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How To Fix Your Microwave Door Won’t Open Or Close

Microwaves use high levels of heat waves to cook and warm food. These useful appliances utilize a protective door to help keep you safe when using the microwave. This door is vital for protecting you from the radiation produced by the microwave when using it. So when this door isn’t functioning as designed, you should immediately stop using the appliance until you can learn how to fix your microwave door that won’t open or close.

When your microwave door won’t open or close, the issue is typically with the latch, hinges or springs. It could be that the latch, hinges, or springs are rusted and old, or debris could be preventing them from working properly.

Modern microwave in the kitchen

While you can remove and replace faulty latches, hinges, and springs, the entire process can be a tiring one. Especially if your microwave is older as it will be harder to find the proper parts to fit with your make and model.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of repairing it yourself, you can seek the assistance of an appliance repair technician. Although the cost of the repair may be more than the microwave is worth. Another option would be to simply count your losses and purchase a new microwave.

Another potential cause of a microwave door that won’t open or close is debris interfering with the door’s ability to function properly. Food particles, dirt, and even grease can all start to build up on hinges, latches, springs, and even the edge of the door. And all of this can hinder the door from opening and closing properly.

Regularly examining the microwave for debris buildup and cleaning the appliance once every few weeks can go a long way to preventing issues with the door. 

Reasons And How To Fix Your Microwave Door Won’t Open (Stuck)

Modern microwave in the kitchen

A stuck microwave door can be a frustrating experience, especially if you have food inside the microwave just waiting to be consumed. Thankfully, this problem is typically caused by a buildup of gunk and can be quickly fixed.

A stuck connection is the most common reason why the microwave door won’t open. It is not uncommon for debris to get stuck in the door latch, which prevents you from opening it. You can typically force it open by pulling the microwave door at the same time as you are pressing the open button.

Once the door is open, examine the latch for debris. Use a small brush to remove the debris preventing the microwave door from latching properly. A toothpick can also help to pry out any debris that is stuck in hard-to-reach places. Once you have removed the debris causing the problem, you should be able to properly close and open the microwave door.

Other issues that can prevent you from opening the microwave door include a faulty door button or door latch lever, as well as malfunctioning door hinges and door springs.There are no easy fixes for these problems and the part will need to be replaced if you want the microwave to work properly. You may also want to consider simply purchasing a new microwave instead of trying to fix the old one. 

Reasons And How To Fix Your Microwave Door Won’t Close

Modern microwave in the kitchen

Microwave doors are designed to close and stay closed until the heating/cooking cycle is complete. In fact, properly functioning microwaves won’t start heating/cooking until the door is shut up tight. This is a safety feature that helps prevent harm to the user. So, if your microwave door won’t close, you won’t be able to use the appliance to heat food.

Debris is one of the most common causes of a microwave door not closing. Debris, such as grease and food particles, can start to buildup around the door hinges, as well as in the area where the appliance body and door meet. Don’t forget to check the door latch assembly as well for debris.

Examine these areas looking for debris. Use a small brush or even a toothpick to dislodge any debris you find. Additionally, consider giving the microwave a good cleaning, scrubbing the areas where debris was found with warm soapy water. Then wipe the area clean with a damp dish towel.

To help prevent this issue from occurring again, clean the microwave, both inside and out, once every few weeks or at least once a month. Regular maintenance and cleaning help to prevent debris buildup, while also giving you the opportunity to inspect the appliance for potential problems that could pop up.

Reasons And How To Fix Your Microwave Door Won’t Stay Open

Modern microwave in the kitchen

Microwave doors contain a few different components that can malfunction and stop working as they were designed too. When this opens, you may end up with a microwave door that just won’t stay open.

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When your microwave door won’t stay open, the problem is usually  faulty door springs. Many microwaves have door springs, which is what causes the door to spring open when you press the door release lever. When these springs are broken, the door won’t unlatch and open, nor will it stay open.

If this is the cause of your problems, then the door springs will need to be removed and replaced. This can be a little time-consuming and does require trying to find the right door springs for your make and model of microwave. In some cases, it may be best to simply purchase a new microwave instead.

Other reasons as to why a microwave door won’t stay open include a blocked connection caused by food particles, grease, or other debris. When debris begins to build up on the door latch or even the door hinges and springs, it can prevent the microwave door from staying open. A quick examination can usually confirm whether or not the issue is caused by debris. If it is, simply remove the debris and clean the microwave.

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