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Chromecast Netflix Not Working

I’ve always been fond of Netflix after I fell in love with Stranger Things. But, I started to watch it the other day and it wasn’t working. I looked into the steps to take to fix it, and got it working again. Here’s what to do…

Start by verifying that your internet connection is working properly. Then check that there isn’t any anti virus software or VPN that is causing the issue. Following that, you should reconnect to your Chromecast to your Wi-Fi. Finally, turn your Wi-Fi modem on and off again.

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The exact steps to do that are very simple. But, it can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. So, below I will explain how to do each of them with step by step instructions.

Chromecast Won’t Play Netflix

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A typical issue I’ve had with streaming apps like Netflix is I’ll open them and then it won’t play. So, here’s what you need to do to get it working again:

Check your internet connection is running at a good speed. Do that by accessing Youtube from another device using the same Wi-Fi connection. See if the speed is good enough that you can watch a video on Youtube. If it does then there are some additional steps covered below.

It’s best to try each of these steps in order until it starts working again.

1. Check your internet connection

When you have a stable internet connection Netflix can download the files it needs quickly and as a result you’ll have consistent video 24/7. However, if the internet is running slowly, or has lost connection then Netflix won’t play at all. Or, will stop and start.

It’s impossible these days to have internet that is too slow to run Netflix unless you live in a very rural area that doesn’t yet have broadband. But, if you are concerned that your internet speed is too slow it’s best to get in touch with your internet service provider over the phone.

They will be able to talk you through how to verify that you have the best speed, and whether Netflix will work on it. It’s also possible to do a live chat which can have more availability.

2. Turn off antivirus or VPN

If you are using Netflix on your computer and are using Chromecast to cast to your TV then you should verify that Netflix is not blocked because of your anti-virus software or a VPN.

According to AVG, one of the best well known anti virus software, certain anti virus programs can interfere with Netflix. Therefore, you should temporarily disable your antivirus software.

Or, create an exception for your specific anti virus software. At the end of the day it’s very unlikely any new viruses will get to your computer if you don’t access any websites while it is turned off. Once you’re done you can turn it back on again.

All things considered you may want to cast Netflix from your smartphone or tablet because they are far less likely to have an anti virus issue. And will typically work straight away without needing to adjust anything.

3. Reconnect Chromecast to Wi-Fi

This step only applies if you are using iOS but is recommended by Netflix. What you should do is go to the iOS home screen. From there open up the settings. It has a grey cog wheel icon.

One of the options is Wi-Fi, select that. In that menu there is an option to ‘Forget Network’. After you select that then choose ‘Forget’. Wait for it to forget the network, and then select the same network that you had selected before.

After that, open up Netflix again and see if it’s working now.

4. Restart Wi-Fi modem

Another easy step that can solve the issue is to restart your Wi-Fi modem. And it only takes 30 seconds. But, know that when you do that no one else in your house will be able to access the Wi-Fi for 5 minutes as the modem restarts.

Simply locate your Wi-Fi modem, and unplug it at the wall. Wait for around 15 seconds, turn it off, and then turn it back on again. It takes some time to turn back on and establish an internet connection. Once it has, you’ll be able to access a website using the Wi-Fi.

After that see if Netflix is working now.

5. Restart Chromecast Device

Like smartphones, and computers sometimes they will restart themselves when they have what’s called a ‘fatal error’. However, certain apps can have issues in the background and restarting all the apps again can fix a lot of issues such as apps not working.

Therefore, you should restart your Chromecast device by unplugging it at the wall, and then plugging it back in again. It will power on then return to the home screen.

From there open up the Netflix app and see if it’s working.

6. Restart device you are casting

Restarting the device you’re casting from is the last step. Simply turn it on and off again. Or, select the restart option. For example, if you’re casting from your laptop, restart your laptop and try to watch Netflix again.

Netflix Keeps Freezing/Crashing on Chromecast

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Certain apps can start freezing and crashing and Netflix is no exception. To get it working again, do the following:

Start by resetting both your Chromecast device and the device you’re casting from – if you are. Simply unplug it at the wall, wait for 10 seconds, and then plug back in again. After that, you should clear the cache, force stop, and reinstall Netflix.

Here’s the instructions for how to do that:

Force stop and clear the cache

One Google TV goes to Settings > Apps > Netflix > Force Stop. After that, also select ‘clear cache’. Then open up Hulu and see if it’s working again.

If it’s still not working then uninstall it from the same menu options above but select Uninstall instead of force stop of clear cache. Then go back to your home screen. And install it again by going to Apps and then searching for Netflix. It will be listed in the popular apps.

Chromecast Netflix Not Loading/Opening

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Once Netflix is installed and you go to open it, sometimes your app might have a problem and it won’t open or load. This is quite easy to fix, here’s what you should do…

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Typically, this is caused by your internet running slow or a Wi-Fi conflict. So, you should verify that the Wi-Fi your Netflix is connected to has a good speed. Use another device to double check. After that, you should force stop the app, clear the cache, and reinstall it.

All of the steps to do each of these fixes are explained in step by step detail above starting with ‘1. Check your internet connection’.

Chromecast Netflix Stuck Loading

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When you select an episode or movie to watch on Netflix it can get stuck loading or buffering. To fix this problem here’s what to do:

Start by testing the quality of your Wi-Fi connection between your Chromecast and the Wi-Fi modem. To do that, test the speed of your Wi-Fi using another device like an iPad, or smartphone. If the internet speed is good, restart your Chromecast device, force stop the app, and clear the cache.

I’ve outlined how to perform each of these fixes above. It’s usually impossible to know what is causing the issue. So, it’s a matter of trial and error and starting with the fixes that are most likely to work.

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Therefore, you should follow the steps above starting with the first step which is outlined near the top of this article under the heading 1. Check your internet connection.

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