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Can You Put Vinyl Plank Under Dishwasher? (How To)

Every home would benefit from having a dishwasher, however, is there any benefit to installing vinyl planks underneath one? In this article, we answer this question and shed light on whether putting vinyl planks under dishwashers is a good idea or not.

You can install vinyl planks under a dishwasher, however we do not recommend that you do so because the constant water exposure and possible leaks can cause the plank to house mold. Alternatively, you can invest in laminate flooring since it features a floating flooring that won’t attach to the subfloor.

For the remainder of this article, we will provide professional advice on whether you should install vinyl planks under a dishwasher, the disadvantages of putting vinyl planks under a dishwasher and how to install them should you still want to proceed.

Can You Put Vinyl Plank Under Dishwasher?

You can install vinyl planks under a dishwasher. While we do not recommend you do this, because of the tendency of water to spill on the vinyl planks and ultimately lead to early damage, if you absolutely need to put vinyl planks under a dishwasher remember the following:

1. Carefully move the dishwasher away from its spot. Remember not to drag but instead lift so you don’t damage the flooring underneath.

2. Measure and draw out the space the dishwasher occupies to avoid mistakes.

3. Prepare the subfloor of the measured area in a way that fits into the other parts of the floor to avoid uneven floors.

4. When placing the planks, start from areas you can control like the sides so you do not have any part sticking out. Place these planks one after the other along the same line for a clean finish then leave for a few hours before returning your dishwasher to the area.

Should You Put Vinyl Plank Under the Dishwasher?

Ideally, you should not install vinyl planks under a dishwasher. Although the consequences may not be life-threatening, you would soon find out that within a short while the vinyl planks will be ruined by high temperature, water, and moisture.

Problems Associated With Installing Vinyl Planks Under Dishwashers

Here are some likely problems you’d face when trying to install vinyl planks under your dishwasher:

Problem 1: Leaks

A dishwasher functions in such a way that water use is unavoidable and this may lead to leaks. Although vinyl planks are quite durable, there is only so much water it can hold before it becomes a problem.

Eventually, these leaks will lead to a mildew build-up, possibly causing an unintentional health hazard in the long run, especially if you have little kids or pets.

Problem 2: High Temperature

Most dishwashers run on electricity, which is bound to increase the temperature around your flooring. These issues are rarely a problem when you newly install the vinyl planks, but the inevitable continuous usage creates a problem.

Vinyl is bound to react in the long run, due to the temperature changes from the dishwasher. They start developing cracks which will affect the look of the floor in general, causing you to consider changing the floors sooner than you may have planned.

Problem 3: Repairs

You may decide to change the planks under the dishwasher as often as possible to prevent molds from developing or to control the warp resulting from the temperature changes. This will require you to move the dishwasher whenever you need to repair it.

This movement is bound to cause cracks, not only for the planks under the dishwasher but also others around it. Inevitably, you will need to repair more than you originally planned for resulting in further cost.

What Tools Do You Need to Put Vinyl Plank Under the Dishwasher?

You do not need many tools when installing vinyl planks under dishwashers. Here is a list of the necessary tools for installation:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Floor Leveling Compound
  • Nail and Hammer Set
  • Chalk Line
  • Utility Knife

What Preparations Do You Need to Install Vinyl Plank Under Dishwasher?

Installing vinyl planks in a specific area requires careful preparation so you do not make a mistake you could have otherwise avoided.

Below are some essential steps to take before you begin the installation:

Step 1: Remove the Dishwasher

If you are going to install the flooring under your dishwasher, you can’t expect to do so without removing it, so this is the first thing you need to do. You may want to call a professional to help if your dishwasher fits in your wall or cabinet. This is so you do not damage your dishwasher and avoid unplanned expenses.

Step 2: Map Out Measured Area

Using a measuring tape, take an accurate measurement of your dishwasher and compare it with the space you want when installing the vinyl plank. You can then use chalk to map out the areas where you will place the planks. It is advisable that you make sure it fits into the flooring of your kitchen to prevent any gaps.

Step 3: Prepare the Floor

If there is any other flooring in that space, you must take it out and ensure that the area is ready for installation. To cover up cracks and holes, a floor leveling compound will help ensure the surface is clean and ready for installation.

Note that it is not wise to sand down any pre-existing floor. It is better to remove it altogether before installing the new vinyl plank.

How To Install Vinyl Plank Under Dishwasher?

Once the necessary tools are available and you have carried out the necessary preparations, you are ready to begin installing the vinyl plank under your dishwasher. You can follow these three easy steps to guide your installation:

Step 1: Install Rows by the Wall

To ensure that you don’t have any space between the planks, install the first plank close to the wall so it is easier to follow along the line you have already mapped out.

Step 2: Complete Flooring

The space you are placing the vinyl plank is not very large, so it is easy to follow once you have laid the first set. All you need to do now is use your nail and hammer to set it in place. Voila, you have your vinyl plank under your dishwasher.

Step 3: Return the Dishwasher

Now that you have your vinyl plank set, you can place your dishwasher back on the flooring to give your kitchen a complete look.

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