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Kenmore Washer Lid Lock Not Working (Reset/Bypass)

A Kenmore washer lid lock that isn’t working can become more than just a slight inconvenience, especially if you have lots of laundry to do. The lid lock completes the electrical circuit and secures the washer door closed, after which the washer can effectively begin operating. If the lid lock becomes defective, the washer door latch doesn’t latch properly, and your washer is also rendered unreliable.

When your Kenmore washer lid lock stops working, it can be either due to mechanical or electrical hitches. Inspect the lid lock and other parts like the motor or switch assembly, door latch, the switch, door strike, and main control board for any damage. Replace whichever part is defective.

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Fixing the washer’s lid lock only becomes easy once you understand the cause of the problem.

To determine if the lid lock has failed due to electronic problems, you can use a multimeter to test each lid lock switch for continuity. If there’s one of more switches that doesn’t have continuity, consider a replacement. If you do not have a multimeter, you may bypass the lid switch with a jumper wire to simulate the connection to the wiring harness.

The door strike is made of rigid plastic and can break with normal use, causing lock problems. Some machines also have two hinges attaching the lid to the main top. The hinges are made from metal or plastic and eventually wear with time. If you have problems opening the lid,  the hinges may be liable.

As you scrutinize other parts, note that the main control board is rarely the problem, so you should first inspect all other lock mechanism components before you think of the main control board. You can consider replacing the main control board in case none of these parts is defective. Otherwise, you can unplug your washer for about ten minutes and then plug it back to complete a reset.

Kenmore Washer Lid Lock Flashing

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Most Kenmore washers are known for their high-quality features and capabilities. But that doesn’t mean they never experience problems. When the washer runs into trouble, it stops functioning, and the lid lock light starts flashing and keeps flashing until you get the problem fixed. So, what would you do with a flashing lid lock light? Go and buy a new lock? Before you take any step, recognize that the lid lock light flashes for any problem with the entire machine and not necessarily to show that the lid itself is faulty.

If your Kenmore washer lid lock keeps flashing, realize the lid lock light flashes for any problem the machine has. Do a diagnostics test to recall the error code indicating the problem and see if you can solve it. If the error code points out that you have a faulty lid lock switch, replace it.

Some problems that may cause the Kenmore washer lid lock to flash include a lid lock that hasn’t moved into the lock position, a locked motor that can’t be powered, or a lid that’s not closed totally, perhaps due to interference.

You need to ensure the lid lock is clean since lint and detergent build-up may block the switch. Also, see that the lid striker and lock are aligned and secure; they can loosen from years of slamming and vibration. And then confirm that the two components are making contact as the machine lid shuts, otherwise the light will flash.

Note that there are always high chances that the lid lock isn’t the problem causing the flashing issues. It doesn’t fail so often, but if it does, it’s mostly the actuator motor’s loose wiring. The actuator motor is the little motor located at the base of the washer.

Kenmore Washer Lid Lock Clicking Noise

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Is your Kenmore washer lid locking and making a clicking noise? Some extent of clicking is relatively standard, mainly when the washer is locking and unlocking. The soft clicking sound you hear when opening or closing the washer’s lid designates a secure connection with the lid latch mechanism. But if the clicking becomes perpetual, there could be a problem such as the rattling of a loose latch.

When your Kenmore washer lid lock keeps clicking, the issue can be anything from a failing lid lock sensor to a faulty lid lock. The clicks often signify a broken plastic part or insecure lid connection. Replacing the latch, sensor, or lid lock may solve the problem.

If you notice you’re dealing with a defective lid latch or lock, you can either install a new piece yourself or hire a technician to help you with the replacement or repair. Meanwhile, a screwdriver could pry the tiny plastic from the latch.

When the sensor is the culprit, it’s advisable to hire an appliance expert to immediately help you with a replacement. It can be pretty challenging to reach the door sensor, especially if you’re not well acquainted with electronic appliance assembly and repair.

A simple washer reset should do the trick if the issue isn’t physical. Ensure you reference your Owner’s Manual for information on how to reset your specific model.

Kenmore Washer Lid Lock Error

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The Kenmore washer lid lock is a safety mechanism to prevent curious children from opening the door while the machine is operating. Whereas some models lock immediately, others will not lock until the wash cycle has started. But if you experience a lid lock error, the problem could be a faulty lid latch, though minor electrical faults can also cause your machine to have lock problems.

Inspect the lid latch mechanism when your washer lid lock keeps having errors. If they seem to have a problem, you could pry the tiny plastic on the latch using a screwdriver. You might not use your machine until you replace the latch, but at least the lid lock won’t continually have lock problems.

Figuring out why the Kenmore washer lid lock has a lock error is a rather straightforward process. The first thing to examine is the lid latching mechanism, though it can be a tricky process if the washer lid is currently locked.

Preferably, wait for the lid to unlock, then check on the plastic pieces that make the lid latch close. Sometimes, the pieces snap off and stick inside the latch, causing the door sensors to malfunction and your washer to record the lid as both open and closed.

Kenmore washing machines use a switch activated by the lid to allow the machine to function. After the lid is up, the machine fills with water but doesn’t agitate or spin. This is to stop water from spilling out of the washing machine during operation.

The switch may wear with time and fail, causing a rock error and rendering the washer inoperable. The switch can be replaced to deal with the issue.

You can also try to unplug your appliance, wait for a minute, and plug it back. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll need to substitute the sensor, internal wiring, or the lead lock.

Kenmore Washer Lid Lock Stuck

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When the Kenmore washer lid lock gets stuck, the washer remains paused until the cycle is canceled, and you may wonder where to start if you’ve never dealt with such a problem before. But you need not panic; it’s not the end of the world. You can manually unlock the washer, cancel a cycle, and remove or add laundry to wash after starting another process. 

If you have a stuck Kenmore washer lid lock, you can manually unlock the washer door by pulling a tab at the bottom of the lead lock assembly. To access the tab, you have to unplug the machine, remove the bottom front service panel, and then pull it until it clicks.

Once the door is successfully unlocked, you may close it and drain the washer to complete the cycle if there’s no damage to the door lock assembly or the plunger.

If there’s damage to the lid lock assembly, you can access it with the washer still unplugged and see if it can be fixed. You can also test the machine in spin mode when empty. Observe the first cycle with load laundry to ensure there’s no damage to the tub bearing or spin basket.

Another way is by Touching the Control Lock until the CL disappears from the display to unlock the control panel. Press Start or Pause to manually pause the cleaning cycle. Push the Power three times and press Spin Speed in case your washer is water full.

The cycle drains from the drum and lets you securely open the door. The washer doesn’t unlock if the washer is full of water because water would spill out.

You may also check for wash media build-up at the lock striker. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe away any spills or build-up.

Kenmore Washer Lid Lock Broken

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Once your top load washer starts a cycle, it’s only reasonable that the door or lid doesn’t open until the cycle is complete. That’s where the lid lock comes in as a safety mechanism to prevent such a scenario. A broken Kenmore washer lid lock is among the issues that make the mechanism not function as intended. But how would you tell if the broken lid lock is the problem?

To ascertain if your Kenmore washer lid lock is broken, disconnect your appliance from the power source before you Inspect the door lock for any signs of damage. If the door lock is broken and does not latch properly, you have to find a way of replacing it.

The door strike is a part of the lock mechanism prone to breakage. The strike is typically made of rigid plastic that can break with continued use or if someone attempts to open the door forcefully when the lock is engaged.

 Inspecting the door strike is a simple procedure that requires no tools or disassembly. All you need is to locate the door strike in the door frame of your machine and visually inspect it to ensure it engages with the lock assembly correctly and unlocks without issue.

Most important, inspect the door strike for any signs of cracking or breakage. If you find such problems, replace it!

How to Reset Kenmore Washer Lid Lock

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Kenmore Washers are high-quality models of washing machines. Within the Kenmore are several top-end washers that are more energy efficient and easy to use. But if the door or lid of your Kenmore washer won’t open at the end of a washing cycle, the lock mechanism could be at fault. Though washers have a manual release below the door lock to unlock the tool and open the lid, sometimes a reset becomes a better solution. 

To reset a Kenmore washer lid lock, unplug your machine for up to a few minutes, plug it back in, and then wait a moment to start it. Alternatively, you can press and hold the End of Cycle button for 20 seconds. Press the Start button to complete the reset and restart the washer.

When your washer’s lid lock doesn’t operate, you need to investigate the possible causes and see if you can fix them before you resolve on resetting the washer. In case you didn’t get a straightforward course and solution, try resetting.

If even resetting your washer encounters the same problems, or the washer has stopped working entirely, don’t delay asking for help from a professional technician. It’s always better to nip the issue into the bud sooner than later to avoid even more severe and costly problems later on.

Can You Bypass Kenmore Washer Lid Lock?

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A Kenmore washer lid lock is a security measure to protect against any issues with your machine. Therefore, it would help to consider various factors before bypassing your machine’s security door. It would help if you didn’t do it for fun since you could jeopardize your life and risk your warranty. For instance, you may be forced to bypass the lid lock if you lost your password or somebody changed it, and you have no reset code.

It’s possible to bypass your Kenmore washer lid lock. But always have a good reason why you bypass a security protocol. Ensure you’ve tried them all in safe and more straightforward ways before you bypass the lid lock since the process may involve risky and dangerous techniques like cutting wires.

Never bypass your Kenmore washing machine lid lock if you don’t know what the problem is. Once you recognize the problem, you can now take the next step. Be very keen to avoid confusion while identifying the problem. If you make a mistake in the process, you may end up taking the wrong action to bypass the lid lock, thus complicating the issue even more.

If your machine door develops hitches when in use, give it time before you decide to bypass it. Some doors jam when the machine gets too hot beyond a particular point. The door resets itself once it cools down, although you can quicken the process by turning off the power source.

How to Bypass Kenmore Washer Lid Lock

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Disabling the safety circuit is a common way to bypass your Kenmore washer lid lock. Since the procedure involves disconnecting and cutting electrical wires, you need to have disconnected your machine from the power supply. Furthermore, it’s important to note that cutting the cables might void your warranty.

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To bypass your Kenmore washer lid lock, disconnect the machine from power, unscrew the control panel, lift the cover, and pull away the lid switch wiring harness. Strip some insulation from both ends, plug the machine into the socket, and plug each end into the outer plug on the wiring harness.

You’ll need to follow each step involved in bypassing the lid lock cautiously to avoid injuries or further damage.

Step 1: Disconnect your Kenmore washer power cord from the power source. Locate the two screws connecting the control panel to the top part of the machine and another screw on the lower front of each panel’s end cap. Remove all the screws using a screwdriver.

Step 2: Lift the control panel cover and swap it toward the back wall. The panel has pivoted on the rear, allowing it to rest in a service position.

Step 3: At the back of the top panel, find the lid switch wiring bind. Hold the wiring bind connector using your fingers and pull it from the lid switch plug.

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Step 4: Strip about a half inch of insulation from both ends of your jumper wire using wire strippers, then plug the machine’s power cable into the wall outlet.

Step 5: Attach each end to the external plug connections on the wiring bind, and avoid inserting either back into the central plug hole. If the machine operates, the lid switch is defective. But if not, further testing is required to find out the problem.

A Kenmore washer lid lock can stop working either due to mechanical or electrical hitches. Inspect the lid lock for damage, and other parts such as the door latch, motor or switch assembly, door strike, the switch, and the main control board. If you find a defect in any of the parts, replace it.

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