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Apple TV Remote Won’t Connect, Keeps Disconnecting/Unpairing

One of the most basic components of any TV is its ability to be controlled by a remote. With the advancements of these technologies, remotes are not always required for your Apple TV to function, but it can be a big problem when the remote won’t connect or keeps unpairing.

If your Apple TV remote won’t connect, keeps disconnecting, or randomly unpairs, make sure that your remote is within proper range of your TV, try replacing the battery with your remote if it is not a Siri remote, recharge the battery, see if your TV is asleep, or reset the remote control.

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The greatest advantage of any remote control is that you are able to operate your TV right from the comfort of your favorite chair. Even more than convenience though is the fact that many TVs are simply unable to function at full capacity without the use of a remote control. You may be able to turn the TV off and on, but when your remote control won’t connect, keeps disconnecting, or unpairs, you need a quick and effective solution.

Apple TV Remote Keeps Losing Connection

An Apple TV Remote that keeps losing connection might be struggling with interference from other electronic devices. Ensure that there are no obstructions between the remote and the Apple TV, and try moving other electronic devices away from the direct line of sight between the two. This simple rearrangement can often enhance the remote’s connectivity, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted navigation through your Apple TV’s offerings.

In some instances, the persistent connection loss between your Apple TV Remote and the Apple TV might be attributed to low battery power in the remote. When the battery levels dip, the remote might struggle to maintain a stable connection with the Apple TV. Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Remotes and Devices’ > ‘Remote’ on your Apple TV to check the remote’s battery level. If it’s low, replacing the battery with a fresh one can often re-establish and maintain a robust connection, ensuring your navigational commands are received loud and clear.

Moreover, the issue might stem from a problematic Bluetooth connection, as the Apple TV Remote utilizes Bluetooth to communicate with the Apple TV. Try resetting the Bluetooth connection by restarting the Apple TV and the remote. To restart the remote, press and hold the Menu and Volume Up buttons for a few seconds. If the issue persists, unpair the remote via ‘Settings’ > ‘Remotes and Devices’ > ‘Bluetooth’ on the Apple TV, and then re-pair by holding the remote close to the Apple TV and pressing and holding the Menu and Volume Up buttons. Re-establishing the Bluetooth handshake between the devices can often resolve connection woes, ensuring a seamless entertainment experience.

Apple TV Remote Keeps Disconnecting/Connecting

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Apple TV remotes are sleek, simple, and even with their no-fuss design, they are able to perform a multitude of tasks for your Apple TV. These remotes are one of the most essential aspects of a properly functioning Apple TV, therefore, when they begin to go awry, you are left wondering how to fix such a small part. What do you do when your Apple TV remote continually disconnects and reconnect?

If your Apple TV remote keeps disconnecting and then will connect right back, one of the most important things is to make sure that you are in the proper range of the TV and that there is nothing blocking the path between your remote and your receiver. This means that you should be in the same room as your Apple TV and that you should remove anything that is right in front of the TV, the receiver, or the soundbar.

Even if you are in the same room as your Apple TV, there could be enough space between the remote and the receiver that the signal cannot be traced. Try inching closer to your TV foot by foot to see what the range of your remote is so that you can establish how much distance is too far for the receiver. Also, items that can block signal can be as small as a sock, so make sure the entire area in front of your Apple TV is completely clear.

Apple TV Remote Not Staying Connected

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If your Apple TV remote will connect to your Apple TV, it is easy to be quick to assume that there will be no connection issues since that hurdle has already been completed. However, for some Apple TV owners, they have found that after their remote control connects to the TV, it will putter off and on until they eventually realize that the remote is not staying connected. If your Apple TV remote will initially connect but will not maintain connection, what do you do?

If your Apple TV remote is not staying connected, sometimes the most simplistic explanation can be the reason for your connection issues: a battery that needs to be charged. If the battery life on your remote control is low, it can cause the device to lose connection, which can be incredibly frustrating. Simply charge your remote control by using a charger that is plugged into a wall rather than through your computer.

When charging your Apple TV remote, be sure not to be too hasty when pulling it from the charger. If your remote control is consistently not staying connected, it will need at least 30 minutes to charge before you are able to use it without it being plugged into the wall. Although this may be rather inconvenient at the moment, giving the remote enough time to charge will help it to hold connection, but will also extend its battery life for a longer period of time.

Apple TV Remote Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

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Apple TV remotes may be small, but they are mighty, which leads to the necessity of their operation so that your TV can be used without any type of restrictions. When your remote control is working fine one day, but then all of the sudden is disconnecting and reconnecting on its own on another, you are not only put in a position of having to navigate a faulty remote, but also having to uncover the cause of this problem.

If your Apple TV remote keeps disconnecting and reconnecting it could be that the batteries within your Apple TV remote have gone bad or died. The batteries within your remote are not the average battery, so you will need to replace each model with the specific battery designed for that device, as there are various remotes. Note, if you have a Siri Remote, the battery cannot be replaced but should be recharged.

For those of you that have an Apple TV remote that is aluminum, find the battery compartment on the back of the remote and use a coin to turn and open it. You will then remove the old battery and replace it with a new CR2032 or BR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. For those with a white Apple Remote, find the battery compartment on the bottom of the remote, press the circular release button with a paperclip, and slide the battery tray out.

Once you have the battery tray out of your white Apple TV remote, you will then remove the old battery and replace it with a CR2032 coin battery.

Apple TV Siri Remote Keeps Disconnecting

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As previously mentioned, there are a variety of different Apple remotes that come with your Apple TV. You may have either the aluminum, white, Apple TV remote, or Siri remote control, which all function about the same, with the exception of a few other advancements that come with the Siri remote. The Siri remote is able to be voice controlled, which makes the user experience even more hands-free, but what do you do if this remote keeps disconnecting?

If your Apple TV Siri remote keeps disconnecting, press the menu or Apple TV App/Home button on your remote to see if your Apple TV is asleep. If the TV is asleep, this can cause the remote control to momentarily disconnect in order to reserve power. However, if you notice that your TV is not asleep and your remote is still disconnecting on its own, you may need to pair your remote to your TV again.

To pair your Siri remote to your Apple TV, begin by pointing your remote three inches away from the TV. You will then press and hold the remote’s Menu and Volume Up buttons for 5 seconds simultaneously. This may complete the pairing process for some, but for others, they will be prompted to place the remote on top of their TV so that the pairing process can be completed.

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Apple TV Remote Keeps Trying to Pair

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Pairing your Apple TV remote is essential in being able to control your TV from any point that is within range of your TV. The pairing process usually takes place when your Apple TV is first installed, or it can happen when you replace an old remote with a new one. Once it has been paired, there should be no trouble after, but some owners have experienced problems with their remote continually trying to pair itself after setting it up.

If your Apple TV remote keeps trying to pair, it may mean that it simply needs to be reset, which can happen through a few different methods. One of the easiest and most simplistic ways is to actually unplug your Apple TV directly from its power source. Once the TV has been unplugged, allow at least six seconds before plugging it back and wait for the home screen to reappear before trying your remote again.

If this does not work you can manually reset a Siri remote by following the steps mentioned in the previous section “Apple TV Siri Remote Keeps Disconnecting.” If you have an older remote, unlink the remote from your Apple TV by holding down the Menu and Left buttons until you see a remote icon appear on your screen. Then, hold down the Menu and Right buttons until you see two overlapping ovals appear (chain links).

Apple TV Remote Won’t Pair/Connect

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When you first set up your Apple TV, you have to go through the process of also pairing the remote control to the TV itself. The setup is relatively simple, but if you find yourself in a position where your Apple TV remote will not pair or will not connect to your TV, you may be wondering what could possibly be causing such a problematic error. Read below to find a solution when your Apple TV remote won’t pair or connect.

If your Apple TV remote won’t pair or connect, first check to make sure that the distance between your router and your Apple TV is close enough to ensure a strong signal. If the distance is too far, your remote control will have difficulty finding the signal which will cause it to not pair or connect as it should.

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If your router and your Apple TV are within proper distance, you can always try to reset your remote control which can be found in the previous section “Apple TV Remote Keeps Trying to Pair” or you can set up your Apple TV Remote App on your iPhone or iPad. Simply download the app, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > (+) Apple TV Remote, then tap the Apple TV remote and choose your Apple TV from the list to control it from the app.

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