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iPhone Won’t Reset/Hard Reset/Frozen (Can iPhone be Tracked After Factory Reset?)

Although iPhones are designed to be smart devices, as incredible as their capabilities are, there are times when issues arise and a reset of the device is needed. If you have an iPhone and need to reset it but notice that it won’t reset or is frozen, how can you get around this issue?

If your iPhone won’t reset, hard reset, or is frozen but you are also wondering if it can be tracked after a factory reset, complete a forced reset for the specific iPhone model you have, reset your phone through iTunes, try turning your phone off and back on, among other solutions and answers.

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Resetting your iPhone is a quick way to resolve surface-level issues that don’t pose a major threat to the internal integrity or your phone, but can be easily taken care of by resetting. If you perform a factory reset, your phone is restored to its factory settings, which means wiping its memory clean of what you have put on the phone since it was in your ownership. If your phone won’t reset, take a look below to find out how to get this function working.

iPhone Won’t Reset

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Whether you are having problems with messages sending or some apps are not operating as smoothly as they should on your iPhone, a reset will oftentimes correct any small problems that your device is experiencing. This is typically a very quick process and one that gets rid of a slew of different issues without having to make any serious adjustments to the software of your iPhone. If you try to reset your iPhone and it will not work, what can you do?

If your iPhone won’t reset, try to force the reset, but keep in mind that this process is going to vary depending on what iPhone model you have. For iPhone 8SE 2 and iPhone X models and later, you will click and let go of the ‘Volume Down’ button on the side of your phone.

Once you have this process, click the side button on your phone and hold it down until you see the Apple logo show up on the screen. If you have an iPhone 7, simultaneously hold down the ‘Volume Up/Volume Down’ button and the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen. For iPhone 6 and older, you will hold down the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button along with the ‘Home’ button until you see the Apple logo appears just the same.

iPhone Won’t Hard Reset

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To hard reset your iPhone, you can follow the previous steps mentioned for each individual iPhone model in the section “iPhone Won’t Reset.’ Through these troubleshooting steps, your phone should complete a hard reset once you see the Apple logo appear on the screen of your iPhone. However, if you notice that your iPhone will still not reset through these steps, you may need to try a few different methods to get a hard reset to ensue.

If your iPhone won’t hard reset, you may be able to reset your iPhone through iTunes. To do this, go to iTunes from your computer and select the phone icon from within the app. Once you have selected the icon, you will then select ‘Restore iPhone’ and follow the procedure to complete.

If you try this and you are still not able to hard reset your iPhone, you can reset your device when in recovery mode, but be mindful that this will erase all data once the reset has taken place. To do this, update iTunes if an update is available and then put your iPhone into recovery mode. Once it is connected to your computer, you can then tap the ‘Restore’ button and your iPhone will then be put back into factory settings as it restarts.

iPhone Reset Stuck

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If you are able to get your iPhone to reset and have no issues going through the most usual process for that reset, you may be thinking that you are clear of any subsequent problems. However, some iPhone users have found that once their iPhones have started to reset, the process gets stuck for hours, and sometimes even days. If you have started the reset process on your phone but it has gotten stuck, take a look below to figure out how to get things working.

If your iPhone is stuck in the middle of a reset and is plugged into a computer, unplug the USB cable from your iPhone and leave the other end inserted into the computer. You will then turn your iPhone off and hold down the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button until you see the red power slider appear.

Once you see this slider, power off your iPhone and wait for it to completely shut down. If you do not see the slider appear, hold down the ‘Sleep/Wake’ button along with the ‘Home’ button until your iPhone shuts down, then release both buttons. Once your iPhone is off, you can then plug the USB cable back into the device, which will cause it to turn on. If you notice that the battery is low, allow it to charge for 10 to 15 minutes so that it can have plenty of power to continue.

Once the device turns on, keep holding down the ‘Home’ button on your iPhone until a screen appears on the phone saying ‘Connect to iTunes.’ Once you see this screen, you can then let go of the ‘Home’ button and open iTunes if it is not already open. When in iTunes, you will see an alert appear for ‘Recovery Mode’ which will then take you through the steps to restore your iPhone once you click on the option and follow the instructions.

iPhone Reset Stuck On Loading

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Once you have gotten through the steps to reset your iPhone, you will be met with a screen that shows how the process is progressing through a bar on the screen that indicates that progress. However, when on this screen, if you notice that the reset is not loading or has completely stopped, you may be wondering what is causing the pause in progression. If you notice that your iPhone is stuck on the loading screen, continue reading to find a resolution.

If you have reset your iPhone and it is stuck on the loading screen, it could be fixed by simply restarting your phone. This will cause the resetting process to stop and may need to be restarted once your iPhone has turned back on, but it can interrupt the issue and get your phone working again.

To know how to reset various iPhone models, refer back to the section “iPhone Won’t Reset’ to know exactly what each model needs to complete a simple reset. If you want to avoid resetting your iPhone, it may be just as effective to turn your phone off and back on. Once you have done this, you may need to start the reset process over once again to ensure that it goes through, but it should be able to complete without sticking as it previously did.

iPhone Reset Stuck on Apple Logo

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During the reset process, an Apple logo is going to appear on your screen which will then be followed by a loading bar that will indicate how far the reset process has progressed. When you are in the middle of the reset, the Apple Logo should only appear on its own for a few moments before you are led to the next screen. However, if you notice that the Apple logo is hanging around for much longer than it should, take a look below to find out how to get things going.

If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo during a reset, you want to make sure that the screen has been stuck at this point for at least an hour. If it has been less than an hour since the Apple logo has appeared, progress may be slower than normal, but does not indicate it being stuck.

Once you have confirmed that the logo has been on your screen for over an hour, you can then proceed with resolving the problem and unfreezing the screen. To do this, you will manually need to reset your device whether it is a new or older model through the specific steps listed in the previous section “iPhone Won’t Reset.” Follow these processes to tailor the reset steps to your specific iPhone model so that you can get the Apple logo to disappear.

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My iPhone is Frozen and Won’t Turn Off or Reset

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The majority of solutions for iPhones that are stuck during a reset is to reset the phone once again or simply turn the phone off and back on. When your iPhone is frozen, one of the first things many users are going to do is try to either reset their phone or turn it off to get their device back into working order. However, if your phone is frozen and won’t turn off or reset, what exactly do you do when the most common fix is not working?

If your iPhone is frozen and won’t turn off or reset, start by hooking up your iPhone to be charged and allow it to charge for at least 15 minutes. Once this time has passed, you will then need to press the ‘Volume Up’ and ‘Volume Down’ buttons. Once pressed, hold down the side button.

Hold down the side button on your iPhone until the Apple logo appears on the screen, which should then indicate that your phone is turning back on. This should then bring your back to a screen that is no longer frozen, but if this does not work, try restoring your iPhone through iTunes. The steps to complete this process can be found in the previous section “iPhone Reset Stuck” and can be followed to unfreeze your screen when turning off your phone won’t work.

Can iPhone Be Tracked After Factory Reset

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Through the use of smart technology, smartphones such as iPhones are able to be tracked geographically due through the use of “Find My iPhone.” This may be a worrisome feature for some users, but when it comes to phones that have been stolen or lost, being able to use ‘Find My iPhone’ can be a huge advantage. Especially for those whose phones have been stolen, once the iPhone has undergone a factory reset, can the iPhone still be tracked?

If your iPhone has undergone a factory reset, it can still be tracked by using “Find My iPhone.’ If the phone has been reset outside of iTunes, an Activation Lock will be put into place which will allow you to track the phone as long as the SIM card is still inserted and the phone is using wifi.

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If the SIM card has been removed, then it is impossible to track your phone, as the information on the SIM is what will help ‘Find My iPhone” locate the specific device that is tethered to your iCloud and iTunes. If the phone is turned off and disabaled, this will also cause issues with locating your phone once it has undergone a factory reset.

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