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How to Reset Hotpoint Dishwasher

There are a few different issues that you may come across with your Hotpoint dishwasher not working properly. Usually, the best option, even if you’ve fixed the mechanical issue, is to then reset your Hotpoint dishwasher. Running a reset after you do maintenance allows the dishwasher’s system to clear that maintenance warning and go back to functioning normally.

To reset a Hotpoint dishwasher, start by ensuring the appliance is plugged in and powered on. Next, press and hold the “Start/Reset” button for about 3 seconds. Wait a few moments for the dishwasher to complete the reset process, then release the button. This should return the dishwasher to its default settings.

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So what are some of the issues that could be behind your Hotpoint dishwasher not working and how can you solve them yourself without contacting a plumber?

Oftentimes you need to reset your Hotpoint dishwasher because there is some issue that needs to be resolved. While you may think that cleaning out a clog will automatically clear these dishwasher blinking lights, sometimes your dishwasher’s hard drive needs a reset. This is because it is still stuck on the previous issue. If you have fixed the issue and you’re still unable to use your Hotpoint dishwasher, running a reset is the best solution.

Can You Reset a Hotpoint Dishwasher?

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Restarting your dishwasher may not be the first thing that comes to mind, however, running a reset can be the solution to several issues that you are facing with your Hotpoint dishwasher. Like with any appliance, even if you’ve righted the issue, your appliance’s hardware may still communicate that the issue is ongoing. This is why it is best to run a reset after you’ve done maintenance, or if you are facing issues with your Hotpoint dishwasher functioning properly. 

You can reset your Hotpoint dishwasher in two ways. The easiest method is to press the start/reset button. When doing this you want to wait at least two minutes before you go to turn your Hotpoint dishwasher back on. 

You can also restart your Hotpoint dishwasher by disconnecting it from power. This is a method that you should use if the start/reset button does not work. If you restart your Hotpoint dishwasher with this method, you need to first turn it off. Then disconnect it from all power sources. You want to leave it disconnected for at least 60 seconds.

Once connected with it again, you should see that the problem you were facing has righted itself.

Where is the Reset Button on a Hotpoint Dishwasher?

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When you’re in a situation where you need to run a reset on your Hotpoint dishwasher, the last thing that you want to have to do is spend unnecessary time looking for the reset button. There’s good news when it comes to your Hotpoint dishwasher and its reset button.

The reset button on your Hotpoint dishwasher is also your start button. If you see that your Hotpoint dishwasher lights are on, but the cycle is not running, press the start button again. What this will do is drain any water. Let your Hotpoint dishwasher sit for at least two minutes.

After that, you should be able to press the start button and run the regular cycle. Depending on your model of Hotpoint dishwasher, there may also be a reset button that is located on the inside. When you open your dishwasher’s door, you may notice that there is a black button. This is your reset button. You can press and hold that to override any issues. Otherwise, your reset button will also be the button that you use to start your dishwasher.

How to Do Hotpoint Dishwasher Anti-Flood Device Reset

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Your Hotpoint dishwasher has an anti-flood device. This device is true to its name as it is designed to engage where there is excess water pressure, or if your dishwasher’s drainage tubes are facing a blockage. What this does is prevent damage to your dishwasher, and helps you from putting dishes in, only to return to a puddle of water in your kitchen.

To reset your Hotpoint dishwasher anti-flood device, you need to first address the problem. Your flood sensors are located under a panel in the base of your dishwasher. You can access this grate by removing a few screws. Once the grate is off, you should remove any access debris or water that is still in the area.

You can remove excess water by using a sponge. Once your area is clean, check the sensors. If any food gunk has got into them, they will set off your anti-flood alert. You can clean these by using pressurized water. 

After this, replace the panel and run a regular reset on your Hotpoint dishwasher. Close your dishwasher door and press the start/reset button. Let your dishwasher sit for at least two minutes. After this, it should be functioning properly.

How to Reset Hotpoint Dishwasher Pressure Switch

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A feature on your Hotpoint dishwasher that you may be unaware of is the dishwasher pressure switch. The pressure switch is designed to regulate how much pressure is coming out of your dishwasher’s jets. This can be a hassle when you run into issues with your pressure switch. Too much or too little pressure can make your dishwasher ineffective.

To reset your Hotpoint dishwasher pressure switch you will first need to disconnect your dishwasher from power. You then want to pull it out so that you can access the side of your dishwasher. You’ll notice some screws at the top of your dishwasher. Once you remove these, you can remove the side panel.

The dishwasher pressure switch is located at the bottom. It will be connected by a series of wires and is a small circular device. To reset your Hotpoint dishwasher pressure switch disconnect the wires. Check to make sure there is no debris in the connector points. If there is any dust or grime you can use compressed air to remove it. However, when it comes to compressed air, always remember to keep it at least ten inches away, otherwise, you risk damaging the points.

After checking for damage, reattach the cables and the side panel to your Hotpoint dishwasher. Once you go to turn it on, the alert light should no longer be flashing.

How to do Hotpoint Dishwasher Manual Reset

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When it comes to resetting your Hotpoint dishwasher, you can do the regular method of restarting it by pressing the start/reset button. This is the easiest method as you just press the button and let your Hotpoint dishwasher sit for at least two minutes before you attempt to use it again. However, sometimes this method of resetting your Hotpoint dishwasher isn’t enough.

If you need to do a manual reset on your Hotpoint dishwasher you need to disconnect it from its power source. Depending on your dishwasher set up you may just be able to access the plug to your dishwasher from under the sink. If it is not under the sink, turn off your Hotpoint dishwasher and pull it out.

Once you’ve done that you will be able to access where it is connected to the power behind your dishwasher. Leave it unplugged from all power sources for at least 60 seconds before starting it again. Alternatively, you can cut the power source with your fuse box.

Some people prefer to cut the power to their Hotpoint dishwasher in this way. The one major advantage is that you do not need to pull it out from your countertop setup. With this method, you need to find the correct fuse that provides power to your kitchen in your breaker box. From there, you simply need to flip the breaker switch and wait at least 60 seconds before flipping it back on again. After this, your Hotpoint dishwasher should be working properly again.

What is the Hotpoint Dishwasher Reset Procedure?

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When resetting your Hotpoint dishwasher, following the procedure can make it easier on your life. While no one wants to take apart their dishwasher, taking steps can help you identify if that is necessary or not. 

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When it comes to your Hotpoint dishwasher’s reset procedure, the first step is to press the start/reset button. You want to then leave your dishwasher for about two minutes before using it again. Otherwise, you can perform a manual reset. Disconnect your dishwasher from power for at least 60 seconds before plugging it back in.

If the issue is related to a certain alert light, you will need to remove your dishwasher panels in order to gain access to the problem.

How to Reset Hotpoint Dishwasher

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To reset your Hotpoint dishwasher, the easiest method is to press the start/reset button. This will alert your dishwasher to stop its cycle and begin to drain. Let it sit for at least two minutes before you try and run a cycle again. If that solution doesn’t work, you may need to perform a manual reset. To do this is simple. Disconnect your Hotpoint dishwasher from all power sources for at least 60 seconds. Once you restore power, you should see that the alerts are no longer flashing and that your dishwasher is working again.

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