and you don’t see any damage to the belt or front drum glides, the problem could be the rollers or roller axle.

Before replacing the roller axle or drum roller, disconnect the dryer from the power source. The easiest way to do this is to unplug it but keep the plug in view so it doesn’t get plugged in accidentally. You can also turn off the circuit breaker.

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In most gas dryers, you must completely disassemble the dryer and remove the drum before you can access the rollers and roller axles.

Pro Tip: Document how you remove the various panels so you can properly put them back together. Take pictures of each step.

After you have access to the drum roller and roller axle, check for any wear or damage. If you see any, they should be replaced.

Reassemble the dryer and reconnect the power. The drum should spin freely at this point as the dryer is operating.

It is possible to operate the dryer with a bad roller for a while. As soon as you start hearing the thumping or squealing, however, it is best to do the repair so you don’t damage the dryer further or ruin a load of clothing.

General Fix For When Admiral Gas Dryer Is Not Tumbling

White dryer machine with clothes

We rely on our gas dryer daily to ensure our clothes are dry and ready to put away. When we have a problem with the drum not spinning, it can make it difficult for the entire process to work. What can be done?

A broken drive belt will stop the dryer drum from spinning. It is the most common reason a gas dryer is no longer tumbling. The belt wraps around the drum, and as the belt rotates, it causes the drum to spin. The machine may work when the drive belt breaks, but the drum does not tumble.

Many years ago, people did not use dryers. They would take their laundry and hang it on a line, commonly known as line drying. Another method they would use was putting the laundry on a flat surface, which also was an effective way of drying clothes.

These days, we use automatic dryers to handle our laundry. They use a method known as tumble dry, which the dryer essentially does by causing the drum to spin.

As the drum spins, the hot air the gas dryer produces quickly flows through the clothing. It tumbles and dries quickly, a convenience we appreciate in modern homes.

When the dryer is not tumbling, your clothing will not dry. It may dry if the dryer tumbles but is not heating. However, when the drum stops spinning, the drying process stops.

Fortunately, gas dryers are some of the more straightforward machines in our home. In the years that I worked on appliances, gas dryers were always my favorite because they were usually easy to fix.

There are only a few things you need to look into when your dryer is no longer tumbling. We’ve broken it down into a list of eight different things that you may want to consider.

These items can help you get your gas dryer back up and running quickly. At the same time, they can save you a bundle because you can fix them in almost every case, even if you are just an amateur DIY enthusiast.

Before we move on to the suggestions for fixing a dryer that is not tumbling, we will discuss safety. Anytime you do DIY projects; safety is paramount. Here are a few things to consider.

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First of all, although gas and flame may heat the appliance, it will still use electricity for the inner workings of the dryer. That is why you need to be extra cautious when doing any work that requires removing the panels.

Disconnect from power source

Before working on the dryer, disconnect it from the power source. De-energizing the dryer could be as simple as unplugging it from the wall, or it may require that you go to the breaker box and turn off the breaker.

Turn off gas

You should also turn off the gas to the dryer, typically with the shut-off valve located near the dryer. You will see the gas line with a lever handle. The gas is on if the handle is in line with the gas line. The gas is off if it is at a 90° angle to the gas line.

After turning off the power or gas, it is important to lock it out somehow. The last thing you want is to have the energy reconnected while you are working on the dryer.

Wear PPE

In addition to those reminders, you should also consider the protective equipment you are wearing. PPE for working on the dryer would generally include safety glasses and a pair of gloves.

Some people make the mistake of thinking their prescription glasses are the same as safety glasses. In most cases, they are not safety glasses and could even put you at greater risk if something impacts them.

Always choose quality safety glasses that have the proper rating. If you must wear prescription glasses, you can get safety glasses that fit over the top of them.

Gloves are typically all-purpose gloves when working on a gas dryer. It gives you some protection while, at the same time, giving you some dexterity.

Let us now consider seven primary reasons why your dryer is no longer tumbling. When you have a gas dryer that isn’t tumbling, these suggestions will help you figure out what is wrong.

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