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Black and Decker Microwave Not Working (How to Reset/Fix)

Black and Decker have been manufacturing home appliances, such as microwaves, since 1910. Therefore, you can trust them to know their way around making high-quality products.

So, is it possible for a Black and Decker microwave to stop working? The excellent artistry notwithstanding, it is still possible for your Black and Decker microwave to run into problems. The most common ground is a blown fuse.

Pressing the start button of the microwave

The fuse blows up if too much current passes through it. Therefore, you will need to replace it with a new one to get the microwave working again. Notably, the microwave has several fuses. Others include the thermal fuse, the cavity fuse, and the thermo protector. A technician can use a multimeter to check for continuity in the electrical path. 

Another common reason is a faulty door switch. Your Black and Decker microwave has door switches, and heating only starts when they are fully closed. Therefore, if one of the door switches is not working correctly, the microwave will not work even with the door closed.

It’s important to note that a microwave is a high-voltage appliance. Therefore, be careful if trying to fix it yourself. You are better off working with a trained technician to avoid injury or death.

Black and Decker Microwave Buttons not Working

Pressing the start button of the microwave

The microwave is undoubtedly among the kitchen appliances you use the most. You use it to make popcorn, bake cakes, and heat dishes. So it can be frustrating when you notice that the buttons are not working right when you need it most.

If your Black and Decker microwave buttons are not working, the most likely culprit is a defective control panel. You can verify if that’s the case by pressing the buttons on the control panel. If some are working while others are not, you might have to replace the touchpad and the control panel.

Another possibility is a defective membrane switch, or what most people refer to as the touchpad. It has a coating whose effectiveness can deteriorate with repeated usage. To diagnose this issue, the technician will need to unplug the microwave and remove the cabinet. They will then use a multimeter to check for continuity. A functional membrane switch should show some resistance. If there isn’t any resistance, you will need to replace the membrane switch.

It could also be a problem with the control board. If that’s the case, you will notice that the display lights go on even though the touchpad is unresponsive. The control board generates a low-voltage signal to the membrane switch.  

Black and Decker Microwave Start Button Not Working

Pressing the start button of the microwave

Picture this: you successfully place your bowl of leftovers in the microwave and select your desired setting. But the start button won’t work. At that moment, there isn’t much you can do with your Black Decker microwave.

Black and Decker microwave start button not working could be due to control panel issues. You can fix it by unplugging the microwave, waiting for a few minutes, then restarting it. If that trick doesn’t work, you might need a new control panel.

Restarting the microwave could work if the problem is with the electrical flow. Replacing the panel would be a good option, especially if you don’t have time to explore all possible options.

Black and Decker Microwave Won’t Turn off

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Is your Black and Decker going the extra mile – literally? In an ideal situation, it should stop running once the timer goes off.

A Black and Decker Microwave won’t turn off because of a faulty control board. If it keeps running even after you press the stop button but stops as soon as you open the door, it could be a problem with the control board. If it runs when you open the door, the limit switch could be the culprit.

You can call a professional to repair it or replace the microwave altogether. Usually, the control panel issue is quite complex to repair. However, the limit switch can be easily fixed. Ideally, the limit switch sends the microwave signals that it’s open and needs to stop. So when it’s faulty, the microwave receives mixed signals, so it continues running even when it shouldn’t.

Lucky for you, Black and Decker microwaves are generally safe. So you don’t need to be concerned about being radiated to death when your microwave continues running when the door is open. But that doesn’t mean you should leave this problem unattended.

Black and Decker  Microwave Stop Beeping

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The microwave beep is definitely a familiar sound – and very useful. Your microwave goes off when you press a button, or when time is up, or when you don’t open the door immediately after cooking.

Is there a way to stop your Black and Decker microwave from beeping? Certainly. You can check the control panel for a mute button. If you can’t find it, try holding the cancel or stop button for a couple of seconds.

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If your microwave doesn’t stop beeping even though none of the three scenarios listed above are in progress, there could be a glitch. You can fix it by unplugging the microwave for a minute or two to reset it.

Black and Decker Microwave Not Heating

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Are you pressing the start button, but your food doesn’t heat up? If your microwave is plugged in, there is no rocket science – there is a problem.

If your Black and Decker microwave is not heating, first confirm that you have pressed the start button and that there is a sufficient power supply. If none of that seems to be the problem, it could be issues with the door frame switches or the magnetron on your microwave.

There is also a possibility that you set a timer so that you can have food waiting when you get home. So check to see that you’ve not instructed the microwave to heat the food in five hours. Another common slip-up people make is using the wrong mode. For instance, if you set your microwave to the lowest power while trying to heat a frozen meal, you might be disappointed. It’s also important to note that some foods cannot be microwaved, so that could be the problem. Ensure that the food you are trying to heat has some water content. Otherwise, your microwave will be of no use.

Black and Decker Microwave Won’t Turn on

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Everything might be working fine with your microwave, except it can’t start warming—a big problem.

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Black and Decker Microwave won’t turn on because of fuse failure. You can fix it by closing the microwave door properly. You can also test the door switch to see if it’s working fine.

If you don’t find any fault with the door switch, your next suspect should be the door latch assembly. Most of these latch assemblies are made of plastic hooks. If this hook gets damaged, the microwave will receive a false signal. You can access the door latch by removing the inside door panel. You can replace the latch if it’s broken.

How to Reset Black and Decker Microwave

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As you’ve read throughout this article, resetting your Black and Decker microwave could alleviate some problems.

To reset your Black and Decker microwave, disconnect it from power, then plug it back in after a few minutes. That will reset the control board, thus clearing errors. You can also flip the circuit breaker for the same outcome.

Once you plug your microwave back in, you will need to reset the clock.

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If you notice that the keypad is still inactive after the microwave reset, the child lock may be on. Deactivate the child lock to continue using your microwave.