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GoPro Red Light Flashing Or Red Light Won’t Turn On/Off

You might have noticed that your GoPro camera’s red light goes on at certain times. The light blinks or flashes when it needs to alert you about the status of the camera. So what’s going on with the camera then, and what needs to be done?

If you see a solid red light on your GoPro, it means that the camera is recording. However, if you see a blinking red light, it means that the battery is low or that the camera is overheating. The top cause of the blinking red light is a low battery. To fix this, simply charge the battery. If the camera is overheating, turn it off and let it cool down before using it again.

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If you intend to gain information regarding the red light on your GoPro, go ahead and read this article until the end, we’ve got the answers.

If you’re curious and want to learn more about the different reasons why the GoPro camera’s red light goes on/off, continue reading. There are so troubleshooting tips that will be provided.

GoPro Red Light Flashing

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When your GoPro has a flashing red light, and the camera is working, it can indicate the SD card issues. Either your card is low on free space or is full. For this, you should check your memory card for available space. Try transferring content to some other device so that you get some free space in the memory card. Then check whether the red light is still flashing.

Flashing red light can also mean low battery. Please turn off your camera and charge it for a few hours. Then turn it back on and see if the problem persists. You can also try changing the battery because the battery may have lost its charge holding capacity.

The red light may start flashing to indicate firmware issues. Maybe the firmware is malfunctioning, or you updated it incorrectly in the past. Try updating the firmware. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to factory reset the camera, but that’ll erase all the content. So please keep it for the last and ensure backing up all the contents before proceeding. 

GoPro Red Light On But Won’t Turn On

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If your GoPro has a flashing red light and the camera isn’t turning on, that’s a difficult problem. If this problem arose right after a software update attempt, then you updated it improperly. Here are steps to a fix the problem.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Download the relevant product update on your computer.

Step 3: Transfer the contents into the SD card.

Step 4: Insert the card in the camera.

Step 5: Press the shutter button for a few seconds. Release when the camera starts.

Step 6: The update should start automatically. You’ll have to wait until everything finishes.

You can also warm the camera a little bit. Wrap it in a bubble wrap or something similar, but ensure careful monitoring. Remove the wrap after a few minutes and let the camera cool down. Then try starting it.

Red Light On GoPro Won’t Turn Off

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If your GoPro is working fine, but the red light is always on, the SD card might be full, or the battery might be about to die. If neither of these scenarios seem to be the problem, make your best attempt at turning off the camera to prevent complete battery drain.

When the camera becomes unresponsive, refrain from pulling at the battery, as it can corrupt the firmware. 

  • If your GoPro is unresponsive, press and hold the MODE button for a few seconds. This way, your camera will safely reboot.
  • Perform a manual firmware update (steps discussed in the previous section).
  • Try replacing the SD card and or battery (only after turning off the camera) to find the faulty part.
  • You can turn off the red LED in the settings if you believe it’s flashing for no reason. 

GoPro Red Light Not Turning On

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If the red light isn’t turning on no matter what, then you’ve probably tweaked the settings in the past. Maybe you’ve turned the light off (as discussed in the previous section). Follow these easy steps.

If you’ve noticed that your GoPro camera’s red light is strangely never turning on, it might be because of a previous settings change. You could have manually turned off the light. Follow these steps to turn the red light setting back on.

Step 1: Go to Settings

Step 2: Find the set up option.

Step 3: Search for the LED blink option or something similar.

Step 4: Check to see if it’s set to “OFF.” If yes, then choose any other suitable option.

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If the problem persists, then perform a factory reset on the camera. Just make sure to back up all the data first, just in case.

There’s a possibility that the LED is physically broken, hence the light not turning on. LEDs are part of a circuit, which light up as and when instructed by the micro controller. If the LED light happens to be damaged physically, the entire circuit would be faulty. As a result, the camera won’t even turn on.

GoPro Red Light Won’t Turn Off

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A GoPro camera’s red light will turn on when there’s either an SD memory card or battery issue. So those are the first places to check. The red light will also blink when the camera is recording.

Removing the battery is the easiest and quickest way of solving the problem. No power to the camera so no light. If the red light comes back after putting in the battery again, try a firmware update. A factory reset is the last resort you can try.

One other reason why the red light isn’t turning off is because of an incompatible battery. Some third party manufactured batteries might cause operational issues with the GoPro camera. So to be safe, just buy the original manufactured batteries.

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GoPro Red Light When Charging

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The GoPro camera’s red light turns on when the charger is plugged in. It indicates the battery is charging correctly. If the light blinks or erratically goes on and off, there might be something wrong. The camera isn’t charging properly for some unknown reason. You’ll want to try a different outlet or charger.

Once the battery is fully charged, the red light will turn off. It may take a couple of hours to fully charge the battery. So don’t worry if it stays on for a few hours. You can even leave it charging overnight.

If the light is blinking, then consider replacing the charger. Maybe the cord isn’t working correctly. Try replacing the adapter or battery if the problem persists. Replacing the parts one by one is advised to figure out the faulty part.

What Does The Red Light On GoPro Mean?

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The red light is an indicator. It alerts you to different warnings and statuses. There are different states of the red light. It can be solid, blinking, and dim.

The most common occurrence of a blinking red light appears when the camera is recording. It also pops up when the battery is low.

If you find that the red light is blinking with a fully charged battery, the problem might be because the battery is old. Batteries degrade over time and lose their ability to keep charge. Consider getting a battery replacement.

GoPro Red Light Stays On

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As discussed, a flashing red light can warn of issues with the SD card, such as low storage. However, it can stay on even if you’ve got sufficient storage space. Sometimes, SD cards aren’t appropriately formatted for the camera’s software environment. 

It means that the camera doesn’t support the file format of the card. As a result, even if the card is empty, it might be unusable, causing the red light to flash. To fix this, format the SD card in settings. Search for something similar to “format SD card” under the reset option.

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