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AirPod or AirPod Pro Not Charging

When it comes to wireless listening, there are very few products on the market that can compete with the design, functionality, and accessibility that AirPods and AirPod Pros offer. If either of these devices are not charging as they should though, how can this be resolved?

If your AirPod or AirPod Pro isn’t charging, confirm all cables have been securely inserted into the proper ports, clean both the AirPod and the port the AirPod connects to charge within the case, and forget, reset the AirPod case, and repair your AirPods to your smart device.

Airpod headphones with open case

AirPods offer users the ability to hear any content, listen to any music, or make any call through the privacy of their own earbuds, without ever having to mess with a single wire. These wireless pods make talking and listening on the go more of a second nature, but to function, they have to be properly charged. If you own AirPods or AirPod Pros and they will not charge as they should, continue reading below to find your exact problem and what you can do to fix it effectively.

AirPod or AirPod Pro Not Charging

There are a few different ways that you can charge AirPods or AirPod Pros, all of which will work best in different situations or environments. First, you can place your AirPods into their case and charge them by connecting the case to a lighting cable. If you don’t want to be connected to a cable when charging, simply charge the case and insert the AirPods so that you can charge on the go, but if you notice that your AirPods are not charging as they should, what can be done?

If your AirPod or AirPod Pro isn’t charging, confirm that there are no loose cables, whether you are using a lighting cable or are using a wireless Qi charger. Confirm that all wires have been securely inserted and that there is no damage to them, then try once again to charge your AirPods.

Loose cables are one of the most common reasons that AirPods and AirPod Pros stop charging, as regular use and movement of the chargers can cause the wires to slightly dislodge, which will cause a connection issue, thus leading to the inability of the AirPods to charge. If you want to be most proactive with potentially loose wires, disconnect them completely from their ports and then reinsert them firmly and securely.

Left AirPod Not Charging

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AirPods are charged in the same case, and although they may be used, for the most part, at the same time, each AirPod is going to burn its battery at a different rate. Because of this, you may find that one AirPod dies faster than the other or that one stops charging completely, leaving you with only one working AirPod. If your left AirPod is suddenly not charging, continue reading below to see what might be the cause of this malfunction and what you can do to fix it.

If your left AirPod isn’t charging, it could be that the AirPod and charging port within your AirPod case needs to be cleaned. Using a Q-Tip, clean the port within the charger that charges the left AirPod and be sure to clean off the metal end of the left AirPod to free it of any build-up.

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Once you have all areas thoroughly cleaned, connect your case to a lightning cable and a working outlet, insert both AirPods into the case, close the lid, and see if charging begins by checking the charge level of your AirPods on your iPhone. If this does not work, you may need to forget the AirPods on your device, reset the case, and repair the AirPods back to your device. This may help to interrupt more complicated issues and cause your left AirPod to charge again.

Right AirPod Not Charging

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It was previously discussed what to do when you find that your left AirPod is not charging, but what do you do if your right one suddenly stops charging? There are times when AirPod owners only have the need of one AirPod, but if you are in the middle of an important call, need to focus on the sound of a message with both ears, or simply need to drown out your surroundings, you need both to be able to work, which includes the right AirPod.

If your right AirPod isn’t charging and you have cleaned the AirPod as well as its charging port, forget the AirPods on your device, reset the AirPod case by holding down the button on the back for 15 seconds, then go back to your device and repair the AirPods with it to see if charging commences.

Once you have forgotten and repaired your AirPods, you can try once again to see if your right AirPod is charging by checking its charging status on your smart device. If the right AirPod is still not charging and you are using a third-party charger, this could be the cause of your problems. Be sure to only use Apple-brand cables, as they are designed to completely accommodate your devices without having to worry about glitches or inadequate operation.

Right AirPod Pro Not Charging

Airpod case with lid open

When it comes to the variety of different AirPods, there are the original AirPods, then there are the AirPod Pros. Both contain nearly the same functions, but there is one significant feature that AirPod Pros possess that regular AirPod Pros do not – active noise cancellation. This means that you are not only able to hear what is coming from the speakers, but are able to cancel noise around you that might interfere, but what do you do if your right AirPod Pro isn’t charging?

If your right AirPod Pro isn’t charging, it could be that the AirPod has not made complete contact with the charging port within the case. To see if this is the problem, remove the right AirPod Pro completely from the case and firmly reinsert it before plugging the case back in to charge.

If you do this and you notice that your right AirPod Pro still isn’t charging as it should, it could be that the AirPod or the contact point within the case has debris build-up on it, causing the AirPod to have difficulty charging. To see if this is the problem, remove the right AirPod and gently clean the base of the AirPod with a Q-tip. You will then use another Q-tip to clean the inside of the case where the AirPod makes a connection to charge, being sure to leave no residue behind.

AirPod Case Not Charging

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As previously noted, there are a few different ways that AirPod owners can go about charging their AirPods, whether you want to use a lightning cable, the case alone, or a Qi charger, you can charge your AirPods based on what is most convenient for the moment. However, you can never charge your AirPods without the case. Therefore, if you find yourself in a position where your AirPod case is no longer charging, what can you do to resolve this issue?

If your AirPod case isn’t charging, it could be that the charger you are using simply needs to be replaced. Try charging the AirPod case with another lightning cable or plug it into a USB to see if charging ensues. If it does, then the problem lies with a faulty charger that can be thrown out.

If you change chargers and your AirPod case is still not charging, it could be that the case needs to be reset in order to start charging again. To do this, hold down the button on the back of the case for 15 seconds. When you see the indicator light on the case flash amber and white, then you will know that the case has been reset and you can go forward with charging the case successfully once again.

AirPod Pro Case Not Charging

Airpods and case on top of iPhone

As you now know, there is a slight difference between regular AirPods and AirPod Pros, but when it comes to their cases, the designs are very similar and as such, so are the fixes to each of these devices. When you pop in your AirPod Pros into their case and the case is charged, you should be able to charge them up without an issue. Even more, the case should be able to connect to a cable and charge immediately, but if your case isn’t charging, read on.

If your AirPod Pro case isn’t charging, it could be a faulty charger that is the issue. If this is not the problem, check to make sure that your AirPods have been updated with the latest firmware and if they have not, be sure to update your device so that charging can be restored.

To update your AirPod Pros with any new firmware, with both AirPods inserted and the lid of your case open and connected to power, go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone > ‘General’ > ‘About’ > ‘iPhone’ > click on the name of your AirPods > then select the option to update with the latest firmware if any update is available. Once the update has completed, disconnect the case and reconnect it to a charging cable to see if this has resolved your issue.

AirPod Pro Charge Time

Open AirPod case with AirPod headphones in black background

You may not be someone who is dealing with an issue of their AirPod or AirPod Pro charging, but you may be wondering just how long this process takes when it comes to charging AirPod Pros. Just like any other smart device, there has to be enough battery present for the item to function, but not everyone wants this process to take a significant amount of time. If you are wondering how long the charge time for AirPod Pros is, take a look below to find out.

For every 5 minutes you charge your AirPod Pros, you have either one hour of taking time or one hour of listening time. On a single charge, there is a max battery life with this device, as with a fully charged battery, you can get 4.5 hours if you are listening to content or 3.5 hours of talking time.

What is great about AirPod Pros though is that you can have multiple charges on this device, so that you can increase the amount of time you can keep using the earbuds before having to charge again. If you have multiple charges on your AirPod Pro, you can have over 24 hours of listening time and over 18 hours of chat time. This gives users the ability to charge less, listen more, and talk as much as they want.

How To Know if AirPod Case is Charging

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The design of AirPod cases is sleek, minimal, functional, and straight to the point which gives owners the ability to have all of the technological advancements in their pocket without having to worry about any unnecessary bells and whistles. Although this design is uncomplicated and simplistic, it can leave new users wondering how they know that the case is actually charging, as there is no screen on the item to indicate what is going on.

To know if an AirPod case is charging, there will be a red amber light indicator on the front of the case. When the light is this color, it means that charging is in process, but when the light turns green, this indicates that the case is fully charged.

If your AirPod or AirPod Pro isn’t charging, be sure that the AirPod is making direct contact with the charging port within the case, try charging the case with another lightning cable to see if a malfunctioning charger is the issue, reset the AirPod case, and update your AirPods.

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