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Can You Put Marble Tile on Fireplace? (How To)

The marble stone’s history dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt. During this time, it was often used to make statues and monuments. Fast forward to modern days, it’s still very widely used, especially in architecture and interior design. But just how much can you do with it? Can you put it on your fireplace?

You can put marble tiles on your fireplace. It does so well regarding heat tolerance; you can use it with any fireplace—wood burning, gas, or electric. Better still, marble is not likely to get stains or cracks if you take good care of it.

Clean marble fireplace

However, it would help if you were more thorough with cleaning than you would with darker stones.

You can never go wrong with marble—they ooze elegance and luxury. Additionally, they go well with almost all interior styles. Being a natural stone, putting marble tile on your fireplace could also increase the value of your home. Not to mention their reflective nature, which can make the room look bigger than it actually is.

Notably, crema Marfil marble is among the most popular choices for the fireplace. This stone is light beige in color and would be the perfect choice if the rest of the room has darker elements. If you want your marble fireplace to be the room’s focal point, you can use a bold choice like Emperador golden marble. This stone is so elegant—it has gold, dark and light brown tones, and hits of white and beige.

Should You Put Marble Tile on a Fireplace?

Clean marble fireplace

Marble gives you so much latitude for creativity since it’s available in various colors and styles. Standard options include gray and white. So, does that make marble tile a winning choice for your fireplace?

Whether or not to put marble tile on your fireplace depends on what you are looking for. Marble tile should be your first choice if you are after class and elegance. While installation can be slightly more expensive than other options, it is worth every penny.

Most people are only familiar with white marble tiles. But did you know they are available in other colors like yellow and red? No matter what the theme of the rest of the room is, you can find a perfect color for your fireplace. Common marble tile ideas include marble mosaic floor tiles, herringbone marble floor tiles, and marble effect hexagon tiles.

What Tools Do You Need to Put Marble on a Fireplace?

Tools for tile fireplace

We’ve established that marble tiles are incredibly elegant. But you can only leverage their elegance if you install them properly. That’s why you need to assemble all the necessary tools of the trade before you start working.

Notably, installing marble tiles is easyyou need the tools you’d need to install other types of tiles. You will need a medium tile saw, a V-notch trowel, a grout float, a plastic bucket, a sponge, a paddle mixer, and a drill.

To save on cost, consider renting a tile saw since it might be expensive to purchase for a one-time project. That means you must plan your work since this project might take more than a day. Know exactly when you need the tile saw to save yourself some cash.

Consider installing the hearth tile the previous day so you can start cutting the edge tiles first as soon as you get the rental tile saw.

It’s vital to ensure that you rent the suitable tile cutter. If your tiles are thick, consider getting a professional multifunctional tile cutter that is powerful enough to cut through without much struggle.

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It would also be ideal to buy a rubber pad to enhance the tile cutter’s performance.

Finally, check to ensure that the tile cutter is in perfect condition before renting it. Ensure that the wheel is working correctly and the blade is sharp enough.

What Preparations Do You Need To Install Marble on Fireplace?

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Before you cover your fireplace with beautiful marble tiles, you must prepare adequately. Proper preparation saves installation time and lays a foundation for stunning results.

Preparations for installing marble on the fireplace are pretty straightforward. Besides assembling the tools, you must clean the fireplace and even the rough patches. It would be best if you also relocated any furniture that might be nearby.

Use a wire brush to scrub the fireplace. Then pass a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust. A common mistake people make when cleaning brickwork is using acid-based cleaners. These will end up dissolving the surface of your bricks and cause damage to the mortar joints. It would be best if you also dodged pressure and high-power washing. It will damage the surface of your bricks.

To even out the surface, mix some thin-set mortar until it has a creamy consistency, then apply it to the brick using a trowel. Add more paste to dented areas as you will deem necessary. Now your fireplace is all set for installation.

How to Install Marble Tile on Fireplace?

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Installing marble tile on your fireplace will change its outlook instantly. Lucky for you, it’s no rocket science.

Only a few steps are involved in installing marble tile on the fireplace. Ensure that you follow them in the correct order, and you will be pleased with the results. Take a look at the steps below.

The first step is preparing the layout. Start by fitting your tiles dry. That helps you see how they will fit symmetrically. Ensure that you start from the center. Once you know how your tiles will fit, you can use a cutter to cut as required. If you are using a wet tile cutter, consider taking the job outside since it can easily get messy.

The next step is applying adhesive sparingly. Ensure that the adhesive you pick is heat-resistantsince you are working on a fireplace. The best way to apply adhesive is by working in small areas so that it doesn’t dry too much before you can come back to it. Some people choose powdered adhesive. If that’s what you go with, you must mix it thoroughly before using it. Apply it with a trowel, and create ridges so that air can escape once you place the tile.

Now that the adhesive is in place, it’s time to lay your tiles. Just push each marble tile firmly into place. You will need to use spacers to ensure that the space between all tiles is equal. Continue applying the adhesive and placing them in the rest of the area.

Once you’re done placing the tiles, apply your grout using a grout float. Grout acts as a filler for the spaces between the tiles once you set them. In most cases, grout is a mixture of cement, lime, and color pigment.

Adding it after setting the tiles goes a long way in adding rigidity and strengthening your work. Besides, the grout ensures that dirt and debris don’t get stuck between your tiles. Not to mention that it will give your fireplace a crisp appearance.

While at it, ensure that you choose the right type of grout. That will depend on the space between your tiles. If they are wider than 1/8 of an inch, go with sanded grout. Otherwise, you can use unsanded, epoxy, or acrylic latex.

After applying the grout, use a sponge and a bucket of clean water to remove the excess grout.

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The next step is sealing the marble tiles, no matter their surface finish. The sealant protects your tiles from stainsalthough it darkens them slightly. Before you apply the sealant, ensure that the tiles are completely dry. You might need to reapply the sealant after some time—usually after a year.

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