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LG Dryer Lint Filter Problem (Light Blinks/Stays on/Beeping)

LG Dryer Lint Filter Problem (Light Blinks/Stays on/Beeping)

LG dryers are one of the most popular types of dryers in the world. However, they might be confusing to use at times and undergo wear-and-tear like most mechanical appliances. If you’re facing problems with your LG dryer lint filter, you might be able to find your solution in this handy article. 

If your LG dryer is displaying a “check filter” message, it means the dryer’s lint filter may be clogged or improperly installed. Remove the lint filter and clean it thoroughly, making sure to remove any lint or debris.

If the filter is damaged, replace it with a new one. Once the filter is clean and installed properly, reset the dryer by unplugging it for a few minutes, then plugging it back in. If the message persists, there may be an issue with the dryer’s sensor or control board, and you should contact a qualified technician for further assistance.

If you want to learn more about lint filters and how to solve some common problems associated with them, you’ll find both the cause and solution to your issue here. 

What to Do if the Check Filter Light Stays on/Won’t Turn Off

What to Do if the Check Filter Light Stays on/Won’t Turn Off

In some electric LG dryers, the LG check filter light might seem like it’s continuously turned on, causing you to think that either your lint filter is over clogged or that there’s a problem with your machine. 

However, this light is pre-programmed to turn on before the start of every drying cycle. It is a reminder for you to clean your filter before you start the drying cycle. The filter doesn’t need to be clogged with lint, but the removal of all lint on the filter equates to better airflow and a slower wait time for drying clothes. 

This light should turn off on its own once you press the ‘Start/Pause’ button on the machine. It cannot be disabled without pressing the ‘Start’ button. 

Some machines have an additional ‘Check Filter’ code that is displayed on the screen along with a light. It is important to note that this is not an error like most other errors, which will also display in letters on the screen, so you shouldn’t worry. 

However, if your check filter light stays on and this is adversely affecting the machine, preventing it from starting up or working correctly, here are a few troubleshooting ideas to try before going to see a technician. 

Clean Your Lint Filter

The light might not be turned off because your lint filter is clogged up. This could be in the traditional sense of being clogged up with lint, or a foreign object such as a credit card could have dropped inside the lint filter area, creating issues. Ensure that your filter is clean and free of foreign objects. 

Reboot Your Machine

Your drying unit could be encountering some technical problems that can be fixed by turning it off and then turning it on again. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Unplug your machine.
  2. Press the ‘Start/Pause’ button for 8 – 10 seconds.
  3. Replug the machine immediately afterward and turn it on. 

The machine should start working again. 

Check Your Child Lock

If you’re seeing the letters ‘CL’ after you’ve tried rebooting your machine, it might not be your lint filter that’s causing the problem, but the child lock on the dryer. Simply press down on the child lock button for a few seconds, and the error screen should go away. 

If none of the above steps work and the check filter light stays on, or a beeping sound keeps coming from the machine, the issue likely lies with another part, like the capacitor. 

LG Dryer Not Collecting Lint/Catching Lint

LG Dryer Not Collecting Lint/Catching Lint

A lint screen can never be perfectly designed to catch all the lint particles released by the machine. As a result, lint goes into the vent and ends up stopping up the venting system. Thus, there is little to no airflow through the lint filter. This means longer drying times, greater moisture in the vent hose, and lint failing to collect on the lint trap. 

This means that it will not only be more cumbersome to remove lint, but your dryer also faces the possibility of overheating and fire starting due to the decreased airflow and the increased amount of energy that a dryer has to expend. 

To prevent this from happening, when you notice that your lint filter is not catching any lint, you need to clean out the vent hose and vents. You can do this either by hand or using this Lint Bunnies Begone Vacuum Attachment, making it easier to clean out lint in tight spots. 

To prevent excessive lint build-up, avoid using dryer sheets whenever possible. If it cannot be helped, stick to a maximum of one per load. Additional lint could also be formed by using excessively hot water or too much detergent, so avoid both these factors. 

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How to Remove and Replace the Lint Trap/Filter for an LG Dryer

How to Remove and Replace the Lint Trap/Filter for an LG Dryer

If you’re not sure where your lint filter is located or how to remove it, here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Open your dryer door. 
  2. There should be some holes visible or a catch of some kind at the bottom of the door. You can pull it up to reveal the lint filter. 
  3. Clean the lint off by hand or with a vacuum attachment. 
  4. If you have any lint that’s not coming off, soak the filter in hot water to get the residue out. You should then be able to get it off with a brush. 

On the other hand, if your filter is broken and you’re trying to get a replacement filter, you don’t need to get a technician for that. Simply head over to the official LG website and search for the type of filter that you need. Be sure to input the machine’s correct number, so you don’t accidentally end up ordering a filter for another LG appliance. 

Once you have your replacement filter, replacing it is as easy as pulling the old filter out and putting the new one inside. 

Why Does My LG Dryer Show a Filter Error?

Why Does My LG Dryer Show a Filter Error?

‘Check filter’ is not an error message but a routine message that shows up before every drying cycle. The only filter error message that you will see is F0(Filter out). 

This error means that the lint filter has not been appropriately inserted into the machine. To solve it, simply reinsert the lint filter properly, without protrusion, and the error message should go away. Otherwise, the internal filter magnet is either incorrectly placed or has fallen out during cleaning and needs to be replaced so that the dryer can read the filter’s presence. 

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If you cannot find your internal filter magnet, you will need to buy a new lint filter altogether because LG does not sell it separately. 

No matter what you do, do not remove your lint filter. It might seem more convenient to work without it if your machine allows it – either because your dryer keeps malfunctioning or because you need to keep cleaning your filter, but this technique is not worth it. Removing the lint filter just increases lint build-up in the machine, thus decreasing airflow and efficiency, causing a spike in drying time. 

Final Thoughts

Beyond just the lint filter, lint also accumulates in the machine and the vents. You need to clean these areas out once every two months or hire a technician to do it for you. This improves airflow, ensures that lint can be trapped in the filter, and decreases the risk of a fire erupting in your dryer because you will have a lower amount of the combustible substance lint stored in the machine. 

If you have been unable to resolve your lint filter problems after perusing this article, it would be best to hire a technician. 

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