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iPad Not Displaying/Showing Full Screen

iPad Not Displaying/Showing Full Screen

With a sleek user interface with intuitive touchscreen capabilities, the iPad has gone through multiple iterations to become one of the thinnest and most popular tablet computers available for consumers. While it is one of Apple’s most powerful computing tablets, it is also a very complicated electronic handheld device that can run into various problems over time.

To fix your iPad’s display that is not displaying or showing in full screen, check to ensure that all apps and operating systems are updated. Restart your device, adjust your device’s zoom settings, or install a small javascript bookmarklet to display content in full screen.

Throughout this article, you’ll also learn the following info:

  • Steps you can take to fix your display depending on your iPad model and iOS
  • Tips and tricks for your iPad to display full-screen videos
  • Alternate options you can do to show content in full screen

iPad Full Screen Video Not Working

If your iPad’s full-screen video is not working, it could be due to a few different reasons. One possibility is that there is a software issue or a bug that is preventing the video from playing in full screen mode. Another potential cause could be an issue with the video player app itself.

To fix the issue, there are a few things you can try. First, try restarting your iPad by holding down the power button until the “slide to power off” option appears. Slide the bar to turn off your iPad, then turn it back on again after a few seconds.

If that doesn’t work, try updating your iPad’s software to the latest version available. You can do this by going to “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update” and following the prompts.

If the issue persists, try using a different video player app to see if the problem is specific to the app you were using. You can download other video player apps from the App Store. Finally, if none of these methods work, you may need to contact Apple customer support or bring your iPad to an authorized repair center for further assistance.

Issues With Your iPad? Restart It

Issues With Your iPad? Restart It

Try these steps to see if restarting your iPad will solve your issues:

  • If your iPad has a Home button: First press and hold the top button until you can see the slider. Then you need to drag the iPad slider to power off the device.
  • If your iPad does not have a Home button: In order to turn the device off, simultaneously press and hold the volume and top button. Then, drag the slider to power off the device.
  • All versions of the iPad: You can access your iPad Settings, then to the General menu tab, then click Shut Down. Then, you need to drag the iPad slider to power off your device.

Force Restart the Device

If you run into a situation where your iPad is unresponsive, you will need to follow these steps to restart your iPad forcibly:

  • If your iPad has a Home button: Press and hold the Home button and the top button simultaneously. You will see that the force restart procedure worked if the Apple logo appears on your screen. When you see the logo, release the Home and top buttons
  • All other versions of the iPad: Press and release the volume up button on your device. Afterward, press and release the volume down button. Then, press and hold the button on the top. Like the iPad with Home buttons step prior, you can see if the force restart procedure worked if the Apple logo appears on your screen. Then, release the button.

iPad Not Displaying Full Screen/Not Showing Full Screen

iPad Not Displaying Full Screen/Not Showing Full Screen

Your iPad might display a cut short web page and may not depict the bottom few lines. Your iPad may also cut off in some apps if it is not optimized correctly. There are some tips to make your iPad display in full screen.

Zoom In on Apps

There are many apps available on the iPad, and many more apps available through the App Store for the iPhone. However, the applications you use on your phone may not necessarily be optimized for the iPad’s screen. Check the App Store to see whether there is an iPad-optimized version of the app or a universal version optimized for all Apple products.

You can also zoom in on the app, press the UI classic zoom to expand icon, and zoom in on the app. To get back to the original display scale, press the UI classic zoom shrink button. This procedure will allow you to zoom into an app to fill the entire screen on your iPad. According to the iPad User Guide on Apple’s website, this works for iPadOS 14 and iPadOS 13.

Request Desktop Version of Website

On the iPad, Safari displays a desktop version of a web page scaled automatically for your iPad model. However, not all websites will adapt to suit the type of device you are using. 

You may want to try adjusting your iPad to request the desktop version of the website you are browsing:

  1. Open your browser app on your iPad and tap the aA icon located in the URL address bar.
  2. Choose Request Desktop Website.

iPad Not Showing Full Screen on TV / iPad Not Mirroring Full Screen

iPad Not Showing Full Screen on TV / iPad Not Mirroring Full Screen

AirPlay is a useful feature available on your iPad that allows you to stream wirelessly to your TV from your Apple device. However, you might notice that your iPad does not show or mirror the content on the full screen.

Use Mirroring

Mirroring your iPad will display the entire screen to the TV or AirPlay device. Your content can potentially not be on full screen if your iPad does not have the same aspect ratio as your TV.

Adjust Zoom Options

If AirPlay or mirroring your iPad is not in full screen, you can adjust the zoom settings on your TV. While you can experiment with different settings for your devices, the zoom option you choose may crop your video or display area edges.

Play the Video in Full Screen

You might be able to resolve your device’s display issue by playing the video you are mirroring in full screen. According to some users, this trick may not always work, but try playing the video in full screen on your device. Your video may also become mirrored in full screen on your TV.

iPad Not Playing Video Full Screen

iPad Not Playing Video Full Screen

If you watch YouTube via the website on your iPhone or Mac, you can quickly press a button to watch full-screen footage. But on the iPad, the full-screen button to adjust the video size only maximizes the video in the window tab.

If you want to try to get around this limitation to load the desktop version of YouTube, you will most likely receive a message saying that the browser is not supported. However, there are a few ways to watch YouTube videos in full screen on your iPad.

Add a Bookmarklet

Bookmarklets allow you to run mini “apps” in the web browser of your choice. It contains Javascript and is a program that runs whenever you click it. The Javascript code is placed in the URL field of a bookmark. Rather than directing you to a URL of a bookmarked webpage, the bookmarklet launches the custom Javascript to perform a coded action in your browser. 

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Creating a bookmarklet is very easy. Just follow these steps to force your iPad to play videos in native full-screen mode in any online web browser such as Safari or Google Chrome:

  1. Create a bookmark by clicking the Share icon in the URL address bar.
  2. Go down to the menu options until you see a choice to create a Bookmark.
  3. Add a bookmark by naming it to iPad Full-Screen Mode, or name the bookmarklet to any name of your choice.
  4. In the URL field, tap to paste this Javascript code: javascript:document.querySelector(“video”).webkitEnterFullScreen ();
  5. Tap this bookmarklet every time you want to switch your iPad to display full-screen videos instantly.

Get the YouTube App

If you download the YouTube App, you will be able to watch videos in full-screen. If you are having problems with the full-screen mode, make sure you update your app consistently to the latest version available in the App Store.

Final Thoughts

The iPad has an overwhelming amount of popularity, but these devices often have issues that arise over time. You can resolve some of these problems with a simple adjustment in your iPad settings, but more complicated workarounds are available if you have trouble displaying full-screen content. 

With the instructional tips mentioned above, hopefully those would help you in making your experience on using your iPad much more better. Good luck!

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