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How To Reset Dell Tablet

Dell tablets are a great way to combine your computer and phone into one. These devices certainly pack a punch when it comes to their capabilities but sometimes, they get bogged down and need a little help refreshing.

You can reset the Dell tablet by doing a soft reset or a factory reset. A soft reset will refresh the software. A factory reset will return the table to its original default settings, deleting everything you have installed and saved.

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If you are reading this article because you need to reset your password or reset the entire tablet, we’ve got you covered. You will learn how to do a soft reset, a hard reset, and even a factory reset. One way or another, you will be able to get back into your Dell tablet.

How To Reset Dell Tablet Forgot Password

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We live on our electronic devices these days. Whether you have pulled out the old tablet from years ago or are using a new tablet, you need a password to get into the tablet. But what do you do if you can’t remember the password?

If you need to reset your tablet but forgot the password, you can put the tablet into recovery mode by pressing and holding the Power button for 10 seconds. The tablet will vibrate once it has successfully shut down. Release the buttons and the tablet will automatically restart.

Oftentimes we can log into another device and recover our password. Microsoft has a password hint option to help jog your memory but if you do not have another device or simply cannot remember what the original password was, restarting the tablet is the option for you.

A problem some users have run into when trying to reset their password is that they find the old password stays stored within their Microsoft account. This creates a problem when they go to log in with the new password and are prevented from logging in.

While this is frustrating, to say the least, the only way around this problem is to do a more in-depth reset.

Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold both the Power button and the Up Volume button.

Step 2: Continue pressing these two buttons until the tablet powers on.

Step 3: Once you see the Dell logo, release the buttons.

Step 4: Follow any on-screen initial setup instructions.

Step 5: Tap on the option to Troubleshoot.

Step 6: Tap on Reset. This will remove your forgotten password from within Microsoft and you can now reset your password.

Later in this article, we will discuss what you can do if you need to reset the password for your Dell tablet but do not have a Microsoft account.

What Does The Factory Data Reset Do On A Dell Tablet

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Just hearing the words “factory reset” makes some people nervous. It can be a little scary to think about choosing to delete all of your information from off of your tablet. But there are times when this is necessary.

Generally speaking, a factory data reset on a Dell tablet will return the tablet to its original factory default settings. Everything you downloaded, installed, and saved will be deleted. The tablet will be wiped clean, just as when you first purchased it.

A factory reset will not harm your tablet, even if you have to do it more than once. While a factory reset is not something to be scared of, it should only be done as a last resort. Restoring everything back to the tablet can be a bit time-consuming – and daunting for some.

Before initiating the factory reset, the first thing to do is make sure everything on your tablet is backed up so that you can restore everything after the reset.

Step 1: Go to the home page of your Dell tablet.

Step 2: Tap on the Apps icon.

Step 3: Tap on Settings.

Step 4: Go to the Personal section.

Step 5: Tap on Backup & Reset.

Step 6: By default, Back Up My Data and Automatic Restore should be turned on. If they are not turned on, turn them on. A checkmark should appear next to this option when it is turned on. This is important because it will make sure all of your data is stored in the Google Cloud.

Step 7: Once everything has been backed up, tap on Factory Data Reset.

Step 8: Tap on Reset Tablet.

Step 9: You will get a warning message making sure you understand that what you are about to do will delete everything on the tablet. Don’t panic. Remember, you have everything stored in the Google Cloud.

Step 10: Once your heart stops beating out of your chest, tap on Erase Everything to start the factory reset process. The process will take several minutes.

Step 11: Once the tablet has been factory reset, you will be prompted to restore everything you back up.

How To Reset Dell Tablet To Factory Settings

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Now that you know what a factory reset is, the next step is to learn how to do it. The process itself is not a complicated one. The steps are outlined below to help ease the stress of doing this.

You can reset your Dell tablet to its factory settings by removing all stored data and rebooting the tablet’s software. Charge the tablet battery before starting. Make sure all of your data is backed up and stored for recovery after the reset is complete.

Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold the Power and Up Volume buttons.

Step 2: Release the buttons once the Dell logo appears.

Step 3: Using the Volume buttons to navigate, scroll down to Recovery, pressing the Power button to accept.

Step 4: The Dell logo will appear again and also the Android robot. Press the Power and Up Volume buttons again for 2 seconds then release.

Step 5: Using the volume buttons, navigate to Wipe Data/Factory Data Reset, pressing the Power button to accept.

Step 6: On the next command screen. Select Reboot System Now.

Step 7: Once the tablet restarts, you can back in and reinstall everything.

How To Reset Password On Dell Tablet

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Thanks to hackers and other cyber-security-stealers we now need to have passwords for everything online. It is easy to forget which passwords we use. If this has happened to you and now you can’t get into your Dell tablet, you’re not alone.

If you need to reset the password on your Dell tablet, you can reset it from another device using your Microsoft login information. Go to the Microsoft Reset Password page. Select ‘Forgot Password’. Follow the on-screen instructions to receive your security code to start the password reset process.

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In the event you do not have a Microsoft account, all hope is not lost. There is a workaround for this issue.

No Microsoft Account

To reset your password without a Microsoft account, you will need administrative privileges to do this. The first account created on the computer is the Administrator by default. If you are unable to log into Administrator, you will need to reinstall Windows.

Step 1: You can verify who the Administrator is by entering User Account in the Search Box.

Step 2: Open the User Accounts window.

Step 3: Click Manager Another Account.

Step 4: Select User Account to edit the information.

Step 5: Change and verify the new password.

How Do You Do A Hard Reset On A Dell Tablet

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As we discussed earlier in this article, a factory reset will return the table to its original factory default settings. A hard reset will only affect certain settings within the tablet, not wiping it entirely like a factory reset.

A hard reset is a good idea when an update is slow in installing and the performance of certain apps is being affected. All memory data associated with that app will be deleted and any pending updates will be installed.

One way to do a hard reset was mentioned earlier in this article but here is another way. Performing a hard reset will use a decent amount of power so make sure your tablet has a full charge before you start.

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Step 1: Simultaneously press and hold these three buttons: Power, Down Volume, and Camera.

Step 2: Hold all three buttons until the tablet vibrates and then release Only the Power button. Continue holding down the Down Volume and Camera button.

Step 3: On your Dell tablet screen you will see a prompt asking you if you are sure you want to format your tablet. Once you see this prompt, you can release the Volume and Camera buttons.

Step 4: If you are sure you want to proceed with the hard reset, select Format to continue.

Step 5: The tablet will begin the hard reset process.

You can do a hard reset of your Dell tablet by going into your tablet’s Settings > selecting Factory Data Reset > selecting Reset Tablet > and finally, selecting Erase Everything. Once the hard reset is completed, you will be prompted to go through the setup process.

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