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LG Fridge Ice Maker Not Working

I love using the ice maker on my LG fridge but recently it stopped working. So, I researched how to fix it and thought I’d put together this helpful article explain what to do

Attempt each of the following until your ice maker begins working

  • Check if there’s an error code on the display
  • If it’s a new fridge it requires 24 hours to start producing ice
  • Set temperature below -4°F (20°C)
  • Check the water is coming through
  • Turn on or reset the ice maker
LG Fridge Ice Maker Not Working

There are a range of issues that you can run into with an LG fridge. And although they only tend to happen once every year or two, it’s good to know what general steps are involved with repairing the ice maker on your LG fridge.

Below, I will cover exactly how to do each of the steps above, as well as, what to do when your ice maker motor isn’t working, your ice maker keeps pouring out ice, the ice maker isn’t cold enough, isn’t filling with water, or overflows with water.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Motor Not Working

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There is a motor that flips the ice tray over and allows the ice to sit in the tray where it can be dispensed when you press the button on the front of the fridge. When it’s faulty and doesn’t work here’s what you should do.

If you’re reasonably handy with tools, you can replace the entire ice maker yourself. But, if not it’s best to get a repair person in to replace or repair it for you. The entire ice maker can be removed by unscrewing it, and disconnecting the power cable. From there, you can simply put a new one in.

There is a simple latch on the lip of the refrigerator door, that you gently pull to open the ice maker compartment. On the inside cover are detailed instructions about how to replace it, as well as, operating instructions.

Here’s a video that shows how to replace the ice maker on an LG refrigerator.

It involves working with electrical wiring and a Phillips head screwdriver which most people would have done at some point. But, when you remove the ice maker it is quite heavy and you might need another person to hold it up while you disconnect it from the power.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Keeps Running

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One thing that can happen when using your LG refrigerator is the ice maker can keep dispensing ice. This is usually very easy to fix. Here’s what you should do:

First check that the lock button on the control panel is set to off. If the lock button has a light then it can be set to on. Turning it off will set it back to manual rather than auto. You need to hold the lock button for 3 seconds.

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If the lock button is not on but it’s still continuously dispensing ice then you should book a repair.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Cold Enough

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When the ice maker isn’t cool enough ice takes forever to make, or you might get ice cubes that are ice on the outside but water in the middle. Although ice cubes like that are cool to look at, they don’t get cold for nearly as long. So, here’s what you should do to make sure your ice maker is at the correct temperature…

As a general rule, you should check that the temperature of your freezer is at or below -4°F (20°C). To change the temperature most models have a button for both the fridge and the freezer temperature on the front display. You simply press it to change the temperature.

It only goes up but once it reaches the maximum temperature it cycles around to the lowest temperature again. Keep pressing the freezer temperature button until it gets to -4°F. There can be certain models that don’t have the temperature control on the control panel, and for these it’s best to refer to your user manual to see how to change the temperature.

Freezing air vents blocked

There are air vents which allow cold air from the freezer to enter into the ice maker which cools the ice. It’s possible that it could be blocked by a stray piece of lettuce or food.

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The seals around the vents could have also been damaged or moved in such a way that it leaks the cool air into the fridge. So, it’s a good idea to take a look at the vents that supply the cool air to your ice maker.

When you open the door to your fridge they are typically located inside the door hinge. As the ice maker is hidden inside the fridge door.

You will see some oval or square shaped vents. Make sure they’re not blocked or broken. And if they are then, that’s very likely the cause of the problem. So it’s best to repair them yourself or have a repair technician fix them for you.

LG Fridge Ice Maker Not Filling With Water

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If you’re not getting any ice when you go to use your ice maker it’s because either the ice maker is not turned on or it isn’t filling with water. There are a few things to check when your ice maker isn’t filling with water. They are:

It’s either the water supply line or the water filter. If the water supply line is leaking, or the water is turned off then your ice maker won’t fill with water. Also, if the water filter is blocked, water won’t be able to get through and into the ice maker.

A first step is to visually inspect the water supply line and the water filter to see if there are any obvious signs that they are broken/blocked. The water filter can be located on the roof on the inside of your LG fridge.

The filter is about the size of a tennis ball, and can be cleaned or swapped out. Because each LG fridge is unique, take a look at the user manual for your specific model for how to check the water filter and the water supply lines.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Overflows With Water

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You can get the right amount of ice with your ice maker, but at the same time the water can overflow and drip out the bottom of your ice maker. This is very easy to fix.

This is generally caused by the water pressure valve being set too high. It’s best to turn it down a bit until the water no longer overflows. Also, if your LG fridge has a size selector, you can change the cube size to small.

When the ice maker makes small ice cubes the water flow is left on for less time. Therefore, there’s less of a chance that you’ll get water overflow. But, if you use your ice maker when the water pressure is too high, and with the size selector set to normal sized cubes the extra time can allow the water to overflow.

However, it’s always best to adjust the water flow so that it works well on both small and normal sized ice cubes. The water flow inlet can have a small turn knob at the water supply line. And you can turn it anti-clockwise to turn the water pressure down.

Each plumbing system is unique so how easy or hard it is to access the valve and turn it can vary. If you need expert help it’s best to have someone with handyman skills or a plumber to help you with it. Alternatively, you can get a fridge repair technician out to fix it for you.

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