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Can You Put Drywall Over Plaster? (How To)

Are you planning on giving your house an upgraded look? Or perhaps you’ve just moved into it but you’re not really feeling the plaster that’s currently in it. Would it be possible to put drywall instead over the plaster? 

Yes, you can put drywall over plaster. The good thing about it, too, is that it’s a relatively simple process that gives great results with little time and effort. Done right, you can say goodbye to unsightly plaster on the wall using only drywall sheets.

Drywall for house renovation

While you don’t need to tear down the plaster in order to apply the drywall, there are still certain steps you must take in order to do it correctly. 

Should You Put Drywall Over Plaster?

Drywall for house renovation

Putting drywall over plaster can provide many benefits. For one, it’s cheap and easy to apply. Apart from that, drywall improves insulation in the room, which means improved energy efficiency and lower costs. Plus, it’s fire-resistant. 

Before applying drywall over plaster, it’s important to check for condensation problems. If the plaster has any cracks or leaks, it’s best to get it sealed first. Otherwise, moisture can seep into the drywall sheet causing mold growth. Also, use a good bonding agent to secure the drywall.

Another potential issue to look out for is applying the drywall around the door and window frames. Because the drywall sheet will most likely add inches to the wall surface, you may need to adjust the thickness of the door and window trims as well.

The same goes for any vents or ducts installed in the plaster wall. That’s why it’s ideal to put up temporary drywall sheets first so you can take the proper measurements and make adjustments as needed.

What Tools Do You Need to Put Drywall Over Plaster?

Tools for drywall renovation

Having the right tools is important to successfully apply drywall over plaster. It’s highly recommended that you get these items ready first before getting started.

The old plaster needs to be smoothed out first before the drywall can be attached. For this, you can use a scraper to get rid of the loose plaster surface. You’ll also need plaster screws to fasten loose sections. With these, you can have the stability you need to attach the drywall.

You can also use an adhesive to help further secure the drywall sheet over it during application. 

To remove moldings, baseboards, and window and door trims, you’ll need a pry bar. For electrical outlets or vent covers, use a screwdriver. Make sure to keep all these elements secure so you can easily put them back later on.

Of course, you’ll need drywall sheets and the screws that will put them up. Get the longer screws if the plaster wall is thicker. If you have a power drill, it’s going to help expedite the entire process. 

Spacer boards are also required so you can create that gap between the plaster and drywall. 

What Preparations Do You Need to Put Drywall Over Plasters?

Drywall for house renovation

Putting drywall over plaster is easy, but it’s not to say you don’t need any preparations. Especially because the drywall needs to be applied on a smooth, level surface, this means you’ll need to prepare the plaster before you can put anything over it. 

To prepare the plaster for the drywall application, fasten any loose plaster with screws. Smoothen the surface over for better application of the glue (ie. Liquid Nails) if you’re using it. Remove trimmings, covers, and other pieces that may obstruct the drywall application.

Using a stud finder, locate the studs in the plaster wall so you can accurately screw the drywall on. Mark the locations from the wall and onto the drywall sheets. Make sure to leave some gap between the floor and the edge of the drywall. You can do this using wall spacers. Just be careful that you don’t screw them in too. 

Once you have these materials, it’s easy to rinse and repeat the process for the rest of the walls in the room. To be more efficient, you can mark the studs for all the walls beforehand. This way, you’ll be done with all the prep work, and all that’s left for you to do is set up and hang the drywall. 

How to Put Drywall Over Plaster

confused woman standing

Once everything is set, you can proceed with putting up the drywall over the plaster. With the markings you’ve made for the stud locations, insert the screws through the drywall all the way into the studs beneath the plaster. Two-inch screws are ideal for this job, but you can use longer ones if the plaster is thicker. 

The screws should ideally be 6 inches apart in every stud. Keep your measuring tape handy for accuracy and precision. 

Put up the rest of the drywall, but make sure to leave about an eighth of an inch of space between the plaster and the drywall. 

The good thing about drywall sheets is that they’re sturdy but also easy to handle. When you get to sections with obstructions, like a vent or electrical outlet, or the edges of a door trim, you can simply mark the shape of the item and cut it out. Even a utility knife would work fine.

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Don’t forget to take out the wall spacers when you’ve completed hanging the drywall. Repeat the process for the next wall sections until the entire room is complete. 

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Can You Put Drywall Over Drywall? (How To)