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Samsung Tablet Camera Not Working (How To Fix)

When an issue with your Samsung tablet camera occurs, you can clear the data from the apps manager. Enter the application manager in settings and find the camera up under all apps. Choose the clear data option to reset the camera. Otherwise, you may have to replace the device camera with a new camera from the app store.

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Microsoft Surface Keeps Turning Off

While some users report a stellar review of the Microsoft Surface products, others have problems with these products. The problem with the Microsoft surface products shutting off is very common.The  problem is widespread enough where Microsoft has stepped in to monitor these issues. Even the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a history of randomly shutting down. Even Microsoft’s forum has many, many comments regarding these issues. Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips will solve your issues with your Microsoft surface device shutting down. You can also visit the Microsoft website to do a search for other troubleshooting tips with your Microsoft Surface device. The company has a lot of solutions for issues with the Surface devices.But, if these don’t work, you just may have to either return your device or exchange it at the store where you bought it from. Hopefully, your Microsoft Surface device is still under warranty.

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