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LG Fridge Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice/Keeps Dispensing Ice

I’ve had my LG fridge for about a year now, but recently I started having issues with the ice maker. So, I looked into how to get it working again, and thought I’d write this article to explain how to fix an LG refrigerator when it’s not dumping ice, or keeps dispensing ice.

An LG French door refrigerator’s ice maker may not dump ice due to frozen ice cubes jamming the mechanism. To resolve, turn off the ice maker, remove the bin, and check for stuck cubes. Gently free any jammed ice with a plastic utensil, ensuring smooth ejection in future cycles, and bask in the convenience of readily available ice.

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In some scenarios, the issue might be attributed to a malfunctioning ice maker motor. The motor is pivotal in triggering the ice-dumping cycle, and if it’s not operating correctly, the ice will remain in the tray. To troubleshoot, listen for any unusual sounds or lack of motor activity when the ice should be ejected. If the motor appears to be faulty, it might require replacement. Replacing the motor, either by following the refrigerator’s manual or with the assistance of a professional technician, ensures that the ice maker can complete its cycles, providing a consistent supply of ice for your cooling needs.

Additionally, a misaligned ice bin might be the subtle culprit behind the ice maker not dumping ice. The bin needs to be correctly positioned to receive ice and to allow the ice maker’s components to move freely during operation. Ensure that the bin is securely placed and that there are no obstructions preventing it from fully engaging with the refrigerator. If the bin is damaged or warped, it might not sit correctly, and replacing it with a new bin can often resolve the issue. A correctly positioned and undamaged bin ensures that the ice maker can freely release its chilly treasures, enhancing your beverages with a refreshing coolness.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Dumping Ice

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Your LG fridge ice maker will dump the ice when it’s ready all on it’s own. But, the turning mechanism may not be working or your ice maker may not be producing ice. In either case, here’s what you should do.

Typically, your LG refrigerator will display an error code on the digital display. If it does not then the next thing you should do is check that your refrigerator is properly levelled. It’s also possible the ice maker is broken, the water filter and water supply line can be damaged or blocked.

If you get an error code the best thing to do is to use this resource from LG which explains exactly what to do for each error code.

Each LG refrigerator is unique, and therefore, the location of the ice dispenser can differ. But, generally it’s housed behind the fridge door. There’s a lever on the side that you gently pull to open the ice maker compartment.

Here’s a quick video which shows a broad overview of how to inspect the different components in your LG fridge ice maker:

Watching that video will help you to familiarize yourself with the different parts of your ice maker you should check.

Levelling your refrigerator

Your refrigerator needs to be level to function correctly. And when the doors of your fridge or the fridge itself is not level it can cause your fridge and ice maker to not work properly.

The first thing you should do is grab a level and place it on top of the refrigerator to see how level it is. If you don’t have a level you can download a free app onto your phone, that will turn your phone into a level.

When the fridge isn’t level, you’ll need to replace the feet, or add a makeshift solution to add extra height to the feet of your refrigerator. You can use business cards, or a piece of cardboard or plywood to increase the height of corners that are lower than the others.

Levelling your LG refrigerator can be a bit tricky. For a full step by step guide for how to level any type of LG fridge check out this article from LG.

Checking the water filter

The water filter is usually located on the inside of your fridge. On the roof there is a small compartment that allows you to access and replace the water filter. If the water filter is blocked water won’t be able to get to the ice tray, and your fridge won’t produce any ice.

The filter can either be cleaned or replaced. If you’re having trouble locating your water filter, then there will be a diagram in the user manual for your fridge.

Inspecting the air vents

Ice makers act like a freezer because air goes from the freezer into the ice maker. It does this because there are vents on the hinge of the fridge where the air from the freezer can flow into the ice maker.

The vents can be blocked with a piece of food such as a piece of lettuce or a slice of cheese. The vents themselves can also be cracked or split in such a way that it doesn’t keep a good seal and the freezer air leaks into the fridge.

If the vents are an issue you can clear them out using your hands or a soft brush. The vents can also be replaced by ordering new ones and swapping them out yourself.

However, sometimes the flat can be stuck open which allows warm air into the ice maker, and will cause the ice cubes to melt and refreeze which sticks them all together. I wrote an article that covers how to fix the flap on your LG fridge ice maker. Read it [here, link: lg refrigerator ice maker door (stuck/not closing/not opening)].

LG Fridge Ice Maker Keeps Dispensing Ice

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Sometimes the ice maker can take on a life of it’s own and will continuously produce ice. Apart from being a minor emergency, it can be especially dangerous especially if someone slips on an ice cube. So, here’s how to stop it from continuously dispensing ice.

Generally, it happens because the lock on the ice maker is on. Press the lock button which is located on the keypad for your ice maker. If that doesn’t not stop your LG fridge from continuously dispensing then you should request a repair.

It is possible to replace the entire ice dispensing component, however, it isn’t guaranteed that that will solve the issue. Therefore, it’s best to have an expert take a look at it if the lock button is set to off.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Keeps Jamming

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Although your ice maker can produce ice, the ice can also jam. If it happens rarely it’s not too annoying but when it happens all the time it means you need to look into what is causing the issue. Here’s what I recommend to get it working again based on the advice of LG:

Ice will begin to clump if the ice is not removed fairly frequently. If you rarely use your ice maker you should turn it off, and only turn it on when you want to use it. It does, however, take about 6 to 12 hours to create ice.

So, if you rarely use it, it’s best to keep a tray of ice or 2 in the freezer because it will be more convenient. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for a day, whenever you need some ice.

It’s also possible you have a water leak, and water drips onto the ice cubes causing them to get stuck together. If the problem isn’t caused by not using enough ice, you should inspect the ice maker to see if there are any water leaks.

Simply open up your ice maker and look to see if you can spot any drips of water, or water flowing down the sides of the fridge.

Water pressure too high

A leak is generally caused by the water pressure being too high, or the water line can be broken. When the water pressure is too high the water will generally overflow and you can notice small pools of water at the base of your fridge or near the ice maker. You can simply turn down the water pressure at the water valve.

The water valve can be located anywhere in your kitchen. Sometimes, it’s under the sink but it can also be at the wall where the water line goes into the fridge. Turn it down a bit and see if the ice doesn’t get clumped anymore.

It may be the case you need to have a plumber do it for you, so it’s best to try the other solutions before paying to have someone out.

LG Fridge Not Making Ice Fast Enough

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A busy household or hot weather calls for more ice. But, sometimes the ice maker can’t keep up. Othertimes, it might not be producing a normal amount of ice. There’s a few issues that could be causing it. Here’s what they are:

Generally, it’s because the freezer is not set to the correct temperature. LG recommends that the freezer temperature be set to -4°F (20°C). The digital display on the front of your fridge can be used to set the temperature. Simply press the freezer temperature button.

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LG says that the French Door ice maker fridge makes about (3 lbs) 6 to 8 cups of ice per 24 hours. Some LG models also have an ‘ice plus’ function that will produce more ice than normal for 24 hours.

After that time, the ice plus feature will revert back to normal.

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