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How to Reset Lexmark Printer

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After troubleshooting your Lexmark printer and not being able to solve the problem, resetting it back to its factory default settings can help you to get it working again.

If you plan to recycle your printer or send it in for repair, knowing how to reset your Lexmark printer will help to prevent your passwords or any security settings from being revealed.

To reset a Lexmark printer, switch it off and then press and hold the 2 and 6 keys while switching it on. When it boots into service mode, scroll down and select the “restore factory defaults” option. Then select the “out of service erase” option followed by the “erase memory” option and then “yes”.

The printer will go through a reboot cycle during which time it will erase all your settings. When the process is finished, the LCD will display a message indicating that the out-of-service wipe is complete.

Press the power button to switch the printer off and wait for it to power down.

Press the power button and wait for the printer to boot. It will bring up the settings screen, ready to enter your language preferences, region, and the functions you wish to enable.

After following the on-screen instructions, making your selections, and inputting your network and security options, the printer will save your configuration settings and the LCD will bring up the Lexmark home screen.

How Do I Hard Reset a Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings?

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If your Lexmark printer stops working, one of the easiest solutions is to perform a hard reset.

A hard reset does not reset the printer’s factory settings. It is a way for you to clear any basic power-related issues to see if the printer will restart and work again.

To perform a hard reset of your Lexmark printer, press the power button to switch it off. Wait for it to switch off and then turn the wall socket off and remove the plug. Press the power button to drain any remaining power, then wait for five minutes. Plug the printer back in and switch it on.

You can then wait to see if the printer will boot correctly and start printing any jobs left in the print queue.

If the printer fails to print, try deleting any outstanding jobs and then try sending a new print job to the printer. If this fails, then continue to the next step in resetting the printer to the default factory settings.

Power the printer off. Wait for it to switch off, then press and hold the numbers 2 and 6. While holding the numbers down, press the power button and wait for the approximately 2 minutes that it takes for the “Entering Configuration Menu” to appear on the printer’s LCD.

The configuration menu will appear, and using the arrows on the right-hand side of the menu, scroll down until you reach the “Restore Factory Defaults” option. Press it and then select the “Out of Service Erase” menu option, which is the last item on the next menu.

The “Erase Memory” option will appear and on pressing it a confirmation message will come up on the display to confirm that all settings will be cleared and ask if you wish to continue. Select “Yes” and the display will show that it is erasing the memory and restoring factory defaults.

The process will take a few minutes as the printer goes through the routine. The green LED will flash until a message appears on the screen informing you that the “Out of Service Wipe” is complete. It will prompt you to continue by “powering off” the device.

Use the power switch on the side of the printer to switch the power off and then on again. The printer will boot to the setup screen, at which time you will be prompted to enter your preferences, settings, and security options.

If you are connecting your printer to a network, you can leave most of the options unchecked until the printer is connected to the network again. You will be faced with various checkboxes and items to select and tick, after which the printer will process your selections and settings and return to the home screen menu.

How Do I Reset My Lexmark Printer Maintenance?

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When your printer needs a maintenance kit replacement, you will see a warning on the screen to let you know that the printer requires a replacement kit.

To reset your Lexmark printer maintenance warning, turn the printer off and then press and hold the 2 and 6 keys while turning the power back on. The service menu will appear after a couple of minutes while the LED flashes red. Select the “Reset ADF Maintenance Kit Counter” option.

Press the “Reset Separator Roll and Pick Assembly Counter” option. Wait for the resetting message to disappear and the configuration menu to reappear. Press the “back” option at the bottom of the screen to return you to the main configuration screen.

Select the “Maintenance Counter Value” option and take note of the counter number. If you have a maintenance lease that includes a charge rate per copy, you’ll most probably have to inform the leasing company of the counter value for their billing purposes.

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Return to the previous menu and select the “Reset Maintenance Counter” option. A message will appear informing you that the maintenance counter is resetting. When it is complete, select the back option at the bottom of the screen.

Scroll to the “Print Quality Pages” option. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen informing you that the printer is “not ready”. It will then tell you to replace the maintenance kit and include error codes for your printer. A “check status/supplies” message will appear after which you can select the continue option.

Press the “back” option until you get to the main maintenance menu. Switch off the printer and replace the maintenance kit items.

Replacing the Lexmark Printer Maintenance Kit

The Lexmark maintenance kit, also referred to as the “Fuser Kit”, has a new transfer roller, a charge roller, a fuser, and pick rollers included. This kit is required for installation once your printer has processed 300,000 pages.

One of the error codes that appears in the “Print Quality Pages” message will be the number 80. This refers to a scheduled maintenance reminder message after the printer has printed 300,000 pages.

The parts that you replace from the maintenance kit will be extremely hot, so allow the printer to cool down for at least 30-40 minutes before attempting to replace them.

Replacing the Fuser

The fuser assembly is replaced first. You’ll have to remove the fuse wiper cover. This may have a locking mechanism that you pinch to unlock and extract. Open the rear door and remove it by lifting the door off of the hinge. Pull down on the two black levers that hold the feeder in place and unscrew the blue buttons holding the fuser in place. They’re spring-loaded so they’ll pop out when loose.

Remove the whole fuser assembly by pulling it towards you. Insert the new fuser and screw the blue buttons back in until they are finger-tight. You can then lift the two black leavers to push the feeder back in place. Replace the back door and close it.

Replace the fuser wiper cover by sliding it back into place.

Replacing the Transfer Roller

The next item to replace is the transfer roller. Open both the top and bottom doors on the front of the printer and remove the toner cartridge by pulling it out using the green plastic handle.

Then remove the imaging drum, which also has a green handle. Pull it up and towards you to remove it. You’ll now have access to the old transfer roller. Using a small, flathead screwdriver, slip it under the transfer roller on the right-hand side. Grip the roller on the right-hand side between your fingers, next to the white or blue plastic gear, lift it a couple of inches, and rotate the roller until it twists free on the other side.

The new roller is covered with paper which you must remove. Be careful not to touch the surface of the roller with your fingers. This avoids marks, debris, and oils transferring to the roller. Slide it into the hole on the left and then twist it back into place in the opposite direction to how you removed the old one.

Once the roller is securely fastened in place, replace the drum unit by lining up the green arrows on the unit with the arrows on the inside of the printer.

Line up the green arrows on the toner cartridge with the green arrows inside the printer and slide it into place. Close the top and bottom doors.

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Inserting the Media Pick Roller

Remove the paper tray to reveal the media pick roller. Remove it by pinching the green side together and pulling it out to the right. You’ll have to pull the blue tray down to make space for the roller to come out.

Reverse the process when you insert the new roller by holding the blue tray down and sliding the roller into place.

Installing the Separation Roller

Push the paper tray part way back into place so that you can still reach the blue button on the side of the tray. Remove the old roller and replace it with the new one. It will snap into place and you can close the paper tray.

Once the kit has been replaced, switch the printer on and wait for a few minutes until it has completed its diagnostic check and cleared the error codes. The printer will either boot to the home screen or it will show further error messages that require your attention.

How to Reset Lexmark Printer Admin Password

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It is seldom necessary to reset a Lexmark printer administrator password after the machine has been set up.

However, sometimes you may need to change settings that require administrator access.

To reset a Lexmark printer admin password, you need to locate the yellow master jumper. The jumper is located on the system board which is under a cover below the bottom door on the side of the printer. Move the jumper from either the “A” position to the “B” position or vice versa.

The jumper is hidden away on the bottom right of the board. It may be behind the fax card on the right side. To access it, unscrew the screws holding the card in place and pull the card out.

You should be able to see the yellow-colored jumper which you need to move. Before unplugging the jumper, make sure the printer is switched off and that you have an anti-static lead on your wrist.

The A and B positions are next to each other, so you will either have to move the pumper one position to the left or one position to the right.

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After moving the jumper, replace the fax card if you removed it, and close the cover. Switch the printer on and once it has booted to the home screen your admin password will be cleared.

How Do I Reset My Lexmark Printer Without a Password?

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If you wish to reset your Lexmark printer without a password, you’ll have to factory reset it. This means that all your settings will be lost and you will have to set up your printer from scratch.

To reset a Lexmark printer without a password, switch the printer off and then press and hold the numbers 2 and 6 on the keyboard and switch it back on. When it boots to the maintenance menu, scroll to the “restore factory defaults” option and select “out of service erase”. Then erase the memory.

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Once the printer has erased all your settings in memory, it will reboot and display a message to inform you that the service wipe is complete.

You can then switch the printer off and then on again. Wait for a few minutes as it reboots and then enter your details and preferences as well as the functions you wish to have enabled.

How to Reset Lexmark Printer Cartridge

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When your Lexmark runs out of ink, you’ll have to replace it and then reset the printer cartridge in the maintenance menu.

You will be blocked from using the color or black ink cartridge that you replaced until you cancel the error message saying that the ink level is low.

To reset a Lexmark printer cartridge, access the system settings and then select printers and scanners. Select the Lexmark printer and select “Options and Supplies”. Select “Show Printer Webpage”. In your browser, a page will appear with your cartridge levels. Select refresh at the top of the page.

It will send a message to the printer telling it that the ink levels are fine and that it can now print.

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Some users have experienced problems with certain printer drivers where the option to “Show Printer Webpage” is missing. If this happens, try reinstalling the printer driver, and when it gives you the option to share the printer, select not to share it.

This option then changes the settings to show the webpage.

How to Reset Lexmark Printer Counter

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Occasionally, you may want to reset the printer counter on a Lexmark printer. There are a variety of ways to do it; this is one of them.

To reset a Lexmark printer counter, switch the printer off. Then hold the tick and right arrow key while switching the printer on again. The printer will enter configuration mode after 10 seconds. The configuration menu will appear where you can select “reset maintenance counter”, then click “yes”.

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An alternative way to enter maintenance mode is to hold the numbers 2 and 6 when switching on the printer. You can then follow the prompts and menu items to reset the maintenance counter.

How to Reset Lexmark Printer Remotely

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You may wish to reset a Lexmark printer remotely.

This is possible only if your printer is connected to a network or computer that has access to the internet or your office intranet and the system allows access to the printer.

To reset a Lexmark printer remotely, input the printer’s IP address into a web browser. This gives access to the embedded web server. From here you can reset the printer if you are logged in as an administrator. Click the “Home” link and select “Reboot Device” from the bottom of the page.

If the printer is locked, you will have to enter the administrator name and password to access the properties tab. The default password is either the printer’s serial number or “1111”.

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Once you have reset the printer, it will go offline until it has rebooted. This may take several minutes.