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Dryer Sensor not Working

There is nothing more important than properly removing the moisture from your family’s clothes after washing a load of laundry, and so your dryer is an essential appliance for your family’s lifestyle. The dryer sensor senses the amount of moisture in the clothing in the dryer and sends a signal when your clothes are dried to end the drying cycle. When the dryer sensor is not working, you will be left with a mass of wet, nasty clothes to deal with. Read on to learn more about how to determine what is causing your dryer sensor to not work and what you can do to fix it.

If your dryer sensor is not working, locate the dryer sensor bars which are usually located inside the dryer drum. Check to see if there is any residue on them and, if so, clean them off with a clean cloth and water. If cleaning with water does not work, try cleaning them with alcohol.

Adjusting the dryer

You can also see if the dryer’s electronic control board functions, which control the dryer’s function, is not working properly. If it is faulty, you will need to replace it. To do so, you will need a ¼ inch nut wrench, a small slot screwdriver, a vacuum, work gloves, and a ground strap and it will take you about forty-five minutes to finish the job.

First, shut the power off. Then, remove the top panel. Use the ¼ inch screwdriver to unscrew the two screws that connect the top panel and the frame. Then pull the top panel off from the frame of the dryer. Make sure to take a picture of the wiring connections of the electronic control board so that you can replace it correctly.

Use your slot screwdriver to take the locking tabs off from the wire connectors. Then, pull off the wire harness from the connection receptacle of the control board. Slide the control board in order to take it off from the support bracket slots. Then, leave it on the side in order to dispose of it when you have finished replacing the new control board.

Make sure at this point to touch the new control board to dissipate any static electricity that may have accumulated. Put the new control board in the appropriate position on the support brackets and then guide it into the slots that are there for mounting. Lock it in place with the screw holes in alignment with the new mounting screws.

Then go back to your digital photo of the wiring in order to connect the wires to the new control board. Snap the wire harness plug into place and then reinstall the top panel and restore the power.

Dryer Door Sensor Not Working

Man fixing the dryer

The dryer door sensor prevents the dryer from continuing to run while the dryer door is open. If the dryer does not turn when the dryer door is closed and the start button is pushed, it may be a problem with the dryer door sensor switch.  

If the dryer sensor is not working and the dryer door sensor is not working either, take the switch out and check it with a multimeter to see if it is faulty. Unplug the dryer and take out the lint filter. Then unscrew the switch from the door.

Test the switch by first zeroing out the multimeter. If you see the multimeter fall to zero, then the switch is not the problem.

Dryer Moisture Sensor Not Working

Man checking the clothes in the dryer

The dryer moisture sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of moisture in your clothes in the dryer. Once it detects that your clothes are dry, it cuts off the power to the drying cycle which ends it. If the dryer moisture sensor is not working properly, the dryer will most likely keep running even though your clothes are already fully dried.

If the dryer sensor is not working and the dryer moisture sensor is not working either, unplug the dryer and then take off the top panel. Disconnect the wire harness that goes to the control panel. Then take off the front panel. Then unplug the wire harness to the moisture sensor.

Now, take the moisture sensor out. Replace it with a new moisture sensor and reattach it to the wire harness. Then do a test run with some wet laundry to see if it is working again.

Dryer Flame Sensor Not Working

Man opens the dryer

The dryer flame sensor which is on the burner funnel is responsible for detecting the temperature of the igniter. When its temperature rises to a level where it can then light the gas burner, the dryer flame sensor then shuts off the igniter. The gas valves then open up and then the burner ignites.

If your dryer sensor is not working and the dryer flame sensor is also not working, unplug your gas dryer and cut off the gas supply. Remove the front part of the cabinet of the dryer and find the dryer flame sensor. It will appear as a black box with 2 wires that are connected to the front.

Then take your multimeter and set it to the lowest possible resistance setting. Take the wires off from the terminals of the flame sensors. Check with the multimeter to determine if the dryer flame sensor is defective and needs to be replaced.

Dryer Fabric Sensor Not Working

Adjusting the dryer

The dryer fabric sensor determines when your clothes in the dryer are dry enough to stop the drying cycle. When the dryer fabric sensor is not working properly, your clothes will come out partially wet or the fryer may just run incessantly without doing any good. This problem could be due to a defective inlet control thermostat which is responsible for monitoring the heat level of the air coming into the dryer and relaying this value to the dryer’s control board.

If your dryer sensor is not working and neither is the dryer fabric sensor, you may need to replace the dryer’s inlet control thermostat. To do so, remove the screws holding the inlet control thermostat and take out the non-functioning inlet control thermostat.

Then install the new inlet control thermostat and restore power to the dryer. Then run the dryer on a cycle to check that is functioning properly again.

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