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GoPro Battery Not Working (Won’t Charge/Hold Charge/Gets Hot)

With time, your GoPro’s battery will lose its capacity, which hinders its output. After a few months or years, the battery will start showing up issues such as unable to charge or hold the charge, etc. Now, if your battery shows any signs of inefficiency, ask yourself a few questions. Are you using the right charger? Are you sure you’re not abusing the battery? Is the battery draining to deficient levels?

Constant use of a non-genuine charger can make the battery inefficient and incapable of holding the charge. A non-genuine charger has a power rating different from the original charger. And draining the battery to seriously depleted levels can degrade its performance.

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If you wish to gain expert knowledge on your GoPro’s battery, relating issues and fixes, read this article until the end.

GoPro Battery Won’t Charge.

GoPro camera, case and battery

If you’re having trouble charging your GoPro camera battery, it can be frustrating and prevent you from capturing the footage you need. There are several reasons why a GoPro battery may not be charging, ranging from a faulty charging cable or adapter to a damaged battery or charging port.

One reason why a GoPro battery may not be charging is due to improper battery installation. To fix this, remove the battery, clean the metal plates with a dry cloth, and reinsert it correctly, taking care to align the +ve and –ve signs. This should help resolve the issue.

Here’s a troubleshooting guide to help you identify and potentially fix the problem:

  1. Check Charging Cable and Adapter:
    Ensure that you’re using the correct charging cable and a compatible adapter. Make sure the cable is not damaged and that the adapter is providing power.
  2. Clean Charging Ports:
    Dust, dirt, or debris in the charging port can hinder proper contact. Gently clean the charging ports on both the camera and the cable with compressed air or a soft brush.
  3. Restart Camera:
    Try turning off the GoPro and then turning it back on before attempting to charge again.
  4. Remove and Reinsert Battery:
    Take out the battery, wait for a few seconds, and then reinsert it. This can sometimes reset the charging process.
  5. Check Battery Contacts:
    Ensure the battery contacts inside the camera and on the battery itself are clean and free from corrosion.
  6. Different Charging Source:
    Try charging the GoPro from a different power source, such as a computer USB port or a different wall outlet.
  7. Use an External Charger:
    If you have an external battery charger for your GoPro, try using it to charge the battery separately.
  8. Firmware Update:
    Check if there’s a firmware update available for your GoPro. Sometimes updates can resolve charging-related issues.
  9. Check for Overheating:
    If the camera is too hot, it might prevent it from charging. Let it cool down before attempting to charge again.
  10. Check Battery Health:
    If the battery is old or damaged, it might not hold a charge properly. Consider trying a different battery if you have one or replacing the battery.
  11. Contact GoPro Support:
    If none of the above steps work, reach out to GoPro customer support or consult their online community for further assistance.

Always exercise caution while troubleshooting and make sure to follow manufacturer instructions. If you’re unsure about any steps, consider seeking help from someone experienced or contacting customer support.

GoPro Battery Won’t Hold A Charge

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Over time batteries loose their ability to hold charge. Continued use will will mean more frequent need to charge. If a battery can’t even hold charge for 10 minutes, it probably means it’s time for a battery replacement.

When considering a battery replacement, opt to purchase a new and genuine battery. This will reduce the chance of any future battery issues. Original and genuine batteries are more closely designed to operate with the specifications of the camera.

Also, avoid overcharging the battery. This can also contribute to the deterioration of battery charge. Try and limit the charging time to not more than 5-6 hours.

GoPro Battery Is Not Fully Charging

GoPro camera on a mount looking into the ocean

When the GoPro’s battery isn’t fully charging, there can be an issue with the charger. Perhaps you’re using a low output charger. Some users gained success by making use of high output chargers (one with a higher Amp).

Ask yourself a question. How did you determine that the battery isn’t fully charging? Is it because the red charging light is always on? If that’s the reason, turn on the camera and see if the battery level ever reaches 100%. Sometimes the red light doesn’t go off even if the battery is fully charged.

The charging time increases if charging through a PC. USB cables are dual purpose and are meant to transfer data and charge the battery. Hence the charging is super-slow. So you’ll have to be super-patient in this case. Also, the USB version plays an important role here. The battery will charge faster with a USB 3.0 cable plugged into the USB3.0 port of your computer.

In case the battery doesn’t reach 100% anyway, replacing it with a new one is the ultimate solution.

Can GoPro Work Without A Battery?

GoPro camera and screen

You can run your GoPro without a battery provided that an external power source is connected. For this, you can connect your GoPro with a PC or power outlet. While your camera is off, remove the battery first, connect the power supply and turn it on as you’d typically do.

When you plug in a power source, it will start charging the battery automatically. You can see the battery charging icon on the screen too. But, when you run the camera without a battery, a power source connected sign will appear.

However, removing the charger while the camera is running would turn it off. Plugging it back in won’t automatically turn it on. But if the battery is installed, the camera would switch to it when the external power supply is removed.

Some people might confuse that there will be any performance difference when running the camera without a battery? The answer is “NO.” The performance won’t improve or hinder. It’ll work as it’d generally function with the batteries on.

GoPro Battery Dies When Off

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When your GoPro action camera’s battery dies even after turning it off, this means that the hardware is still consuming the battery. Ensure that you’re correctly turning it off (ensure you’re performing a normal shut down). Also, when the camera turns off, check to see if there’s any light flashing or blinking.

Perhaps the Wi-Fi doesn’t turn off and continues to eat all your battery. In most such similar incidents, the battery isn’t the issue. Many people believe that the battery is unhealthy and end up changing the battery, which is wrong.

If you can see the blue light still flashing after turning off the camera, that means the Wi-Fi adaptor is draining your battery. In that case, then press the Wi-Fi button to turn it off. If still no luck, then press and hold the button for a few seconds.

However, a minor battery drain is standard. If you left the camera for weeks and then came back to find that the battery is dead, it’s pretty normal. The battery can’t hold the charge for that long, so charge it before using it.

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GoPro Battery Runs Out Quickly

GoPro camera and case sitting next to it

Many people, especially newbies, complain that their GoPro camera’s battery drain super-quick. It happens when multiple internal parts are consuming power. For instance, leaving the Wi-Fi on even when not in use will drain the battery unnecessarily. For that, keep the Wi-Fi off when not in use.

Even the SD card will consume a minute amount of power. You’ll notice a minor backup difference in power consumption with the memory card on and off. Heavy processes such as copying content to and from your SD card will also consume more power. Your camera will consume more power during recording.

If you still believe none of them is the issue, then perhaps your battery is getting old and can’t provide ample backup as it used to in its initial days. If that’s the issue, then the performance will continue to degrade, and you can’t do anything about it except replacing it with a new one.

GoPro Battery Gets Hot

GoPro battery and charger

First of all, keep in mind that a hot battery isn’t an issue that you should ignore. Immediate response is crucial. However, due to the built-in safety features, if the battery’s temperature surpasses a specific limit, the camera will automatically turn off. But if the battery gets hot during charging, then you must take action(s).

There can be multiple reasons why your battery is getting hot. Here they are:

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Overcharged Battery

Refrain from charing the battery overnight. Try to charge the battery within a 5-6 hour window.

Extended Camera Use

Long sessions of camera drain the battery and can make the battery feel hot. Take a break for usage and let the camera cool down.

Third-Party Battery

Compatible but non-genuine batteries and chargers can make the GoPro battery hot. Opt for genuine batteries and chargers when using or charging.

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