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How To Fix Delay/Lag/Slow Response With Prime Video

One of the worst issues to come across when you’re trying to enjoy Prime video is a delay. Some people refer to it as a lag or slow response. You might notice that your screen repeatedly stops playing the video you’re watching, or the screen goes around in a continuous buffering circle while you’re trying to enjoy a movie. You may also notice that your subtitles do not sync up with the speakers’ words in the movie, or the sound doesn’t match. Those are lags and delays as well. Lags and delays aren’t uncommon, though they are quite frustrating. 

Prime Video lagging is often due to a slow internet connection. To fix this, try improving your Wi-Fi signal strength. You can do this by moving closer to the router or removing obstacles between your device and the router. A stronger internet connection can reduce lag and improve streaming quality on Prime Video.

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One potential solution to Prime Video lagging is clearing the app’s cache. Over time, stored data can accumulate and slow down performance. To clear the cache, go into your device’s settings, find the Prime Video app, and select the option to clear cache. This is like giving your app a fresh start, potentially smoothing out any lags.

Another reason for Prime Video lagging could be outdated app software. Running an older version of the app might not be compatible with newer content or features, leading to performance issues. Ensure you have the latest version of Prime Video installed. App updates often include performance improvements and bug fixes, which can resolve lagging issues.

How to Fix Subtitle Delay Prime Video

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Having your subtitles show up out of sync can put a damper on your video-watching experience if you have issues hearing and rely on the subtitles to get the story. Fortunately, you can resolve the issues easily in most cases. 

To fix a subtitle delay in Prime Video, you may need to find out what’s slowing your device down. It could be corrupted cache data. You may be able to swiftly resolve the issue by clearing the cache in the Prime Video app or your device. The fix will be slightly different for different devices. 

To clear the cache in the Prime Video app, you’ll need to go to settings and then “Apps and Notifications.” Next, go to “Prime Video” and tap on “Storage and Cache.” You should be able to tap on something like “Clear Storage” or “Clear Cache” to clear all the information and start again. You might find that your subtitle issue is resolved after that. 

The issue you’re experiencing may also be happening because of a corrupted application. Thus, you may need to uninstall your Prime Video application and then reinstall it to see if that does the trick. Your device could also have a software incompatibility issue with the app. In that case, you’ll need to update your device to the most recent software so that it works with the Prime Video app as it should. You can also check for updates to the Prime Video application. 

You can also try going into your settings and turning the subtitles off and then back on. Sometimes, big problems have small solutions. The off-and-on action might force everything to reset and resynchronize for you. 

If you’re using a TV, you can look into the settings to see if you have something like motion smoothing activated. It’s an example of a feature that might cause you to experience a lag in audio or subtitles. You can deactivate the feature and then wait to see if you’ve successfully resolved the issue. Also, check your television for other settings that may affect how your picture shows up. For example, check your fps settings and ensure that they are at an optimum rate. 

If all of your attempts fail, the issue could be unrelated to your device. It may be an issue that the provider needs to solve. Thus, you can contact them to inquire about the problem and whether they have a fix for it. 

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How to Fix Sound Delay Prime Video

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A sound delay or audio lag is one of the most annoying situations to have when you try to enjoy a movie or TV show, but it’s not the end of the world. This problem can have multiple causes, such as connection issues, software problems, or mismatched frame settings. You’ll have to go through a few investigative processes to find out what works for your unit. 

To fix a sound delay on Prime Video, you should find out if it’s device-specific or app-specific. Try launching and watching the movie or television show from a different device. You’ll know the problem is either app or network-specific if you have the same syncing issues with other devices. 

If you don’t have the same issue, go back to your original device and try refreshing the page. Sometimes, syncing issues will resolve once the page resets and no additional problems occur. The easiest and less stressful solution is sometimes the one that works the best. 

Lags and freezes might occur because you’re using a laptop and have more than one window open. The error may have happened when you left the Prime Video window and went to another window. Try closing all the other windows and then refreshing the page to see if your sound sync returns. 

Check your audio settings if you are watching Prime Video on a smart TV. It could be that a different setting may be more effective. For example, you could try enabling or disabling stereo sound.  

You may also need to look at any cables that you have connected and ensure that they are connected properly in good working order. Sometimes, a little push of a cable is all you need to resolve an audio issue. 

Another trick that might work is to start watching the movie all over again from the very beginning. The system might resolve the glitch when you click back to the beginning to restart it. 

It may be time to contact a certified technician if none of those solutions works for you, and you’ve already tried some of the other solutions we mentioned for other issues. You can also try to contact the service provider to see if they have a solution of which you haven’t heard yet. They may be able to assist you. 

How to Fix Streaming Delay Prime Video

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Streaming problems can have various origins, but they usually come from network connection issues, software conflicts, and devices that are simply doing too much. You can try a few troubleshoot-and-fix techniques to see if they work for you. 

To fix a streaming delay problem with Prime Video, close the Prime Video application and then restart it to see if you can now stream. That’s the most basic and simplest solution. If that does not work, you can then shut down and restart the device you’re using for Prime Video. Wait a few minutes and restart it. 

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Next, check to ensure that you do not have too much going on in the background while you’re using Prime Video. For example, ensure that you aren’t downloading things in the background or using various windows that might be taxing your network connection. Also, ensure that you aren’t sharing your network connection with several people who may be bogging it down. You may also want to disable active antivirus software or VPNs, as they could cause a conflict. 

Ensure that your internet connection is speedy enough to stream using Prime Video. You’ll need a speed of 1 to 15Mbps to play videos on Prime. You can run a solid speed test at to ensure that the problem isn’t because of your internet plan. 

How to Fix Slow Connection Prime Video

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A slow internet connection can happen from time to time during inclement weather. However, it can be a concerning issue when it happens aside from weather-related causes. 

To fix a slow internet connection, you may want to reset your router or your modem, as a good reboot may help. You can find the reset button on the side or bottom of your router. You’ll need to press it or hold it in for a certain amount of time to reset it. 

Give it a little time to go through its motions and see if your Prime Video works well afterwards. You may also reset your router or modem by unplugging the power source and waiting 30 seconds or more. 

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The problem with Prime Video should resolve with one of the solutions above. Contact the service provider or a technician who can help with your device if you continue to have issues.