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Apple TV YouTube Not Working

YouTube has become a very popular streaming app on any device and is one of the many apps available on the Apple TV. Unfortunately the YouTube app will not always work as it should, leaving people frustrated, confused and unable to get their latest YouTube fix. If you have been experiencing problems with Apple TV’s YouTube app, this article contains a number of reasons behind these problems and how you can resolve them.

The Apple TV’s YouTube app may not work if your WiFi is down/slow, there are firmware bugs, there are too many apps open, the cache is too full, your Apple TV is too old or the audio settings are unsuitable. Updating or resetting the Apple TV, YouTube app or modem/router solves most of these issues.

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I have explored these issues in much more detail below. I have also included an easy way to test you WiFi speed so you can determine when your network is causing the problems.

Apple TV YouTube Not Working

Below are all the standard troubleshooting methods to fixing the YouTube app on your Apple TV. The most common issue relates to the network connection, but if that doesn’t work, you can work through each of these fixes to find which works for you.

Troubleshoot Your Network

Restarting your modem/router is an easy and effective fix for many WiFi issues. You can do this using the steps below.

Step 1: Unplug both the modem and router form their power source.

Step 2: Wait at least one minute.

Step 3: Plug the modem back into the power socket.

Step 4: Once the modem has fully booted up, plug the router (if you have one) back into the power socket and wait for it to reboot.

You may also need to consider how far away your modem or router is from your Apple TV. If they are more than 30 feet apart, this could weaken the signal. If you cannot bring the modem/router and Apple TV together, you could consider installing a signal booster for your home.

There are many things that can interfere with your WiFi signal, so you may want to run through your surroundings to sing if there’s anything that can be changed to boost your signal. Some of the disturbances come from the following sources.

· Other WiFi networks or Bluetooth devices (such as Bluetooth headphones)

· Baby monitors or other radios

· Microwaves

· Thick concrete or timber walls

· Water (such as in hydroponic heating or a large aquarium)

You may also like to try connecting your Apple TV to the internet via Ethernet cable. This will prevent future misconnection issues and will also provide you with the fastest internet speed available on your network.

Update the YouTube App and Apple TV

Updating the YouTube app and the Apple TV will help remove any firmware bugs in previous firmware. This is a good troubleshooting method when you suspect the issue lies with the developers and not with anything your end.

You can turn on automatic updates for your YouTube app by following the pathway below. However, if you would like to update the app manually, follow the steps below that.

Settings > Automatically Update Apps > On

Step 1: Open up the App Store form the Apple TV main menu.

Step 2: Search for and select the YouTube app.

Step 3: Select ‘Update’ if a new update is available.

You can update the Apple TV through the pathway below. If there is an update available, you should find a ‘Download and Install’ option after you select ‘Update Software’. If you would like to turn on automatic updates for the Apple TV, follow the pathway below that instead.

Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software

Settings > System > Software Updates > Automatically Update > On

Restart the Apple TV

Restarting the Apple TV should help to clear any small errors that have occurred over time. This can be done easily by pressing and holding the ‘TV’ button with either the ‘Back’ button (second generation Apple TV) or the ‘Menu’ button.

You should hold the two buttons until a light starts flashing on the Apple TV. You will need to wait for this to finish and for the Apple TV to fully reboot before trying again.

Reinstall the YouTube App

Uninstalling the YouTube app and reinstalling it onto your Apple TV is a way of string fresh with the app. This will clear the app’s cache, where the app’s short-term memory is.

Sometimes, with extended periods of use, clearing the cache can prevent the app from crashing. You can uninstall the app and reinstall it using the steps below.

Step 1: Press and hold the ‘Menu’ button on the Apple TV remote to return to the main menu.

Step 2: Highlight the YouTube App.

Step 3: Press and hold the ‘Select’ button on the remote until the app icon starts to shake.

Step 4: Press the ‘Play/Pause’ button on the remote to bring up an additional menu.

Step 5: Select ‘Delete’ to remove the YouTube app.

Step 6: Go to the App Store from the main menu.

Step 7: Find and select the YouTube app.

Step 8: Select ‘Install’.

Reset the Apple TV

There are two ways you can reset your Apple TV. One way is known as a hard reset, which involves unplugging the Apple TV from its power source.

By doing this, any residual power is drained, forcing it to clear any underlying errors. This process will not erase any data or preferences from your Apple TV, so is safe to perform for any issue. You can perform a hard reset using the steps below.

Step 1: Unplug the Apple TV from its power source.

Step 2: Wait approximately 10 minutes with it unplugged.

Step 3: Plug the Apple TV back in and turn it on to test if it is working again.

You can also reset the Apple TV back to its original factory settings. This option is very effective in fixing any issues in the software, but will erase all downloaded content and your saved preferences. For this reason, most people will only do a factory reset as a last resort.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘Settings > System > Reset’.

Step 2: Select either ‘Reset’ or ‘Reset and Update’.

Step 3: Wait for the Apple TV to fully reboot.

Apple TV 4K YouTube Not Working

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The Apple TV 4k and the Apple TV HD both support YouTube, which I will explain in more detail below. However, some people have experienced issues with the YouTube app on the 4K version. This seems to have been a firmware bug, so make sure you have updated your YouTube app and Apple TV.

The YouTube app currently can only run 1080p, not 4K content. This means that the display settings should still be compatible between your Apple TV and TV. However, try playing around with the resolution on your TV to see if this works.

Apple TV Won’t Play YouTube

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The Apple TV will not play YouTube if there is an issue with the network connection. You can find troubleshooting tips for this at the beginning of this article. However, you might like to test your network connection first.

In order to test the connection, you can go to any internet speed testing website, such as SPEEDTEST. To check your internet speed on the Apple TV, you will need to download the app version of this website through the app store. Then simply follow the prompts.

Top-quality YouTube videos (1080p) only require an internet speed of 4MB/s or more. However, if you choose to stream in standard definition, you only need a speed on 500KB/s (or 0.5MB/s).

As you can see, YouTube is much less demanding on your internet than other streaming services. If you don’t mind using standard definition, this may be something that helps YouTube stream without interruptions.

YouTube App Not Showing Up/Available/Found on Apple TV

Remote changing TV with remote

As of March 2021, YouTube is no longer available as an app on the third generation Apple TV or earlier versions. This means that the app no longer exists on these earlier models and you will need to use Airplay to stream YouTube content from another Apple device.

However, you can still find the YouTube app on any fourth generation Apple TV through the App Store. This includes the Apple TV HD and the Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV Remote/Controller Won’t Work on YouTube

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There seems to be an issue with the Apple TV remote and the YouTube app, with many users finding that the touch pad will stop working. This can be temporarily solved by forcing the YouTube app to close and then opening it up again. You can force the YouTube app to close using the steps below.

Step 1: Double-click the ‘TV’ button on the remote.

Step 2: Make sure the YouTube app is highlighted.

Step 3: Swipe or touch upwards on the remote to close the app.

However, you could also try updating both the Apple TV and the YouTube app. This will ensure that, if there are any bug fixes for this issue, you download then and solve the issue.

You could also try to re-pair your Apple TV remote. This can be done by pressing and holding the ‘Back’ button and the ‘Volume Up’ button at the same time for five seconds.

You should be pointing the remote three inches away from the Apple TV as you do this. If prompted, you may also need to place the remote on top of the Apple TV unit to complete the pairing process.

Apple TV YouTube Not Loading/Error

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If YouTube is not loading, it is likely an issue with the network connection. You can find troubleshooting methods to fix your network connection above.

If you are receiving an error when trying to play YouTube videos through the Apple TV app, this seems to be a common issue and may be a bug in the firmware. First make sure you have updated both the Apple TV and the YouTube app so that you have the latest bug fixes.

When everything is up to date, you could also try signing in to YouTube on your phone as people have had success with this to fix the error. Follow the steps below to do this.

Step 1: Sign into YouTube on your phone.

Step 2: Delete the YouTube app from your Apple TV and reinstall it.

Step 3: Use your phone number to sign into the YouTube app. This should send a text message to your phone.

Step 4: Follow the prompts in the message to grant permission to link the YouTube account.

Step 5: Test your content again to see if it is working.

YouTube Keeps Freezing/Crashing on Apple TV

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When YouTube crashes, it is usually because the system is overloaded. This can either be from an overloaded cache in the app, or from too many apps being open at the same time on the Apple TV.

The cache within the app is where all temporary data files are stored to make the user experience faster. They are not necessary and can be cleared whenever you need. However, the Apple TV does not have any way of directly clearing the cache, but uninstalling and reinstalling the YouTube app will achieve the same thing.

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If you would like to force all the other apps to close, this is done in a similar way to an iPhone or iPad. Follow the simple steps below to close all apps.

Step 1: Double-click the ‘TV’ button on your Apple TV remote.

Step 2: Swipe or tap upwards to close the highlighted app.

Step 3: Continue closing each app until you have exited all apps.

When YouTube is freezing, this is generally related to issues with your network connection. You can find troubleshooting tips for this at the beginning of this article.

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YouTube Not Connecting to Apple TV

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If you are trying to stream YouTube on your Apple TV using Airplay and it is not working, there are a few things you can check. The simplest solution is to make sure that your Apple device and Apple TV are close together. Being in the same room should be close enough to connect.

You should also make sure that both the Apple TV and your iPhone or iPad has the latest firmware installed. They also need to be connected to the same WiFi in order to connect to one another.

If you find that the two devices are still not connecting, you can try restarting both. However, it may also be an issue with your network connection. If this is the case, follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Apple TV YouTube Sound/Audio/Volume Not Working

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If the sound is not working in the YouTube app on your Apple TV, there could be a number of solutions. These solutions are relatively simple and can be found below.

Check the Volume Settings

If you do not have any volume, you should start by checking your volume is turned up and not on mute on either your TV or external speakers. However, if this is the case, you will notice that you don’t have sound in any of the apps. If you are using airplay, you may also need to make sure your iPhone/iPad is not on silent and that it is set to full volume.

Change the Apple TV Audio Settings

Sometimes it could be the Apple TV’s audio settings are incompatible with the YouTube app. There are three main audio settings that could be affecting the app. These can be found in ‘Settings’, under ‘Audio and Video’.

By default, these settings will change automatically depending on what the Apple TV thinks is the best setting at the time. However, if this setting is automatically changed for the YouTube app but is incompatible, this could cause you to lose your sound whenever you stream from this app.

Therefore, you should change these settings to a fixed setting so that it is the same across all apps. The first setting you should look at is the ‘Audio Output’. This should be set to either your TV speakers or an external speaker, instead of ‘Auto’.

Another setting to look at is ‘Audio Mode’. Again, make sure that this function is not set to ‘Auto’. The only fixed option for this setting is ’16-bit’. If this does not fix the issue, you can change this setting back to ‘Auto’.

Finally, there is a setting called ‘Audio Format’, which is usually set to ‘Use Best Available. You can try any of the other options, including ‘Dolby Atmos’, ‘Dolby Digital 5.1’ or ‘Stereo’. Stereo is the most basic option, so this is a good choice to start with.

If none of these are working, try restarting or resetting the Apple TV and reinstalling the YouTube app. Keeping both up to date will also ensure that any bug fixes will be installed as soon as they are available.

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