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Brother Printer Not Working

The Brother International Company is well known for producing well-made, versatile, and reliable laser and inkjet printers. Under normal circumstances, it is highly unusual for a Brother Printer to simply stop working.

If your Brother Printer is not working, often it will be due to some type of connection problem between your computer and your Printer. This can be because of an issue with the printer settings or because something is wrong with the printer driver’s configuration. Quick troubleshooting can rapidly determine the cause of your Brother Printer not working so that you can go back to your daily business and your family’s printing activities.

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If your Brother printer is not working, first make sure that your brother printer is turned on and that there are no Error Messages on the LED screen indicating problems with paper loading or issues with toner fluid or ink levels.

Brother Printer Not Connecting

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If your Brother Printer is not connecting and is not working properly, it is probably due to malfunctioning connections between the printer and the router.  Proper troubleshooting can rapidly lead you to the exact cause of the problems so that you can fix them quickly.  

If your Brother Printer is not working and not connecting, make sure that there is a verified connection from the Brother Printer to Ethernet and the router using an Ethernet connection cable. Change the positions of your printer and router if necessary to ensure a proper connection.

Brother Printer Not Available/Online

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Many different factors can cause your Brother Printer to go offline. This can range from problems with your Wi-fi connection to issues with connectivity to difficulty with the power supply.

If your Brother Printer is not working and is not available/online, click on Start and then on Control Panel and then on Printers and Faxes. Go to Printer in the Menu window and this should correct your Brother Printer’s Offline status.

Brother Printer Not Detected

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If your printer is not detected, it can simply drive you to a state of complete upset. Fortunately, there are usually several key problems that usually cause this problem and which accurate troubleshooting can quickly diagnose. 

If your Brother Printer is not working and is not being detected, find your Brother Printer’s IP address by going to the Go button and pressing it three times and a report will print out. You will be able to find the IP address on page three of the printed report.

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Now, on your computer, go to Start and then on the Start Search line type in CMD and then press Enter and then OK. At this point, type in IPCONFIG and then press Enter. Now, you should be able to receive the IP address.

Brother Printer Not Finding Network

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If your Brother Printer cannot find a network, you need to verify that there is proper communication between your Brother Printer and your Wi-Fi network. If this connection has been interrupted, you will need to re-establish a secure Wi-Fi connection between your Brother Printer and your Wi-Fi network.

If your Brother Printer is not working and is not finding a network, download the Brother Network Repair Utility from support. Save this in a folder on your hard drive. Click on the Nettool folder and then click on BrotherNetTool.exe and follow the instructions on the screen.

Brother Printer Not Printing

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If your Brother printer is not printing, you can try to PING your printer. This means checking the speed of the connection between your computer and your Brother Printer and diagnosing the strength of the connection.

If your Brother Printer is not working and not printing, type into the prompt window PING followed by the printer’s IP address. Then press Enter and you should be given specific PING statistics. 

If this still does not work, make sure that your computer and your Brother printer are both connected to the same wireless network. Make sure that there are not any firewalls that could affect connectivity.

You can also perform a factory reset of your Brother printer. Make sure that the front cover of your Brother Printer is closed shut. Turn off the Printer’s power switch. Then press on the Go button and keep holding it down as you press on the Power switch.

Keep pressing down on the GO switch until you start to see all of the LED lights light up.  You should see the LED Status light turned off. Then go ahead and release the Go button and look to see if all of the LED lights are turned off.

Now, ss on the Go button about 10 times. This will cause the Status Led light to flash indicating that the printer is reset. After the printer is reset, then the LED light will remain constantly lit. Power the Printer back on and you should be able to reestablish a network connection.

Now verify that the printer connection has been reestablished by going to Start and then settings and then printers. Then find your Brother printer on the list and download the printer driver. Make sure to choose your Brother Printer as the default printer. Once done, it should show a clear check mark near the printer icon.

Check to see if there are any documents in the printer queue. Click on cancel all documents and click on resume printing. Now, try to complete a test print. Go to the Printers folder and click on Brother Driver and then on Properties.

On the Brother printer Driver Properties Screen, you will then see the Ports Tab. Go ahead and click on it and click on Add Port. Choose Standard TCP/IP Port and then click on New Port. Now you will see the Standard TCP/IP Printer Port Wizard and click on Next.

Then, in the Printer field, type in your Brother Printer’s IP address.  Look for a clear indication that the computer is connected to your Brother Printer. Now try printing a test page. 

If all of this has still not resolved the issue, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the Brother Printer Driver. Click on Start and then on All Programs. Then click on Brother and then on Uninstall for the particular model of your Brother Printer. N0ow select Language and then Install the Printer Driver.   

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