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Can You Put Carpet on Wood Deck? (How To)

Wooden decks are awesome, but sometimes people add carpet to them to make them look more attractive and protect the wood. Installing a carpet on a wooden deck may sound strange if it’s the first time you’ve heard about it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a lovely appearance!

Carpets can be installed on wooden decks with little effort and look amazing. You’ll need a few tools and a way of keeping the carpet in place—double-sided tape or adhesive will work well enough.

man installing carpet in wood deck

Installing a new carpet on wooden decks isn’t a very manual task and can be done in one day, as long as the weather plays along.

Should You Put Carpet on Wood Deck?

man installing carpet in wood deck

Carpets are usually not good for outside use, so putting them on a wooden deck may sound like a bad idea. After all, the elements will easily ruin the carpet, right?

You can put a carpet on your wooden deck, as long as you’re sure the carpet is suitable for outdoor use. As long as it’s made to use in all kinds of weather, nothing is stopping you from installing carpet on your wooden deck.

You will be able to install the new carpet with double-sided tape if you don’t want to commit long-term to this choice of decor. Or, if you want to avoid tripping over the carpet or accidentally kicking it loose, you can apply an even coat of adhesive and keep it firmly in place for months, even years, before reapplying the glue.

What Tools Do You Need to Put Carpet on Wood Deck?

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Installing carpets always sounds like a complicated and difficult job, but with the right tools it can be done easily and quickly.

You will need only the very basics of tools, such as a utility knife, a broom, some double-sided tape or adhesive, and a roller to ensure that the carpet is firmly in place.

What Preparations Do You Need to Install Carpet on Wood Deck?

man installing carpet in wood deck

Preparing for your carpet installation will take careful planning, but only when it comes to the weather. 

It is very important that you check the weather before you start installing your new carpet on your wooden deck. The weather should be dry and there should only be light wind conditions. Any other kind of weather will make the task a lot more difficult.

When you have found a few days of clear and dry weather, you can get ready to install your carpet. Clean the wooden deck with a broom to make sure there’s no debris or dust that could cause difficulties.

A cleaner that removes grease should be used if your deck has been around for a long time. When the deck is properly dry, you should apply a coat of sealant. This will protect the carpet.

When the sealant has dried, you should spread out the carpet on the deck and ensure it is big enough. If it’s too big, you can cut it smaller with your utility knife or something similar that is sharp.

How to Install Carpet on Wood Deck

confused man standing

Installing a carpet on a wooden deck takes some careful planning and patience. You can’t just start installing the carpet unless you’ve taken the right precautions.

To install carpet on your wooden deck, you have to be sure that the weather will be good. Let the carpet sit on the deck in the sun for a while before the installation. If necessary, cut the carpet to the right size with a sharp utility knife before installing it.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to successfully install a carpet on your wooden deck:

Step One

Ensure that the weather is good. Check with your local weather service and make sure there will be no humidity that affects the wood, at least for a few days. You need to have clear weather so your installation can be completed without a hitch.

Step Two

Clean the wooden deck and then cut your carpet into the appropriate size if necessary. Place the carpet on the spot where you want it to be installed. Leave the carpet to rest for a minimum of 60 minutes in the sun. This will let it achieve its true shape.

Step Three

Now you can proceed to mark where the carpet’s edges are going to be. Use chalk or pencil for this purpose.

Step Four

Get your double-sided tape and put it where the carpet’s edge should end, but don’t remove the paper from the top of the tape yet. Make sure there are no seams in the carpet and that it’s not lying askew.

Step Five

Now you remove the top paper from the tape and roll the carpet over it. You can use a carpet roller to make sure that the carpet is attached smoothly and properly to the tape under it.

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If you plan to cover the entire wooden deck, the carpet should not meet any walls. Letting the carpet sit flush against the wall can (and will) lead to water buildup and attract nasty bugs. You’ll also find it challenging to clean out debris, leaves, and dirt.

Alternative Method

If you don’t find double-sided tape strong enough to keep your carpet in place, you can always glue the carpet onto the deck.

To do this, follow the same preparation steps, but instead of placing tape where the edges of the carpet will be, apply a layer of adhesive on the deck where the carpet should be. Note that you should apply the glue under the carpet by rolling half of it back. Leave 18 inches of space between the glue and the edges of the carpet.

Once you have applied enough glue evenly, you can roll back the carpet and press it down. Work out all air bubbles and stretch the carpet taut.

Repeat these steps on the other half of the carpet until it’s completely glued down. Make sure you weigh down the carpet’s edges so it doesn’t pull back.

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Allow the adhesive to dry overnight (at least 20 hours) and then start to place your furniture and use your deck again.

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