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Dryer Not Turning On

We rely on our dryers every week to get our clothes done. If it isn’t turning on, you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

The most common reason why a dryer will not turn on is because of a faulty door switch. The door switch signals the control panel that the door is shut and allows for the proper operation of the dryer. If that simple part is broken, the dryer will not turn on.

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Of course, the dryer switch is only one of the many issues that could result in a dryer not turning on. In some cases, it may have to do with the power or perhaps another internal component that needs to be fixed.

Dryer Not Turning On

A variety of other switches help to operate the dryer as well. These include the door switch, the start switch, and even the thermal fuse.

If any one of these is not operating as it should, it may stop the dryer from starting. Even though it will not turn on, it may still be getting power to the control panel.

If your dryer is not turning on and there is nothing operating on the control panel, it may be a problem with the power. Here are a few things to check.

Circuit Breaker – If the circuit breaker has tripped, there will be no power to the dryer. Dryers have two different circuit breakers that operate them but they are likely tied together in the breaker panel.

Check the breaker panel and see if the breakers that operate the dryer are out of line with the others. If so, turn them to the off position and to the on position.

Receptacle – Although most receptacles in the home will last for years, there may be times when they go bad. The dryer receptacle is unlike the other receptacles in the home.

You can test the receptacle with a multi-meter or a simple electrical tester that is available at any hardware store. If the receptacle is bad, call an electrician to repair it.

Pigtail – The electrical cord that attaches the dryer to the receptacle is known as a pigtail. Pigtails are replaced every time you get a new dryer.

You can visually inspect the pigtail for damage and check the plug for any evidence of burning. Do not open the dryer to inspect the inner connections of the pigtail until you turn off the circuit breaker.

Thermal Fuse – This is not a common fuse that you would find in many electrical pieces of equipment. It is a fuse that breaks continuity if it detects a high temperature.

If the thermal fuse is faulty, it will stop the operation of the dryer. If the vent is clogged, then the thermal fuse may detect a high temperature frequently and stop the machine from working.

Dial Timer – If you have an older machine or one with a dial timer, the switch that allows the push to start function may be broken. Continuity can be checked using a multimeter through the switch to ensure it is still working.

Circuit Board – One other possibility is that the circuit board has gone bad. It is difficult to test the circuit board but you can inspect it for any areas of burnt circuitry or cracks.

The circuit board cannot be repaired but it can be replaced.

Dryer Not Turning On But Not Heating

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There are times when a dryer may turn on but the heat is not working. Here are a few reasons why it could happen.

The most common reason why a dryer will not heat, even though it is turning on is because the thermal fuse is faulty. It may allow the dryer to continue to tumble but will not engage the heating coil because it is detecting high heat. Check the thermal fuse for continuity and replace it if necessary.

Even though the thermal fuse is a common reason why your dryer is not heating, it is by no means the only reason. Here are a few other things to check:

Thermostat – Like many pieces of equipment that have a heater, there is a thermostat as well as a temperature switch inside of the dryer. If they are not working properly, then they might not allow the dryer to engage the heating element.

Exhaust Vent – If it is determined that the thermal fuse is bad, then you may want to check the exhaust vent. If there is a problem with a clogged exhaust, then it may be heating quickly.

Coils – The heating coils in the dryer may have gone bad. If you can access them, you can check them with a multimeter to make sure they still have continuity.

Timer – One other thing to check is the timer. If it is faulty, it will have to be replaced.

Dryer Not Turning On But It Does Not Tumble

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Has the tumbling function on your dryer stopped working? It may be a problem with the motor.

The most common reason why a dryer will start but the tumbler will not work is because of a defective motor. You may hear a humming noise or smell a burnt smell when the dryer is operating. You can check the motor for continuity with a multimeter and replace it if necessary.

Another reason why the tumbler may not be working is because of the drive belt. If the drive belt has become stretched or is broken, it will not allow the drum to turn.

You can check the drive belt by attempting to spin the drum by hand. If it spins with little or no resistance, visually inspect the drive belt for damage.

Dryer Not Turning On But Making Buzzing Sound

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Has your dryer started to make a buzzing sound? There may be something that needs to be replaced.

More than likely, a buzzing sound when your dryer turns on is associated with the motor. It could be that the motor is starting to go bad or, in some cases, it may be an issue where it needs to be replaced altogether. You can remove the motor and test it with a multimeter.

Another issue is that the drum has seized in some way or another. This could be associated with the drive belt or the rollers.

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Reach inside of the dryer with it turned off and try to rotate the drum by hand. You should feel some resistance from the drive belt but it should not be difficult to turn.

If it seems as if the drum is not able to be spun or if you are spinning it with difficulty, you should check the rollers, motor, and drive belt for damage.

Dryer Heat Went Out And Now It’s Not Turning On

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There may be times when an appliance has multiple symptoms that appear one after another. This could be the case with your dryer if the heat goes out and eventually, it stops working.

The most common reason why a dryers heater goes out and eventually stops working altogether is due to an issue with the circuit breakers. There are two circuit breakers that operate the dryer and if one of them goes out, it may take out the heat. When the other circuit breaker eventually trips, it will stop working altogether.

If the issue is with the circuit breakers, you can check them visually and reset them if necessary. If they continue to trip, even after you have reset them, you should contact an electrician.

Another issue that could result in a dryer heat going out and then not turning on is the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse breaks continuity when it detects high temperatures but if it is faulty, it may be interrupting the power to the dryer at random.

Dryer Really Hot But Not Turning On

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Are you having a problem with your dryer getting really hot and not turning on? This could be an issue that needs fixed immediately.

The primary reason why a dryer gets hot and doesn’t turn on is because of a faulty thermal fuse. The thermal fuse will shut the dryer off when it detects a high temperature. If it is faulty, it may stop the tumbler from working but will not stop the heating element.

As you can imagine, this is a problem that can cause additional issues. It may even be a problem that could cause a fire if it was not corrected.

Fortunately, you can check the thermal fuse with a multimeter. If it is determined that it does not have continuity, you can replace the thermal fuse and get your dryer working again.

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Dryer Is Getting Power But Not Turning On

Woman adjusting the dryer

Does your dryer have power but the start switch is not working? Here is the reason why.

A faulty door switch will keep your dryer from turning on. You will have power to the control panel but the faulty door switch will indicate that the door is open, even if it is closed. Check the door switch with a multi-meter for continuity. Replace it if necessary.

You may also have other issues that can keep your dryer from working. This could include a start switch or perhaps even an issue with the control board.

Since there are so many different problems that could lead to the dryer not turning on, it’s good to start testing things one after another.

The problem is, you can’t test a control board. You can still inspect it, however, and if it shows any signs of burnt circuitry, it should be replaced.

If your dryer is not turning on it is a problem with the door switch. The door switch lets the control board know if the door is open so it will not operate. It is a safety feature built into the dryer. When the door switch is faulty, it may indicate that the door is open, even when it is closed.

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