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Jenn Air Refrigerator Not Dispensing Ice (How to Fix)

Some models of Jenn Air fridges have an ice dispenser that produces ice automatically. Typically, the ice dispenser will produce ice constantly until the ice bin is full but in some cases there will be one or more issues and your ice dispenser will stop working. Today, I will cover why this happens, and the troubleshooting steps to get it working.

In general, first ensure your ice maker is ‘on’ by inspecting the on off switch located on the top right hand side of the freezer compartment on your Jenn Air fridge. Otherwise, there can be ice stuck in the shoot creating a blockage that needs to be removed, explained below.

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Provided the ice maker was already switched on, and your fridge has been turned on for 24 hours or more, the ice should be working. But, if not there can be an issue with the water supply to your fridge, your freezer is set too low, or one of the components has failed and needs to be replaced. Refer to the step by step instructions listed below that show how to fix your Jenn Air fridge when it’s not dispensing ice.

Jenn Air Refrigerator Not Dispensing Ice (How to Fix)

A Jenn Air fridge takes about 24 hours to produce ice, but it relies on the water supply, and the ice dispenser to be functioning properly. There are a few settings and things to check that are simple, but others are complicated and require a repair technician. Here’s the steps to fix a Jenn Air fridge to work when it’s not dispensing ice.

Overall, verify that the ice maker is turned on, and there is water supply to your fridge. If your Jenn Air fridge has a water dispenser, check the water dispenser is working. When it does it means there is an ice jam in the ice dispenser, or a component has failed. Do the steps below to fix it.

I’ve provided detailed instructions for each of the steps below, the first steps are the easiest and fastest to check. And are also very likely to be the cause of the issue. Do each step one by one, or stop if you’ve identified what the issue was and fixed it.

1. Ensure the ice maker is turned on

The ice maker for a Jenn Air fridge has a switch which is used to turn it on and off. Therefore, it’s best to start by ensuring it’s turned on. Because, if it isn’t it won’t produce any ice at all.

It’s very easy to check. Simply, open up the freezer on your fridge, and look for an on off switch which is located on the right side. It’s on the right hand side wall on virtually all Jenn Air fridges.

Check that it’s on. But, if you can’t locate the on off switch for your ice maker then your paper owners manual. An online version of the owners manual for your Jenn air fridge can be downloaded or read online, on this page of the official Jenn Air website.

It will have a diagram showing you where the on off switch is for your specific make and model of Jenn air fridge. If you still can’t find your owners manual then call or email Jenn Air, using the contact info on this page of their website.

2. Double check you’ve waited 24 hours for your fridge to produce ice

A Jenn Air fridge does take a bit longer than a tray of ice cubes to produce ice. Normally, you can leave an ice cube tray filled up with water in the freezer overnight, and by the morning it will have turned into ice cubes. But, the ice maker on a fridge takes a bit longer.

Jenn Air says it takes 24 hours for the ice maker to produce enough ice so that you can use it. Either, from the ice dispenser or by taking it out of the ice bin that fills up.

If you’ve just turned your ice dispenser on, then wait 24 hours and try again. Otherwise, move on to the next step.

3. Take out the water filter to identify if it’s blocked

There is a water filter in Jenn Air fridges, and almost all other fridges that have an ice maker or water dispenser. Over time, it can develop a clog. Or, it may be slightly loose or not installed correctly.

When this happens water can’t fill the ice trays in the ice dispenser. Interestingly, the ice maker works perfectly fine without the water filter. The water filter can be removed by pressing it or unscrewing it.

Typically, a Jenn Air fridge will have a warning message to tell you the filter needs to be replaced. But, there can be a random issue with it, that has caused it to get clogged. So, the best thing to do is remove it, to identify if it’s the cause of the issue.

If this has fixed the problem you will need to wait 24 hours for the water in the ice dispenser to turn into ice. While waiting for that, you should do the additional steps below. Otherwise, bookmark this page and come back to it in 24 hours, if your Jenn Air fridge still won’t produce ice.

4. Ice jammed in the ejector arm – use a plastic utensil

When you press the ice button or the flap that dispenses ice it comes out down a shoot. The shoot can get jammed with a few pieces of ice. And no ice can get around it.

While not common, it’s very easy to clear. One solution is to leave your fridge off for 24 hours to allow the ice to melt. But, a simpler method is to push a plastic utensil like the end of a fish slice.

Or, a wooden spoon, and feel around to see if there is a blockage. This is a step that Jenn Air recommends to do if the ice maker is not dispensing ice. The ejector arm is a bit tricky to identify, especially if you don’t know what to look for, or have not seen one in operation before.

If there is ice blocking the ejector arm from moving, it won’t produce any ice. Turn your fridge off by unplugging it at the wall. Inspect it, and remove any ice from it that is jamming it.

5. Make sure water is getting to your fridge from the water supply line

The ice dispenser gets water from the water supply line that is attached to your fridge. This water supply line connects to the plumbing in your home. The water supply line can have a bend in it, which is stopping water from flowing through it at the right pressure.

There can also be a crack in the water supply line, and water is leaking out. When this happens a puddle of water can develop below the water supply line. Inspect the water supply line to your fridge.

If you can disconnect it from where it connects to the plumbing in your home. In almost all cases it will be attached to a valve, which you can turn off. After that you can unscrew it using a wrench, or with your hand.

Depending on how tight it is. From there you can test the valve to make sure water is coming out.

If you are using a reverse osmosis machine – inspect the filter

Some homes have a reverse osmosis machine. These have a carbon filter that purifies water from the tap. When the filters have been used for a while they get a little bit clogged, and water is slower coming out.

It’s generally not an issue but a Jenn Air fridge requires the water pressure to be above a certain level to operate. It needs to be above 30 and 120 psi (207 and 827 kPa). Which a reverse osmosis machine will normally provide.

This is a rarer case, and therefore chances are you don’t have a reverse osmosis machine. But, if you do check the filter, and what the water pressure is using a few Youtube videos.

6. A component has failed and needs a repair technician to fix it

If you done all of the steps that apply to you above then it’s virtually guaranteed one of the components has failed. There can be a range of different components that can cause this issue.

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So, typically it’s easiest to have a repair technician take a look at it. Contact Jenn Air support to see if your fridge is still under warranty, and to organize a repair technician.

Reasons Why Jenn Air Refrigerator Not Dispensing Ice

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It’s not possible to know ahead of time why the ice dispenser on a Jenn Air fridge is not working. Therefore, each of the reasons why it’s not working needs to be done one by one. Here are the reasons why a Jenn Air fridge is not dispensing ice.

Your Jenn Air ice maker is not turned on, the water filter is blocked, there are ice cubes blocking the ejector arm, there is no water from the water supply line, or you need to wait 24 hours if it’s just been turned on, are the reasons a Jenn Air fridge is not dispensing ice.

If neither of these reasons are the issue then a component has failed and requires a repair technician. Refer to the list of numbered steps a bit further up in this article. Do each step one by one.

And if you still can’t get it to dispense ice then contact Jenn Air support. It will need to be repaired by a repair technician.

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Tips on How to Avoid or Fix Jenn Air Refrigerator Not Dispensing Ice

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There are a few rare issues which can stop the ice dispenser on a Jenn Air fridge from working. But, there are also some simple things you should and shouldn’t do to avoid your ice dispenser from not dispensing ice. Here’s a summary of how to make sure the ice dispenser on your Jenn Air fridge is always working.

In general, avoid removing large quantities of ice at once. If you require more than what is stored in the ice bin connected to your ice dispenser, empty the ice bin ahead of time to give it time to refill. Otherwise, there is an issue with the ice dispenser that needs to be fixed, explained below.

These are an issue with:

  • The water supply to your fridge
  • Ice being stuck in your ice dispenser
  • The ice dispenser being turned off accidentally

In total there are 6 troubleshooting steps to do when your Jenn Air fridge is not dispensing ice. But, any of them can fix the issue.

These steps are covered near the top of this article. Scroll to the top of this article and try each one until your ice dispenser starts working.

As a general rule, first check the ice dispenser is turned on. Otherwise, some rare issue has occurred that requires troubleshooting. There can be an ice jam in the ejector arm, the water filter has a blockage, or the water supply line is leaking or has a kink. Inspect each, one by one.

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