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Can You Get Read Receipts On Samsung?

Many people like to use a read receipt to know that your text message has gone through and the intended person has read it. Or you may not want to read receipts due to the high volume of notifications that come with them. Turning on read receipts also lets the people that you are messaging know when you have opened and read their message. 

So can you get read receipts on your Samsung device? Yes, you can easily turn on and off read receipts on your Samsung device by accessing the settings menu. This allows you to see when your message has been delivered and opened. 

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While read receipts may have benefits in situations such as while using your Samsung device for work, many people prefer to turn them off if they are using a personal device. 

How to Turn On Read Receipts On Samsung

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Your phone will typically come with read receipts for MMS already turned on. However, read receipts will not work for any messages that are sent as SMS as they are going to a phone that is not a compatible model.

If your read receipts are not currently on, how do you turn them on for your Samsung device? It’s simple. Enter your messaging app. In the top right corner, you will see three little dots. Tap those and it will bring up a pop-up menu. Locate the spot on the menu marked ‘Message Settings’.

Once in ‘Message Settings’, select ‘More Settings’ and select ‘Text Messages’. Once in the subfolder, you will have several options with swipeable buttons. To turn on your read receipts, locate ‘Delivery Reports’ and click the button so that it swipes to the right. It will also no longer be grey and change to blue.

When it is shown as blue, you know that the read receipts are working. If you would like to read receipts on all of your MMS messages, you need to turn on read receipts for multimedia messages as well. Don’t leave the settings menu, but press the back button. Find the section marked ‘Multimedia Messages’. Once in that section, you do the same process, click the button so that it slides to the right and turns blue.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Samsung

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You may not want read receipts turned on. They can bombard you with unnecessary notifications. Or on the other hand, you may not want others to know when you have read their messages. Turning off your read receipts is as simple as turning them on.

To turn off your read receipts on your Samsung device, enter into your messaging app. Look in the top right corner for the three dots. Tap these to find your ‘Message Settings’ menu. Select the section marked ‘More Settings’ and select ‘Text Messages’. 

Once you are on the menu, click the button next to ‘Delivery Reports’ so that it slides to the left and the color changes from blue to grey. Press back and go down to find ‘Multimedia Messages’. Do the same process for these as well. With both buttons on the left and grey colored, your MMS messages will no longer display read receipts. 

This will stop both the notifications at your end and at the end of anyone else who is receiving your messages.

Samsung Read Receipts Not Working

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So you’ve checked your settings and your read receipts are marked in blue to indicate that they are on, but you find that they still aren’t working. There are a few explanations for what could be causing this problem.

As a general rule, double-check your settings first if your Samsung read receipts are not working. If they are in fact set to be on, you might be messaging someone who has a different device than you. Read receipts will not work for any messages that you send that are marked as SMS.

This is because read receipts will only work from your Samsung phone to another one. Another common issue that your read receipts might not be working is that you are messaging someone who has turned them off on their end. The easiest way to figure out if this is the case is if you are getting read receipts from certain MMS messages, but not all.

You can also run into the issue if you are using a Samsung device that is a SIM-free model, rather than an EE model.

Samsung Read Receipts Blocked Number

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It’s more than likely that you have a few blocked numbers on your phone. I know that I do. Or you may wonder if someone has blocked your number on their end. While you cannot tell if someone has blocked you, if you hear radio silence at their end or your messages seem to not go through, then you’ve likely been blocked.

But what about reading receipts from blocked numbers? Will those displayed on either your or the blocked numbers end? The good news is they will not. This is because once you block a number, you no longer receive messages from them. Your read receipts will automatically be blocked as well on both ends, even if both people have them enabled.

Another benefit of read receipts in relation to blocked numbers is that if you happen to unblock the number later down the line, you won’t get a slew of messages. Once you’ve blocked a number and those messages are blocked, unblocking the number doesn’t suddenly mean that you’ll get any messages they attempted to send you. All SMS and MMS messages are permanently erased.

When it comes to blocking someone from seeing your read receipts, you cannot simply prevent one person from seeing your read receipts. Either you need to turn off read receipts all together or block that contact. There is no way to determine if individual contacts can have read receipts on or off on your phone.

So Can You Get Read Receipts on Samsung?

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The answer is yes. Read receipts are easy to enable or disable at anytime. You simply enter your message setting menu and find the section marked ‘More Settings’. Once you are on that menu, you can turn on and off both your text messages as well as multimedia message read receipts. It is as simple as toggling the button next to ‘Text Messaging’ and ‘Multimedia Messaging’ to the right where it will turn blue to show it is enabled, or to the left where it will show as gray to let you know that it is disabled.

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