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Dell Printer Not Working

Dell Computer Company is an American based company based out of Texas with an excellent reputation for producing reliable printers. There are several reasons why your Dell printer may not be working. This can be due to either a mechanical issue or an ink or paper problem or possibility an issue with connectivity. Many times, you will see various error messages that appears on the Dell Printer’s LCD screen. If you see indicator lights flashing it can indicate the occurrence of a particular problem. Read on to determine why your Dell printer is not working and how you can fix it.

If your Dell Printer is not working, go ahead and check to see if your Dell printer is the Default Printer. Press down on and then hold the Windows key and then press on the r key. Type shell: Printers Folder and then click Ok. Now, click on the desired Dell printer to set it as the default printer.

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Dell Printer Not Connecting

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If your Dell Printer is not connecting, it could be from a connectivity issue with your Wi-Fi network. Many times, it could also be from an issue with the queuing and printing tasks. Be sure to check that the computer is connected to your Wi-Fi network and that the portal settings and the printer’s IP address are accurate.

If your Dell Printer is not working and is not connecting, first go to the Control Panel. Then press Control Panel Windows Application. Then click on Devices and Printers. Then click on Printer Properties and then click on Ports. Be sure that there is a check mark next to your Dell Printer.

Click on Configure Port and then make sure that the printer name or IP address is the same one as the printer name and IP address in the settings report. Then click on OK.

Dell Printer Not Printing

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If your Dell Printer is not printing, it could be due to an issue with the Router giving the printer several different IP addresses. Printer Head. Proper cleaning of the Printer Head can quickly solve this issue.

If your Dell Printer is not working and is not printing, configure the Router to always give the Dell Printer the same IP address every time. After configuring the Router, turn the printer off for approximately 60 seconds and then turn it back on again and restart the computer.

Then, click on Open Network and Sharing Center and then on Local Area Connection and then on Details.  

Now, write down the correct IP address to the right of IPv4Default Gateway. Then open your Internet Browser and type in the address bar http://[Default_ Gateway_ip_address] and then log into the Router.   

If this does still not solve the problem, be sure to contact a certified Dell Printer Technician to evaluate the problem.

Dell Printer Not Turning On/Off

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If your Dell Printer is not turning on or off, it could be from a problem with your power cords. Quick troubleshooting should easily be able to delineate the problem so you can fix it quickly.

If your Dell Printer is not working and is not turning on/off, turn the power on  and then check to see if there is any evidence of problems such as lights flashing or beeping noises or flashing signals on the LEDS. Then, restart the computer and carefully check all power cables and other connections.

Dell Printer Not Responding

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If your Dell Printer is not responding, it can be a frustrating and problematic experience. This problem is usually from a poor Wi-Fi connection or from software that is outdated.

If your Dell Printer is not Working and is not Responding, first check all the wires and connections and try to disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cables. Also, make sure that your computer and printer are both on the same Wi-Fi network and that the proper printer drivers are installed.

The problem could also be with your anti-virus software. Make sure to set your printer as the default printer by typing in Default Printer in the Search box. Then select the option Let Windows Manage My Default Printer.

Go to Devices and Printers and Right Click on your model of Dell Printer so it will be your new default printer.

You can also do some further troubleshooting using the troubleshooting tool that is built into Windows.

Open the settings App on your Dell Printer and click on Update and Security. Then select Troubleshoot, which is located on the left side of the panel. On the right side of the panel, click on Printer and then Run the Troubleshooter.

You can also restart the Print Spooler, which brings together the files ready to be printed. Now, delete the appropriate files and then restart the Print Spooler again.  Then, Right Click on Windows and click on Run.

Type services.msc and then double click on Print Spooler. Select Automatic as the startup type and then double click on Printers and then delete all the files that are in the Printer window.

Dell Printer Not Recognized

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If your Dell Printer is not found/detected it could very well be due to a problem with the printer driver. It could also be due to the wrong driver being installed in your Dell printer.

If your Dell Printer is not working and is not found on the network or detected, uninstall the current printer driver and try to reinstall the correct one. Try printing a test page and if this does not work, check the interfaces by going to the Control Panel and then to Devices and then to Printers.  

Dell Printer Keeps Cancelling Jobs

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If you have an important project to complete and your Dell Printer keeps cancelling jobs, it is indeed maddening. Some quick troubleshooting steps can lead you to a rapid resolution of this annoying problem and allow you to get back to printing normally.

If your Dell Printer is not working and keeps cancelling jobs, try connecting the Dell printer to the computer via a USB. Then change the port from USB to TCP/IP (wireless) on the Dell Printer Driver and then reconnect back to Wi-Fi and try to complete your printing jobs again.