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Hoover Vacuum Brush/Roller Not Spinning

Hoover Vacuum Brush/Roller Not Spinning

One of the most irritating and disastrous occurrences is when your Hoover vacuum brush/roller won’t spin. You are left with debris and dirt on your carpet. What are the causes, and how can you fix them?

If your Hoover vacuum brush/roller is not spinning, they are either broken or dirty. You can save money on calling in a professional by first isolating the problem and performing DIY repair. If it is dirty, clean it, and if the brush roll is broken, replace it.

The rest of this article will explain in detail the reasons why your Hoover vacuum brush/roller is not spinning and how to fix it.

Hoover Vacuum Brush Not Spinning: Causes/How to Fix

Hoover Vacuum Brush Not Spinning: Causes/How to Fix

A Worn or Broken Belt

If your vacuum brush is not spinning, you’re most likely dealing with a stretched out, broken, or out-of-place belt. The belt is responsible for ensuring the brush spins underneath the cleaner and allows dirt into the air suction path. If it picks up debris or a sharp object from your carpet fiber, it will get jammed and snap.

Inspect to see if any of these is the problem by unplugging your Hoover vacuum from the mains and using a screwdriver to remove the screws that hold the cover plate in place. If it is out of place, fix it, and if it is worn or broken, replace your belt.

Problematic Drive Belt

The drive belt could also be the problem; it could also be broken, stretched out, or out of place. Replace it if this is the case. Change your belt annually to ensure the vacuum picks up debris and dirt effectively because it stretches over time.

Whether you own a WindTunnel, Linx, react, swivel, or cordless Hoover vacuum cleaner, the problem most likely lies within the belt if the brush is not spinning. It is either broken, stretched out, or worn. To replace a Windtunnel’s belt, follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug it from the power outlet and use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws.
  2. Pull the bottom cover plate away from the brush to expose the power drive and flat belts.
  3. Slide the “flat belt” away from the wheel and unhook its back from the metal pin. Lift the brush and slide off the “power drive belt” to remove it from the device.
  4. Slide the new “power drive belt” and position it where the damaged one was between the two wheels in the back. Spin it to ensure the wheels move.
  5. Wrap the new “flat belt” over the metal pin and pull it over to the front of the vacuum, then slide the rest of it over the wheel. Position the brush in its rightful position and spin the brush to ensure the brush spins.
  6. Set the cover plate back, insert the screws, and tighten them. Plug in the vacuum and establish if it works.

Hoover Vacuum Roller Won’t Spin: Causes/How to Fix

Hoover Vacuum Roller Won’t Spin: Causes/How to Fix

If your roller is not spinning, it is either dirty, there is a tripped roller motor overload, or the bearings are jammed.

  • Dirty roller: If the roller has dirt or hair buildup, it experiences a lot of friction, putting too much strain on the belt; hence it doesn’t spin. Unplug the Hoover vacuum and find a favorable space to clean the hair, lint, and string. Similarly, remove any sharp objects that may be obstructing the hose.
  • Motor overload: If your roller is not working, ensure that the motor is getting power. The roller motor may be overheating, thus causing it to trip. Allow it to cool down and press the reset button. Ensure the motor is clear of obstructions and that power gets to it smoothly. If it keeps tripping, you may need to replace the motor as its windings are defective.
  • Jammed roller bearings: If the vacuum roller does not spin, it could be a problem with bad roller bearings. There could be debris or hair wrapped around it, causing it to jam. If this is the case, remove the hair, and it will function. If it doesn’t, replace the roller.

Hoover Vacuum Brush Not Spinning on Carpet: Causes/How to Fix

Hoover Vacuum Brush Not Spinning on Carpet: Causes/How to Fix

If your Hoover brush spins fine but stops when you place it on the carpet, there are a few possible reasons:

  • Lazy carpet layers: If your carpet is loosely laid, it could be a problem. The Hoover vacuum sucks it up and locks the roller. As a result, the belt spins until it burns through. Tighten your carpet and if the problem does not stop, check the belt or call in a technician.
  • Stretched or worn belt: If your belt is stretched or worn, it may spin fine until there is a load beneath it like a carpet. Once there is resistance against the agitator, the belt slips, and it stops spinning. Consult your Hoover vacuum manual on how to replace the belt.

Hoover Pet Hair Attachment Not Working: Causes/How to Fix

Hoover Pet Hair Attachment Not Working: Causes/How to Fix

If you have a furry animal in your home, a pet hair attachment for your Hoover is essential. However, sometimes it may stop working; this should not worry you. You can identify the problem and fix it without much effort or skill. Some of the reasons why it stops and how you can fix them are:

Clogged Brush

The buildup of debris on the brush roll will cause it to stop working because the string restricts its movement. Unplug the Hoover vacuum cleaner from the power source and use scissors to cut off the brush roll debris. After each use, ensure you eliminate debris to avoid its buildup.

Here is a video on how to clean the brush roll on your vacuum cleaner:

Switched Off Roller Brush

For the roller to perform, you must switch it on and convert it to the right power mode; otherwise, the brush roll won’t spin. If your pet hair attachment isn’t working, check if the device is switched on, the indicator light should be green. Also, check the reset system to ensure it is not tripped. If the switch doesn’t work, replace it and if your reset system is jammed, call in a professional.

Broken Belt

The pet attachment comes with a belt that is responsible for spinning the roller brush. If you check all other parts and notice that the vacuum brush still isn’t spinning, check your belt for damage. If it is not broken but worn out, the vacuum won’t work either way. If you notice any signs of the two, consider replacing the belt.

Disengaged Nozzle

For your pet attachment to work, you need to attach the nozzle properly to the brush roll. Press down the handle to ensure that there is a proper connection with everything. If it doesn’t work, unplug the device and disconnect the nozzle to get rid of any blockages and debris. Afterward, reconnect the nozzle and start the device.

Poor Suction Power

The small brushes rotate because of the air current from the vacuum cleaner. If there is poor air suction power, the brushes won’t spin; therefore, your pet attachment won’t work. Clean all the filters, empty the dust box, and ensure the hose is not clogged. With a strong suction power, the nozzle will work more effectively.

Final Thoughts

The Hoover vacuum is an essential device to have in the home. Whether it is a cordless, Linx, swivel, react, or WindTunnel, the brush/roller not spinning is among the common problems. 

Most of these are problems you can DIY fix. Some of them include a broken, worn, or stretched out belt, clogged brush, or disengaged nozzle. Other times it may be lazy carpets and the shut-off feature.

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