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How to Fix a Hoover Vacuum

How to Fix a Hoover Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners form an integral part of home cleaning. But these essential cleaning tools tend to malfunction often due to heavy usage. Still, if your Hoover vacuum cleaner isn’t functioning as well as it should, there are some basic fixes you can do at home and have it working properly again.  

To fix a Hoover vacuum, you need to find out why it’s not picking up carpet dirt. The main problems include immobile brushes, dirty filters, a clogged hose, or a belt that’s not working. To resolve the issues, thoroughly clean the hose, brush, and filters, and replace the belt with a new one.  

This article will provide a detailed guide on how to fix your Hoover vacuum cleaner. As such, you will learn how to fix the Hoover when:

  • The brushes are not moving
  • The vacuum is clogged 
  • The belt is not working

How to Fix a Hoover Vacuum When the Brushes Are Not Moving

How to Fix a Hoover Vacuum When the Brushes Are Not Moving

When your Hoover’s sweeping brushes are not spinning, the primary cause is a snapped drive belt. This happens when sharp objects, threads, or debris get jammed in the brushes causing the belt to snap. What follows is the brushes no longer rotate, and the cleaner stops picking fluff, hair, and debris off the carpet or becomes hefty to push. 

When a vacuum cleaner is working properly, the belt causes the brushes to spin beneath the cleaner, brushing dirt off your carpet and onto the air suction’s path. The brushes also help to give your carpet a well-groomed look. 

You can confirm whether your Hoover’s brushes are rotating by switching it on and tilting the cleaner sideways to see if the brush roll is spinning.

Other than a snapped belt, there could be other reasons to explain why your Hoover brushes are not moving: 

  • An incorrect floor setting.
  • The brush roll motor could be defective.
  • The vacuum brush roll could be dirty or broken.
  • The belt could be worn out, stretched out, or out of place. 
  • The brush roll could be sticking, causing lots of friction and putting a strain on the belt. 

Let’s have a look at how to fix the problem with your Hoover brushes.

Get a New Belt

The easiest way to fix the problem is to replace your broken or worn out belt with a new one. This is a simple technique that will sort out the issue right away. The short video below explains how you can do this:

Correct Your Settings

If the problem persists, confirm that you have chosen the correct floor setting. If it indicates ‘floor setting,’ the brushes will not spin. Therefore, use the switch at the top of the handle to change the setting to ‘carpet setting.’  

Having the correct setting in place will allow the brush roll to spin again and the Hoover to work efficiently. 

Clean or Replace the Brush Roll

A dirty brush roll is easy to clean. Again, if the brush roll is broken, you can easily replace the part. A vacuum brush roll requires regular cleaning since it tends to get jammed up with hair, clogs up, and stops spinning, thus reducing your vacuum’s performance. 

Follow the guidelines on your vacuum cleaner’s instruction manual to access the brush roller for cleaning. Remove all hair, string, or floss entangled in the bristles or wrapped around the roll as shown in this video:

Remember to wipe inside your vacuum to remove dust or any other debris and ensure your roller is clean and ready for use.

Finally, inspect the bristles to see whether they look worn out – they should feel stiff to the touch. Stiff brushes offer the agitation necessary to bring up the dirt lodged deep within your carpet. If the brush roll appears broken or too worn out, then replace it. Replace the faulty brush roll motor as well.

Below are additional methods you can use to resolve the issue of a roller brush that won’t spin:

  • Wrap the brush roller with layers of tape at the point where the belt rides on it. This will tighten the belt and make the roller drive better.
  • Ensure the carpet is not lying too loosely since the vacuum tends to suck up the carpet, thus locking the roller. It also causes the belt to rotate continuously until it burns through.

How to Unclog a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

How to Unclog a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

At times, the vacuum brushes could be turning, but the machine still won’t pick up dirt. The most likely cause would be a blocked hose suction port at the base of the cleaner. Again, if the Hoover’s filters get clogged with dirt, it loses suction. This makes your vacuum cleaner unable to pick up dirt. 

The solution? A thorough cleaning or replacing the hose and filters. Here’s how to clean your filters: 

  1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner. Always avoid removing any component from your Hoover vacuum before disconnecting the cleaner from power first
  2. Remove all filters and clean them.  Follow the specific operating instructions as some filters are washable while others only need gentle brushing or tapping.
  3. Remove the hose. Check whether there is any blockage in the pipe. Suction from the hose might indicate a blocked base connecting tube, or the beater bar might not be rotating. Confirm there are no gaps in the airflow, too, because even tiny holes can lead to loss of suction. Lastly, inspect the vacuum cleaner base for blockages and confirm the belts are intact. 
  4. Empty the dust canister on your bagless vacuum cleaner regularly. This helps it to maintain maximum suction. If your model comes with a bag, ensure that it’s not full or torn. Always replace your bag with a genuine, high-quality Hoover bag. 

Nonetheless, if your vacuum is still not picking up dirt, and replacing both the filters and the bag doesn’t solve the problem, all is not lost. You can also clear the blocked hose quickly using a bent wire or a stronger vacuum cleaner to suck out the blockage. Alternatively, use a broom handle to force down stubborn clogs. 

How to Fix a Hoover Belt That’s Not Working

How to Fix a Hoover Belt That's Not Working

It’s advisable to change your belt every year to ensure that your vacuum cleaner works effectively. As mentioned earlier, the belt tends to stretch out over time and becomes ineffective. However, if the belt is broken, it will need immediate replacement. 

To fix a Hoover belt that’s not working, you first need to determine what exactly is the problem, then deal with it. Take the following steps:

  1. Unplug the Hoover vacuum cleaner from the mains.
  2. Turn over the cleaner and, using a screwdriver, remove the brush cover plate (some models use levers to secure the plate.)
  3. Examine the brush to ensure there are no strings wrapped around the ends, restricting a free rotation.
  4. Next, check to see whether the belt has snapped or stretched, in which case you will need to replace it.
  5. Lift the brush roll, remove the broken or worn-out belt, and fit a new belt over the spindle. 
  6. Rotate to check if the belt is turning freely.
  7. If not, clean any debris entangled around the brush or replace the brush if bristles seem worn out. 
  8. Put the hood back in place, and switch on the cleaner. 

Your vacuum cleaner should be picking up dirt effectively now.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—a detailed guide on how to fix some common Hoover Vacuum problems. The best part is that you can fix these issues at home without any need for a professional. This will save you both time and money, and you’ll be able to get back to your cleaning sooner than later.  

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