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How To Clean Brick Patio/Pavers?

Bricks are probably the most popular material for patio construction, and rightfully so. They are tough, durable, and extremely pleasing aesthetically. They’re extremely resilient to outdoor damage and retain their charm much better than most other materials. However, if you want your brick patio/pavers to look great for many years, you must know how to properly clean and maintain them.

Household essentials such as vinegar, bleach, borax, and even dish detergent can effectively remove stains and get rid of the nasty layers of dirt from your brick patio. Once you’ve picked out an effective cleaner, it is also imperative that you employ the correct technique to properly clean your patio.

Man cleaning the brick using washing tool

Cleaning brick patios isn’t as straightforward as you might be thinking. Not only do you need to choose the correct cleaning chemicals, but you also have to ensure that you’re following the proper cleaning procedure in each step. A single misstep step can cause your patios to become discolored, or at worst, damaged irreparably.

Prepping Your Brick Patio Before Cleaning

Man cleaning the brick using washing tool

Before you dive in with any aggressive cleaning agents, it is important to first prepare your brick patio for the cleaning process. Make sure to rinse the patio with water and wash off the layer of dirt or grime that may have built up on the patio.

Remove All Objects From The Patio

Your first step must be to remove any furniture or plants that may be sitting on the area you wish to clean; otherwise, they would hinder the cleaning process. Make sure your pets do not come on the patio while you are cleaning.

If you have any object that is sensitive to water damage near the patio, make sure to cover it up or move it elsewhere since you will be using plenty of water to clean the patio.

Clear Unwanted Flora Growth

Secondly, you must remove all the organic growth on your patio. You should use a stiff-bristled brush or a brush broom to loosen and remove the moss growth off your patio for the most effective result. When you start pulling out the weeds, make sure you are gentle or else you will remove too much sand from between your patio joints.

Begin The Cleaning Process

Before you pour any cleaning solution directly onto your patio, make sure to properly rinse the brick surface and dampen it with water. Otherwise, the cleaning solution will be soaked up by the dry brink surface, leaving behind a thick clear murky layer. You also need to make sure that there are no puddles on the surface before you begin cleaning.

Prepare The Cleaning Solution

As far as cleaning your brick patios is concerned, there are several options to opt for. Depending on the level of cleaning you desire, normally you can either put together a cleaning solution at home or spend a few extra bucks to buy a proper cleaning agent.

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Using Vinegar And Water Solution To Clean Brick Patio

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The classic vinegar and water solution can clean almost anything due to its powerful acidic properties. Vinegar is also a great disinfectant that can help you reduce the growth of unwanted fungus on your patio.

How To Use Vinegar?

Always use white vinegar instead of dark-colored vinegar as you might end up staining the area instead of cleaning it.

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Step 1: First, start by mixing 1 part white vinegar and 15 parts warm water.

Step 2: Now pour the solution all over your wet patio/paver. Be careful to avoid surrounding areas, especially plants, for else this vinegar solution will end up causing damage.

Step 3: Next, use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the vinegar all over the surface. Continue to scrub until you remove all the dirt and grime.

Step 4: Once you are done scrubbing, properly rinse the area with clean water. Make sure there is no residue of the solution left on the brick surface or else it will end up causing stains.

Using Chlorine Bleach To Clean Brick Patio

Man cleaning the brick using washing tool

Bleach can quite effectively remove stubborn stains and dirt buildup from any bricked surface. It can even get rid of unwanted moss and weeds and prevent their growth in the future. However, you need to be extra careful when you are using bleach as a cleaner. Make sure to not let the bleach solution seep into your garden or else you will kill all your favorite plants and flowers.

How To Use Chlorine Bleach?

If you decide to use bleach, make sure you dilute it with water; otherwise, you risk injuring yourself and damaging your brick patio. Here are a few simple steps to effectively clean your patio with bleach:

Step 1: Before beginning your cleaning adventure, grab on a pair of gloves and eye protection goggles to keep you safe and protected from bleach’s harsh touch.

Step 2: Next, mix a 10% solution of chlorine bleach in a bucket of water.

Step 3: Pour the solution over the patio and scrub using a stiff bristle brush.

Step 4: Once you’ve removed all the stains, thoroughly rinse the area with clean water. Make sure there is no residue of the solution left or else you will notice some white stains forming on your patio.

This article and its contents are owned by Ready To DIY and was first published on 06/27/2022

Using Oxygen Bleach To Clean Brick Patio?

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Oxygen bleach is a much safer alternative to chlorine bleach and is generally recommended as a brick-cleaning agent. It can clean any brick patio/paver efficiently without ruining the color of the bricks or damaging the plant life.

How To Use Oxygen Bleach?

I have prepared a step-by-step guide to explain everything you need to know about using oxygen bleach to clean your patio.

Step 1: Start by mixing two scoops of oxygen bleach with a gallon of water.

Step 2: Next, pour the concoction over the area you wish to clean and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Step 3: After that, scrub thoroughly with a stiff brush.

Step 4: Once you are done scrubbing, rinse the patio well with clean water.

Using Borax To Clean Brick Patio

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Borax is an excellent household cleaner that can clean most surfaces with ease without causing any harm. As compared to bleach and other cleaning agents, it is a much milder option to clean your patio/paver.

How To Use Borax?

Make sure to wear gloves and use eye protection as borax is also a chemical compound. If you follow the steps I have laid out for you, you can use borax to clean your patio

Step 1: First, add one tbsp of borax to a bucket of water.

Step 2: Next up, saturate the brick patio with the solution.

Step 3: Now scrub back and forth with a hard brush.

Step 4: Once you have removed all the stains, rinse your patio with clean water.

What To Do After You’ve Cleaned Your Patio?

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Once you’ve gotten rid of all the dirt buildup from your patio, there are a few steps you must follow to ensure that your patio remains clean and aesthetically pleasing. Proper after-care is just as important as adequate cleaning.

Seal The Patio

After you’re done with the cleaning, apply at least two coats of sealant all over the area to ensure shine and protect the surface from stains and damage.

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Sweep and Flush

Make it a habit to regularly sweep your patio with a broom to avoid dirt buildup. Every once in a while, wash the area with water to clean stains before they settle in. You can use a power washer to wash the area but make sure you use a gentle setting so you don’t damage the area.

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