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JBL Earbuds Won’t Turn On/Off (How To Fix/Reset)

There is something enjoyable about wearing JBL earbuds and listening to music or your favorite podcast. There may be times, however, when problems occur and they either won’t turn off or turn on. What can you do?

When your JBL earbuds are not turning on or if they stay on and won’t turn off, they may need to reset. You can press and hold the power button on the earbud. After holding it for about 20 seconds, the earbuds will reset and you can release it at that point.

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If you were to call tech support for any type of problem, one of the first things you would be told is to stop and restart the device. This is somewhat of a joke for many people, but it actually is one of the easiest ways to fix it.

By resetting a device in this way, you are essentially starting from scratch. Regardless of whether the earbuds are not turning off or if they are not turning on, it will likely work.

JBL Earbuds Won’t Turn On/Off (How To Fix/Reset)

Of course, it would be nice if things worked perfectly from the start but we realize that isn’t the case. There are always going to be times when technology causes problems, and that is the case even with the smallest of electronic devices.

Even though earbuds are small, there are many parts to them that could experience problems. This includes everything from the batteries to the circuitry that is inside the device.

Sometimes, it is just a matter of going through the paces and starting from scratch. At other times, it may be a simple problem that is being overlooked.

In this article, we will take a look at the two different problems you may be experiencing with your JBL earbuds. You will find that there are solutions that may help and it is our aim to assist you in getting your JBL earbuds up and running again as quickly as possible.

Reasons Why JBL Earbuds Won’t Turn On

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A common problem with JBL earbuds is when they will not turn on. This can be frustrating because it keeps you from enjoying the technology altogether. Here are 2 different reasons why your earbuds may not be turning on and how to fix it.

1. Dirty Earbuds – One of the common reasons why earbuds will not turn on is because they are dirty. It could either be the earbuds themselves or the charging case.

When you have dirt buildup on the earbuds or the charging case, it can keep the earbuds from charging properly. It may be dirt from outside or it could be a buildup of earwax but in either case, you can’t have an obstruction keeping the charge from taking place or they will eventually die.

2. Dead Batteries – Like any electronic device that works on batteries, your JBL earbuds may eventually run down and die. Obviously, they have to be charged on occasion but there may also be times when the batteries themselves are not working properly.

Some JBL earbuds have replaceable batteries and if that is the case, you may need to order new batteries and replace them. Make sure that you are getting the right size battery and that is inserted properly. Otherwise, if the earbuds are no longer charging, they may need to be discarded.

Ways To Fix JBL Earbuds Not Turning On

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Having JBL earbuds that don’t turn on can be a frustrating experience. There are a few things you can do to fix the problem and get them working correctly. Here are 3 to consider.

1. Clean – If your JBL earbuds are dirty, they may not be getting a proper charge from the charging platform. It could be a buildup of earwax or other dirt that is keeping this from happening. Cleaning the earbuds on occasion will help to improve their ability to charge properly.

You need to be careful when you clean your JBL earbuds because they can be damaged easily. Although they can handle some abuse, they are relatively delicate so you wouldn’t want to be scraping heavily on the earpiece.

In addition, be cautious when using any type of chemicals on the earbuds because they can break down the plastic and rubber. You also would not want to transfer any of those chemicals into your ear when inserting the earbud.

2. Reset – It may also be necessary for you to reset your JBL earbuds for them to turn on. Sometimes, they can experience a buildup of errors that eventually would keep them in the off position.

You can reset your JBL earbuds by holding the power button located on the earbud for a few seconds. The LED light should start flashing at that point and they will restart.

You can also try holding the volume up and down buttons at the same time on the side of the ear cup. After holding them for about 20 seconds, they should restart.

The reset process is different from one earbud to another so you will have to look at the manual for the specific instructions associated with your product.

3. Running Programs – Another reason why your JBL earbuds will not turn on this because there are programs running in the background. This could be some type of connected device. Resetting the earbud should stop the problem but you may also need to go into the connected device and turn off Bluetooth.

Reasons Why JBL Earbuds Won’t Turn Off

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At times, we may have a problem where JBL earbuds are on and they are no longer turning off. What can you do to fix this problem? Here are a few reasons why it may happen:

1. Reset – If there are errors occurring in the software for your earbuds, you may have to reset the earbuds in order for them to turn off properly. You can try a soft reset by putting them in the charging stand. Otherwise, follow the directions in this article for the reset process.

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2. Running Programs – If your JBL earbuds are connected to a device, such as a phone or TV, they may not shut off until they are disconnected. This is something that would have to be done from the connected device.

3. Buttons – It may be possible that one of the buttons on your JBL headset or earbuds is stuck. Since these buttons are often flush, it is difficult to determine that they are stuck but by pressing the buttons, you can often get them to unstick.

Ways To Fix JBL Earbuds That Won’t Turn Off

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If your JBL earbuds are not turning off, there are a few different ways to fix the problem.

1. Reset – There are a number of different methods for resetting JBL earbuds. Some of these may work for your model and others may be model specific.

Method 1: Press the play and power buttons and hold them in for one minute.

Method 2: Press the volume up and down buttons and hold them for one minute.

Method 3: If you can remove the batteries from your JBL earbuds, remove them and replace them after one minute.

2. Drain – It may be necessary for you to drain the batteries in your JBL earbuds for them to shut off. This can take some time but you can speed things along by keeping a device connected to the earbuds for the long term.

Playing music on your earbuds will cause them to drain much faster than simply allowing them to sit on the stand. In many cases, having them sit on the stand will put them into a sleep mode which will conserve battery power.

After you have drained the battery fully in the earbuds, put them on a charger and allow them to charge fully. In some cases, this may be enough to get your JBL earbuds functioning properly again.

3. Warranty – There may be times when your JBL earbuds are not able to be fixed. It could be an internal problem with the circuitry or another issue that is going to continue to cause problems.

Like many pieces of electronic equipment, JBL earbuds come with a warranty. If they are still under warranty, you may be able to send them to the company and have them replaced for free. In that way, you’re not only getting earbuds that work, but you’re also getting earbuds that are brand-new.

4. Clean – As a final measure for getting your earbuds to turn off properly, you should clean them thoroughly. Any buildup of earwax or other debris in the earbuds can cause them to stay on permanently.

Be careful when cleaning the earbuds because you don’t want to damage the delicate speakers and other parts of the product by scraping them. You can usually get them clean with a Q-tip and a little rubbing alcohol.

If you are having problems with your JBL earbuds and they are no longer turning on or off, they need to be reset. Press the power button on the earbud and hold it until the LED light starts flashing. After restarting, they should be working properly.

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