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How to Reset ONN TV

ONN is the Walmart brand of TVs which are usually of high quality but are significantly less expensive than other well-known national brands of Smart TVs. Most people are happy with the fact that ONN TVs can be completely set up with WiFi and without any inconvenient cables or wires and only requires downloading all your family’s favorite TV, Gaming and Streaming Apps. However, if you develop problems with poor picture quality or poor sound quality or other issues, you may need to reset your ONN TV. Read on to learn more about how to reset your ONN TV.

If you’re having issues with your ONN TV, resetting it to its factory settings can often resolve the problem. Here’s how to reset your ONN TV:

  1. Press the “Menu” button on your remote control.
  2. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  3. Select “System” and then “Advanced system settings.”
  4. Choose “Factory reset” and then “Yes” to confirm.
  5. Wait for the TV to reset. This may take a few minutes.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your TV again.

Note that resetting your ONN TV will erase all settings and data, so make sure to back up any important information beforehand. If resetting your TV doesn’t solve the issue, you may need to contact ONN customer support for further assistance.

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Is There a Reset Button on a ONN TV?

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Yes, fortunately there is a Reset Button on most ONN TVs. You can access this by using either a bent paper clip or a pin. Before you do a Factory Reset, be sure to delete all of your personal accounts that are stored on your TV. Also, unlink any important accounts that you may need to access and back up all crucial data that is stored on your ONN Smart TV.

If you need to reset your ONN TV and are using the Reset Button, use a paperclip or a pin and insert it into the Reset Button opening for about fifty seconds. You can also perform a factory reset by following the suggested steps below.

You can also do a Factory Reset using your ONN TV Remote. Hold down the Volume Down Key and the Power Key at the same time for several seconds. Go ahead and access the Settings Menu which is indicated by the Cogwheel icon. Scroll down until you see the section called System.

Under System then scroll down until you see Advanced Backup and Reset Options Multiple Users. Now select and click on Reset Options. Then click on the option labelled Erase All Data or Factory Reset or Factory Reset Erase All Data.

You will then see a confirmation message indicating that all your data will be deleted from your ONN TV. This includes any information from apps like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, or Hulu.

Then you will get another confirmation message indicating that all information stored on your ONN TV, including all applications that are downloaded, cannot be recovered.

If you Agree with this, you will be asked to click on Erase Everything. At this point, you may be asked to re-enter either your PIN or your Password to continue the process.

Now, your ONN TV should start again. This should take several minutes until your ONN TV restarts and restores to all Factory Default States.  In addition, all applications that were pre-installed on your ONN TV will be re-installed.

It is important to note that if this process does not reset your ONN TV successfully, you can attempt to reset it again in Recovery Mode.

How to Reset ONN TV Remote

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Resetting your ONN TV can be a helpful troubleshooting step if you encounter issues like frozen screens, unresponsive apps, or software glitches. Performing a reset will restore your TV to its default settings, resolving many common problems. Here is the step-by-step process of resetting your ONN TV.

  1. Locate the Reset Button or Option: ONN TVs may have a physical reset button located on the back or side of the TV. Alternatively, some models offer a reset option within the TV’s settings menu. Refer to your ONN TV’s user manual or support documentation to identify the specific reset method for your model.
  2. Power Off Your ONN TV: Before initiating the reset, power off your ONN TV using the remote control or the power button on the TV itself. Ensure that the TV is completely turned off before proceeding.
  3. Reset via Physical Button (If Applicable): If your ONN TV has a physical reset button, use a small, pointed object (like a paperclip) to press and hold the reset button for about 10-15 seconds. Release the button once the reset process begins.
  4. Reset via Settings Menu (If Applicable): For TVs with an on-screen reset option, power on your ONN TV and navigate to the “Settings” or “System” menu using the remote control. Look for the “Reset” or “Factory Reset” option and select it. Follow any on-screen prompts to confirm the reset.
  5. Allow the Reset Process to Complete: After initiating the reset, your ONN TV will begin the process of restoring its default settings. This may take a few minutes, and your TV may restart automatically during this time. Do not interrupt the reset process to avoid potential issues.
  6. Set Up Your ONN TV: Once the reset is complete, your ONN TV will be restored to its factory settings. You’ll need to set up the TV as if it were new, following the on-screen prompts for language, time zone, and network connection.
  7. Reinstall Apps and Customize Settings: After the reset, you may need to reinstall any apps that were previously downloaded on your ONN TV. Additionally, customize the TV settings according to your preferences, including picture and sound settings.

How to Reset ONN TV to Factory Settings

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If your ONN TV is malfunctioning, you can always perform a Factory Reset. This can be accomplished by going through the following steps as outlined below.

If you need to reset your ONN TV, and reset it to Factory Settings, hold the Power Button down for fifteen seconds. Then wait for ten seconds and plug the TV in again. Go to Settings and then to System and then to Advanced System Settings. Then go to Factory Reset Everything.

How to Reset ONN TV Without Remote

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Sometimes, you may have lost your ONN TV Remote, or it may have become wet or damaged and you need to reset your ONN TV. In these cases, you can use true and tested troubleshooting steps to try to accurately diagnose and then resolve this issue.

If you need to reset your ONN TV and reset it without a Remote, first unplug the TV from the wall. Then wait about one minute and then plug the TV back into the wall socket and check if your ONN TV has reset. If this does not work, you will need to do a hard reset.

To perform a hard reset of your ONN TV without a Remote, press and hold the Reset Button, which you can find either on the back or on the bottom of the TV. Use a pin or a small paper clip for this purpose and hold it in the Reset Button for twenty seconds before releasing it.

How to Reset ONN TV With Remote

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If your ONN TV is malfunctioning and basically ruining your family’s TV watching routine, you can use your ONN TV Remote to reset the TV.

If you need to reset your ONN TV and reset it with a Remote, use the Remote to click on Home, then click on Settings. Then click on System and then on Advanced System Settings. Then click on Factory Reset Everything.

How to Reset ONN TV With Black Screen

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Few things are more insufferable than to be sitting with your family waiting for one of your favorite shows to come on and to find that your TV has a blank screen. If this happens, luckily you can determine the cause and then fix the problem quickly.

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If you need to reset your ONN TV and need to reset your ONN TV that has a Black Screen, first unplug your TV and wait for two minutes. Then press and hold the Power Button on your TV for ten seconds. Then power the TV back on and see if it is reset and functioning normally again.