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GoPro Won’t Turn On/Off (After Charging/Update/Unless Plugin)

GoPro action cameras can face issues related to not being able to turn on or off. Such a problem can arise anywhere and anytime without issuing any warning. If that happens, the first thing that most people ask is why my GoPro won’t turn on or off?

The primary reason for the GoPro action camera not turning can be a dead battery. It can also be due to other malfunctioning hardware, though. Furthermore, a frozen GoPro or one that’s not switching off can be a sign of an active background process, etc.

GoPro camera screen

If you’re enthusiastic about gaining similar information, keep reading this article until the end. It covers issues and their fixes related to GoPro not turning on/off.

GoPro Won’t Turn On

GoPro camera in a hand

There are various possibilities for why your GoPro isn’t turning on.

Battery is Completed Drained

Sometimes the battery drains completely, making GoPro unable to start. The camera is designed to turn off when the battery level reaches approximately 5%. It doesn’t wait for the battery level to reach 0%. 

If you’ve got a spare battery lying around, try using it to ensure that your battery is fine. Or plug in the charger and charge the battery for a few minutes. Then try starting the camera with the charger plugged in.

Bad Battery Connection

Perhaps the low battery level might not be the issue so try removing it. Clean it with a dry cloth to remove any dirt on the metal plates. Reinsert the battery and try turning on the camera. The logic behind this is, sometimes, the battery is inserted improperly. Sometimes, dirt and grease get collected on the metal plates that act as an insulator and avoid the current flow.

SD Card Issues

There’s a slim chance that the SD card is preventing the camera from turning on. Remove and reinsert it to check if the problem persists. 

GoPro Won’t Turn Off

GoPro camera, case and memory card

If your GoPro won’t turn off, a common issue might be a software glitch. To resolve this, press and hold the power/mode button for about 10 seconds. This forces the camera to shut down. Typically, this simple reset can clear the glitch and return your GoPro to normal functioning.

One potential cause of this stubbornness could be an overloaded memory. It’s like trying to close a suitcase packed too full; sometimes, things need to be rearranged or lightened. If your GoPro’s memory is full, it may struggle to perform basic operations, including turning off. Transferring files to your computer or deleting them directly from the device can relieve this pressure, potentially restoring its ability to power down as expected.

Another reason your GoPro might refuse to rest could be an issue with its battery connection. Imagine your GoPro as a marathon runner who can’t stop running because their shoes are glued to the track. In a similar way, a loose or dirty battery connection can send mixed signals to your camera, keeping it on when you want it off. To address this, remove the battery, clean the contacts with a dry cloth if they appear dirty or corroded, and reinsert the battery firmly. This can ensure a clean and strong connection, telling your GoPro it’s time to take a break.

Here are other scenarios where the GoPro freezes.

GoPro Screen Freeze

On some occasions, GoPro may freeze, and you might be unable to turn it off. Frozen GoPro won’t let you do anything. It won’t accept your commands, and you’ll see just a frozen screen. If that happens, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until it turns off. Alternatively, pull the battery to turn it off.

It’s entirely possible that when you try to turn off the camera usually, it won’t turn off. It’ll appear as if the camera rejected your shut-down command. It happens when there are active background processes. Removing the battery in such a case can result in anything. The firmware may corrupt, or you might lose all the contents inside it. 

Wait for a few minutes to allow background processes to be completed. If no luck, then do the press and hold the power button trick just like in the first step.

Power Button Stuck

Furthermore, there might be some dirt residing beneath the button, avoiding the circuit completion. If that’s the condition, you’ll have to get it repaired by a professional. The guy will disassemble the camera and clean all the dirt inside. It is very risky, and hence you should only proceed if you’re sure that’s the problem.

GoPro Won’t Turn On After Update

GoPro camera and case

There’s a high chance that you’ve updated your GoPro incorrectly. If your GoPro was working fine before the update but started misbehaving right after updating it, then maybe something went wrong during the update process. Follow the steps below to update your camera again.

Step 1: Open on your web browser.

Step 2: Download the product update (targeted to your camera) on your computer.

Step 3: Copy the update file(s) into the camera’s SD card.

Step 4: Insert the SD card in the camera.

Step 5: Press and hold the shutter button until the camera starts.

Step 6: The update should start automatically. Let the update finish.

If that didn’t help, then remove the SD card and try switching on the camera. Alternatively, you can try connecting it with your computer. If the camera is being detected in the computer but still doesn’t work, it’s probably a software issue. For that, follow the steps discussed above to update the camera.

Non-detection of the camera in the computer indicates a hardware issue. Maybe it’s the faulty power source. Try replacing the battery, USB cable, and power cable one by one. The ultimate solution is to approach customer care.

GoPro Won’t Turn On After Charging

GoPro camera

If the camera isn’t ready to start even after a full charge, then it indicates a high possibility of a faulty battery. Perhaps the battery isn’t able to hold the charge even a bit. First of all, replace the battery and try again. Charge the new battery for a while and check if the camera powers up.

Sometimes users install the battery incorrectly. As a result, the metallic plates don’t come in contact with each other, which prevents the battery from charging in the first place. Remove and reinsert the battery and charge it for a while. When charging, the red light must light up, which indicates the charging battery. Try turning it on after a few minutes.

If still no luck, connect the charger, wait for a few seconds and turn on the camera. If the camera turns on, it proves that the battery can’t hold a charge any longer. Change the battery.

Connect your camera to the computer via USB cable. If the camera turns on, this means that either the power cable, battery, or perhaps both items are faulty. Replace them.

GoPro Won’t Turn On Unless Plugged In

GoPro on wood table

A GoPro action camera that turns on only when plugged in can feature the following issues:

Improper battery installation. Make sure that the battery is inserted correctly.

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Someone used an incompatible battery. Sometimes users make use of cheap batteries to save money. Incompatible batteries are not only harmful but can also permanently damage your camera. In the worst-case scenario, it may even blast.

Perhaps the battery has lost its charge holding capacity. That’s why the camera turns on only when plugged in.

Here are a few steps that you can take to overcome this issue.

Step 1: Reinstall the battery. Charge it for an hour and try starting the camera.

Step 2: Use the original battery if possible. If you’re using a compatible battery, replace it with a genuine one.

Step 3: Try charging the battery with an external adapter. Then insert it back into the camera to see if things work.

Step 4: Insert a new battery and charge it for a few hours. Try turning on the camera. If it works, then your old battery is dead and must be replaced.

GoPro Display Won’t Turn On

GoPro and case on white table

When the GoPro camera’s display isn’t working, then, first of all, find out whether or not the camera is starting up in the first place. When you turn on the camera, you’ll hear some sounds like clicking noise or something like that and or blinking light(s). 

Check if any light on the camera is flashing. The objective is to find out whether your camera is working or dead. Connect it to the computer and see if it’s detecting there. Pull out the SD card and try turning it on.

A broken LCD is entirely possible. If that’s the case, then the camera won’t even start. You’ll have to get the LCD screen changed.

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If still on luck, manually update the firmware by following the steps discussed in the “GoPro Won’t Turn On After Update” section.

GoPro Keeps Shutting Off/Powering Off/Switching Off

GoPro camera in blue blackground

Here’s a list of possible reasons for this issue:

  • Perhaps the battery is low.
  • It can indicate faulty hardware such as faulty IC (Integrated Circuit) chip or capacitor, etc.
  • Improper software updates can cause the camera to turn off every time you turn it on.
  • SD card may be preventing the camera from keeping working.

Follow the possible solutions one by one.

Step 1: Plugin the power cable and start the camera. If the battery is low, the camera will draw current directly from the charger and start functioning normally.

Step 2: Update the software manually, as discussed above.

Step 3: Remove SD card and try again.

Step 4: Finally, visit the repair guy as he’ll check if there’s an issue with the motherboard. That’ll be risky, so save it for the last.

Step 5: Hard reset the camera.

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