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Apple TV WiFi/Internet (Keeps Disconnecting/Won’t Connect)

There are so many technological advancements that Apple TVs offer, but something more basic would be its ability to connect to WiFi or the internet. If you own an Apple TV, how to resolve issues with the WiFi or internet when it keeps disconnecting or won’t connect?

If your Apple TV WiFi or internet keeps disconnecting or simply will not connect, try resetting your router, reducing interference from other devices, replacing the ethernet cable, or update your Apple TV and router with the latest software among a few other different solutions.

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WiFi or the internet may not be needed for all TVs to function properly, but when it comes to Apple TV’s the ability to connect and stay connected is imperative to many of its functions. Finding that your Apple TV continually disconnects or will not connect at all to any internet source can be puzzling and of course, frustrating, but don’t throw in the towel just yet. Continue reading to find a solution to all your Apple TV WiFi and internet problems.

Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting From Network

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Whether you are using WiFi or an ethernet cable to get internet to your Apple TV, the expectation would be that the connection would work well enough to keep your TV connected without issues. However, some Apple TV owners have found that their TV continues to disconnect from their network, leaving their devices without internet and thus, without full function. How can you remedy a problem that continues to occur as such?

If your Apple TV keeps disconnecting from the network, you first need to ensure that the network you are using is working properly. For those of you using WiFi as your internet source, go to your router and reset it. To do this, unplug the router directly from the power source and leave it unplugged for at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in and allowing it to reboot.

If the internet is still not working for those of you using WiFi, try connecting an ethernet cable which will help to make the internet connection more direct. If you are using a wired connection for your internet (this can also be used for those with WiFi), check the network settings within your TV by going to Settings > Network > and then be sure to change the settings from DNS or IP to automatic.

Apple TV Keeps Dropping WiFi/Losing Network

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If your Apple TV is able to connect to your WiFi with ease or other networks without problem, you may be thinking that any internet issues are long behind you. As wonderful as this may be, just like any other device that runs through the use of the internet, there are times when even Apple TVs encounter issues with their device dropping WiFi or losing the network it is connected to. What do you do then to resolve this issue?

If your Apple TV keeps dropping WiFi or losing the network it was previously running on, one of the most common problems is that the TV is experiencing interference from other devices. In the room your TV is in, be sure to turn off any other devices that are using the WiFi network that your TV is currently running on. This also includes devices that have any sort of radio emitting capabilities, such as a microwave.

If you turn off all the devices near your TV that could be causing interference and your Apple TV is still dropping WiFi, it could be that you are using a WiFi channel that is overcrowded by your neighbors. If this is the case, you will need to change the channels on your wireless network by checking for any unused or underused channels. You can find these by using a network scanning tool like iStumbler, which will help you find an underused channel.

Apple TV Won’t Connect to Ethernet

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WiFi is a great way to connect to the internet quickly without ever having to worry about a physical connection, no matter what type of device you are using. However, not every owner of an Apple TV is using WiFi, which typically opens the door up for an ethernet connection. Athough this type of connection does need a wire, it typically allows for a more stable connection. How do you fix an Apple TV that will not connect to ethernet?

If your Apple TV won’t connect to ethernet, it is likely that the problem lies within the router itself rather than your TV. One of the quickest and oftentimes, most effective methods of getting your ethernet connection running properly, is to reset your router. To find the steps to reset your router, refer back to the previous section “Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting From Network.”

If your Apple TV is still not connecting to the ethernet after you have reset the router, be sure that the ethernet cable you are using is working properly. To do this, you will need to purchase a new ethernet cable to see if it allows your Apple TV to connect. If this is not the problem. Try connecting your Apple TV directly to the modem which will completely bypass the ethernet switch, therefore allowing it to connect without interference

Apple TV Won’t Connect to Internet Via Ethernet

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Knowing the different advantages of using an ethernet cable, some Apple TV owners may be inclined to ditch their reliance on WiFi and switch over to the (typically) more reliable internet sources that an ethernet connection is able to provide. If you are new to the ethernet world or are someone who has used this type of internet for as long as you can remember, you are both likely stuck when you find that your Apple TV will not connect to the internet via ethernet.

If your Apple TV won’t connect to the internet via ethernet be sure that you have the ethernet cable properly connected to your TV. For an ethernet connection to work, you will need an ethernet cable which should be connected to the ethernet port on your Apple TV while the other end is connected to your router. Once these are connected, turn on your TV and follow the on-screen instructions.

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If your ethernet connection has been set up for quite some type and out of the blue, simply refused to connect, this could mean there is a problem with the ethernet cord itself. To test this, you can plug the cord into another device in your home to see if a connection is made. If there is not, then you will need to proceed with purchasing a new, high-quality cable, to ensure that it will wear well and function properly without further issues.

Apple TV Won’t Connect to Internet

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The beauty of Apple TVs is that they are able to use the internet in order to run dozens of different functions that give you the ability to have the world right at the tip of your remote. However, one of the biggest downfalls of this technology is its dependence on the internet. Although this may sound a bit drastic to say, if you find that your Apple TV will not connect to the internet, many of its functions are completely out of reach, which can be a major problem.

If your Apple TV Won’t Connect to the internet, it could be a problem with the TV cable itself. Some Apple users have found that the cable is rather touchy, therefore, check the cable and be sure that there are no drastic bends on the cable and that there is no way for the cable to be moved when your Apple TV is in use. If the cable is the issue, it can also be replaced, but be sure this is the problem before ordering.

If the cable leading from your TV to the power source is not knotted and is in good, overall shape, then the problem may lie elsewhere. You can check the Network Settings on your Apple TV to see if the internet speed is the problem, as this can cause the TV to have trouble connecting. To do this, go to Settings > General > Network > Test Network and this will then test the speed of your network to see if it is too slow for connection.

Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting From Internet

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When you are using features on your Apple TV such as watching movies from various applications, streaming music, or even playing games, you need the internet in order to access these various media. If you use your Apple TV for a few months or even a few years without any interruption with your internet connection, it may be surprising to find that when you turn on the TV one day, your TV keeps disconnecting for no apparent reason.

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If your Apple TV keeps disconnecting from the internet, it is most likely that your TV is experiencing a problem with interference. Interference, as noted in the previous section “Apple TV Keeps Dropping WiFi/Losing Network,” can be caused by any device that is capable of a radio transmission. If possible, these devices should be turned off or kept as far away as possible from your Apple TV.

If you are still experiencing problems with your Apple TV disconnecting from the internet, resetting your router may be a quick fix that will stick to help get your connection back up again. To do this, refer to the previous section “Apple TV Keeps Disconnecting to Network.” You can also try adjusting your multicast rate on your router by referring to your router manual which can help your internet speed when interference is present.

Apple TV Says Connected to WiFi but Not Internet

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It would seem almost impossible that if your Apple TV shows that it is connected to the WiFi, that there would still be issues with it connecting to the internet. After all, if you are connected to WiFi, then there should be trouble at all with the internet connection on your Apple TV, right? As odd as this may seem, some Apple TV owners have found that although their TV shows that it is connected to the internet, it does not actually function.

If your Apple TV says that it is connected to WiFi, it is not connected to the internet, it could be that your Apple TV needs to be updated with the latest Software. For some, this happens automatically, but to check and see if there are any software updates go to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software. If there is an update, select ‘Download and Install’ and your TV will restart once the download completes.

If the update does not resolve your issues, be sure that your router is close enough to your TV to be within a good connection range. If you live in a house with thicker walls, even if the router is only within a wall or two distance, the thickness of the walls can contribute to poor signal which can cause connection problems. If your router is too far or has too much between it and your Apple TV, try moving it to a better location.

Apple TV Keeps Saying Not Connected to Internet

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No matter what the message is, for any Apple TV owner, there are few things more discouraging and more concerning than having an error message appear on their screen. Even more so than this, it can be even more perplexing to find that the same message repeatedly appearing on your TV. What do you do if your Apple TV keeps saying that it is not connected to the internet?

If your Apple TV keeps saying it is not connected to the internet, you may be able to fix the problem by updating both your Apple TV and your router. To update your Apple TV, refer to the previous section “Apple TV Says Connected to WiFi but not Internet.” To update your router, either refer to the manual or follow these general steps: login to your router’s administrator console first.

You will then locate the firmware upgrade section of the administrator console, download and install the router firmware which should come from a trusted source, and then the update should commence. Your router will then reset itself, which should help to get your Apple TV connected to the internet. Through both of these updates, the message that your Apple TV is not connected to the internet should stop appearing.

Apple TV Not Connecting to the Internet Via WiFi

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WiFi is an incredible advancement in modern technology that affords just about anyone to have the power of the internet from any device without ever having to use a physical wire to plug in and power up. WiFi offers users the ease of using technology without having to stay in one place or use a load of different wires to get what they need. If you are using an Apple TV with WiFi, what then do you do if it will not connect to the internet via WiFi?

If your Apple TV is not connecting to the internet via WiFi, always be sure that you are entering the correct WiFi password for your individual network. You can also check to see if the router you have is using MAC address filtering. If this is enabled, on your Apple TV go to Settings > General > About and get the Apple TV’s MAC address. Once you have this address, you will add it to your router’s list.

If this does not resolve your problems, always be sure to check that your router is in the optimal position to be able to relay proper signal (see “Apple TV Keeps Saying Not Connected to Internet) and ensure that there are no large obstructions that could interfere with the signal. Also, ensure that you are connecting to the correct WiFi network as some addresses can look very similar, causing owners to try and connect with an incorrect password.

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