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Bosch Dishwasher Door Won’t Close

If your Bosch dishwasher door won’t close, it cannot function or run as intended. This makes the kitchen appliance useless, since you won’t be able to wash your dishes, which is the whole reason for a dishwasher. While there are several reasons as to why the door won’t close, a misaligned appliance is often the cause. 

A Bosch dishwasher door won’t close if the dishwasher isn’t installed correctly, causing the tub inside the washer to be misaligned. If it is misaligned, then the dishwasher door can’t close properly and you won’t be able to run the appliance. 

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A misaligned dishwasher interferes with the appliance’s ability to keep the door closed. But that isn’t the only problem it can cause. Water flow issues are another unfortunate side effect of an improperly installed dishwasher. In order to correct this problem, the dishwasher will need to be removed from its current location and reinstalled in the proper position. If you need assistance uninstalling and reinstalling the dishwasher, reach out to a trusted plumber. They can ensure the dishwasher is installed properly, which helps to prevent future problems. 

Bosch Dishwasher Door Won’t Stay Closed

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You know something is amidst with your Bosch dishwasher if the door won’t stay closed. The good news is that one of the most common causes of this problem is simply improperly positioned racks. This is an easy issue to fix and can take only a few moments to realign the racks.

Bosch dishwasher door that won’t stay closed is often due to racks that are not positioned properly. Make sure the racks haven’t come off their guide, or that a piece of silverware hasn’t slid down through the rack preventing it from sliding into the washer completely.

Another thing to consider is that, if the rack is loaded too heavy, it will also slide improperly and prevent the door from staying closed. Try to refrain from overloading the dishwasher, as this only puts more wear and tear on the appliance. Furthermore, when you do load the dishwasher, try keeping about the same amount of weight on both sides of the rack. This will help to keep the weight balanced and even. 

Bosch Dishwasher Door Won’t Close All The Way

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A Bosch dishwasher door that won’t close all the way can leave you wanting to pull your hair out. After all, you just want to get the dishwasher started so you can go and enjoy your evening. Thankfully, this issue isn’t a problem with the dishwasher and can be fixed in a matter of seconds. 

If your Bosch dishwasher door won’t close all the way, there is more than likely something interfering with the door. Utensils and debris can often become lodged between the door, preventing it from closing all the way. 

Examine around the inside of the door looking for anything that could prevent the door from closing. It is not uncommon for a small item, such as a piece of utensil or screw from a pot, to become stuck along the door frame. You may also want to take a soapy rag and wipe along the inside of the door frame and its seal to help prevent debris from building up and interfering with the door’s ability to close properly.

Bosch Dishwasher Door Won’t Seal

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Is your Bosch dishwasher door not sealing? Does the door feel heavy when trying to open and close it? If you answered “yes” to one or both of those questions, then your dishwasher has damaged door springs.

The Bosch dishwasher door won’t seal if the door springs are damaged or worn out. Thankfully, these springs can be replaced fairly easily. 

Bosch dishwashers have two door springs that help to ensure the door opens and closes properly. They also act as a counterbalance to the door’s weight. If one or both of the springs become damaged or worn out, the door will start to feel heavy when opening the dishwasher. This is usually a tell-tale sign that there is an issue with the springs. Damaged springs will also prevent the door from sealing properly and staying closed. 

Bosch Dishwasher Door Won’t Lock/Latch

Modern dishwasher in the kitchen

While a Bosch dishwasher door that won’t lock is problematic, the issue is an easy one to diagnose since the problem is with the locking mechanism.

When the Bosch dishwasher door won’t lock/latch, the issue is with the latch itself. The latch could be stuck in the open position or it could be completely broken. Either way, the problem will need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Inspect the latch to determine what is causing the problem. Is that lack stuck in the open position? Is it broken? Or is there merely a buildup of gunk on the latch? Use your fingers to inspect the latch to check if it is merely stuck in the open position. If so, you should be able to work it free by moving the latch back and forth. Try to pull the latch out with your fingers. You can also spray a bit of WD-40 on the latch to help it move more smoothly.

If the latch is broken, however, it will need to be replaced before you can run the dishwasher again. While there are replacement latches you can purchase, if you’re not comfortable replacing a damaged latch yourself, consider reaching out to a local dishwasher repair company or contacting Bosch customer service to find out what repair options are available in your area. 

If the latch is simply covered in gunk buildup, use warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush to scrub the latch clean. It is not uncommon for minerals, food, and debris to collect on the latch, preventing it from closing properly. Once you have removed the debris, rinse the latch with clean water and wipe dry with a towel. 

Bosch Dishwasher Door Opening During Cycle

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A dishwasher door that opens mid cycle is more than an annoyance, it can lead to water damage caused by the liquid inside the dishwasher spilling out onto your floor. Thankfully, you don’t have to merely deal with this problem and can correct it with a relatively easy fix. 

The Bosch dishwasher won’t close if the door hinges are damaged. This prevents the door from latching properly. Check the hinges to determine whether or not they work properly. Replace any bent or worn out hinges as soon as possible.

It is not uncommon for the hinges to wear out, especially if you place heavy items on the dishwasher door when unloading and loading it. Thankfully, you can purchase a dishwasher door hinge replacement kit to repair the hinges yourself. To help prevent damaging the new hinges, avoid placing heavy items on the dishwasher door. 

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