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GE Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not/Keeps Running/Not Working

GE Appliances has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s part of the Haier Group and has been making refrigerators for 125 years. They have a solid name in refrigerators and freezers, but even the finest refrigerators are sometimes not perfect.

In craftsmanship of this quality, the cause is generally insignificant, perhaps an errant fan blade which you can replace inexpensively, but compressors can also break down.

Refrigerator repairman examining freezer

In this article, we’ll look together at issues causing fans to malfunction and detail how to determine the fault and how to rectify the situation.

GE Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Working

Repairman fixing fridge freezer

It’s strange to accept, but a freezer shouldn’t run all the time because if it does, it will build up too much ice. This overworking can make your freezer too cold and make opening it and closing it a problem. It may even put more stress on the motor.

If you have considered this and the fan is still not operating, this problem is not inherent to any specific model and can occur in any refrigerator freezer. It is most often a case of ice build-up on the vents or fan blades.

If the fan is not running, you will need to check for an ice build-up on the fan blades. If ice build-up is causing the problem and not removed, the blades might become damaged as the unit strains to turn them under the burden of use.

Switch the refrigerator off and locate the errant fan. You can usually find the motor for your freezer’s evaporator fan at the rear of the freezer (or refrigerator) compartment. You can find them behind one or more panels.

You will need to remove all of the shelving and drawers to access a rear panel in many cases. If in doubt, consult your user manual.

Take a heat gun, and using a low setting, gently warm the fan blades until the ice melts. You can also use a hairdryer if preferred.

The motor of the evaporator fan draws colder air over the evaporator’s coils. It circulates this cold air throughout the freezer compartment. If the evaporator fan is unable to function correctly, the freezer won’t cool down properly. To establish if the evaporator fan motor is damaged or stuck, try rotating the fan blade by hand once you have thawed it out. If the blade does not turn freely, replace the fan’s motor.

Unless the blades are damaged physically, they will not be responsible for a fan motor not working. However, If they become damaged in any way, they must be replaced and bought at a low cost from a GE dealer.

If your freezer’s motor stops running, you may elect to purchase a multimeter to test the windings for electrical current. If the windings do not pass this test, I recommend replacing the motor powering the evaporator fan.

GE Refrigerator Freezer Fan Clicking

Repairman fixing fridge freezer

It’s unsettling to hear unexpected noises emanating from your freezer, and random clicking can be particularly worrying. It may be that your freezer’s evaporator fan is about to expire. Before you go diving in to repair the situation, consider that certain clicking noises are perfectly normal in a GE freezer.

There is a temperature control that will click on and off as it balances your freezer temperature. A defrost timer will also click on and off from time to time.

To establish if this is the case, turn your unit’s temperature control wheel to the left to make the unit colder, and there should be an audible click. Compare this to the clicks you have been hearing, and if different, check the defrost timer.

The defrost system activates the defrost heater in the evaporator section at the rear of the freezer. This heater defrosts the evaporator coils and then turns itself off.

  • There should be no running sound during the defrost, no noise from the fan, and no compressor noise.
  • Most GE models will defrost for around 25 to 45 minutes, once to twice a day, unless you constantly open the freezer door.
  • Don’t be surprised if you hear water dripping or hissing as it hits the heater. This sound is typical and helps to evaporate the water before it reaches the reservoir.
  • It is customary to see a red, yellow, or orange glow on the defrost heater when on.

GE Refrigerator Freezer Fan Making Noise

Repairman fixing refrigerator with female standing and watching

GE does not rate their refrigerators or freezers’ sound level, which means they cannot provide a decibel level while the units are running.

A failing evaporator fan sounds a bit like a squealing or chirping bird is in the freezer. It should not sound like a bird or small creature is trapped inside, but are those noises always created by problems? Note the caveat below.

In time, the fan motor parts will wear or lose lubrication, causing a whining, buzzing, or clicking noise in your freezer. If you hear noisy refrigerator sounds of this nature, it may mean the evaporator fan is malfunctioning and about to retire. But not necessarily…

Note the following Caveat:

Not all noises are cause for concern

GE has a reputation for not sidestepping an issue, and they publish the reasons for several noises on their site:

You may sometimes hear a chirping/barking/ howling sound as the damper door opens/closes. As mentioned above, no need for concern.

  • If there is a change in fan speed as the refrigerator responds to changes in temperature due to door opening, this change results in another noise that may alarm you unduly.
  • A clicking/tick-tock noise might be audible when the defrost timer switches on and off. We discussed this earlier. This noise could also be a dying evaporator fan.
  • A click can typically be heard when the temperature control unit turns itself on and off.
  • A boiling or knocking sound can be heard when the unit is running. The circulation of refrigerants causes these sounds.

Is a Noisy GE Freezer Fan Dangerous?

Guy confused about fixing refrigerator

There is always a concern with an electric motor that any unusual noises coming from it will be dangerous to anyone in the vicinity and, naturally, itself.

Once the noise inside your freezer becomes too loud, the damage may already have begun.

Your family, fan, and motor are in no danger, but you should attend to any potential problem as soon as possible.

GE Refrigerator Freezer Fan Not Running

Silver refrigerator

As discussed, your freezer fan should not run continually, so monitor this issue for a day before taking any action.

After disconnecting the fridge/freezer from the power supply, check first that the unit has power. Checking is quickly done by opening the door and seeing if the light comes on. If so, check the fan itself for damage or icing up and correct or replace it as needed. If the fan blades are in good order and have not iced up, turn the blades gently by hand. If no movement results, the evaporator has died and needs replacing.

Unless you are particularly handy, I’d recommend a licensed maintenance specialist for this, particularly if the freezer is still under warranty. Still, if you’re confident, your freezer manual should be able to help.

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GE Refrigerator Freezer Fan Keeps Running

Hand pulling on refrigerator door handle

If your freezer fan runs continuously, the most likely cause is the freezer door. Check it the door is completely sealed. Otherwise, the freezer will keep running to keep the fridge cold.

Take a standard sheet of paper and close the freezer door on it. If you can easily pull it free, you will need to replace the seal on the door. If it takes a hard tug, the seal is fine, but you still have a problem. Scrutinize the door and examine for any signs of damage.

The refrigerator/freezer contains an electronic display board, which executes several essential jobs. It adjusts and monitors the temperature, activates and deactivates the fan’s motor, and more.

A frequently noted consequence caused by an inefficient control board is the compressor and fan motors running continuously. And the result of this is the freezer not shutting off.

Repairing or replacing this board should be left to a professional, and I don’t recommend you attempt it yourself.

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The Defrost Timer and Defrost Heater can also cause your freezer to run constantly, and once again, if this is the situation, a licensed technician is the best way to go.

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