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LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Door (Stuck/Not Closing/Not Opening)

I recently had an issue with my LG refrigerator ice maker, where the flap was stuck in the open position. I also had a problem with opening and closing the fridge door. I looked into how to fix both these issues and thought I’d summarise what I found in this article.

It can be caused by food or a food container blocking the door. The seals can also be worn or dirty. Additionally, the hinge of the fridge door can be worn or broken. When that happens you will typically hear plastic clicking as you swing the door open and closed.

Refrigerator Ice Maker Close up

The ice maker flap can also have issues, and the freezer door can be stuck or hard to open and close. So, below I will explain how to fix issues with both the ice maker flap, and the doors on your LG refrigerator.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Door Stuck

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Grabbing something out of the fridge is convenient but when it’s difficult to open the door you run the risk of almost pulling the fridge onto your foot and you risk straining your arm. So, here’s what causes it, and how to fix it.

Some food may have spilled and can create a glue-like substance on the seals of your fridge door. It’s very easy to simply wipe it clean with some soapy water. Other times, it can be because the hinges are broken. With the freezer door the rails can have a build of ice or food residue.

Start by inspecting the seals around the door of your fridge, as well as, the area on the fridge where the seals touch the fridge when the door is in the closed position.

Sodas, or other liquids and foods can have leaked and dried onto the seal and where the seal rests against the fridge. If it’s sticky enough the seals can be pulled off the door as you try to open the fridge. So, be careful not to pull on the door too hard when it won’t open normally.

If you can get the fridge door open, have a look at the hinge at both the top and the bottom of the fridge door. They are made from plastic that has small parts that fit into each other.

One of both can fail, leading to the teeth of the hinge not sliding smoothly against each other. Which can make it difficult to open the door.

A telltale sign is if you hear a plastic clicking swing the door open and closed. This happens as the broken plastic in the hinge grinds against the hinge.

Replacing the hinge

If you’ve noticed the hinge is worn or broken it’s fairly easy to replace it yourself if you have a beginner level of handyman skills. Such as, knowing how to use a screwdriver. If not, then it’s best to get a refrigerator repair technician to fix it for you.

Each refrigerator has a model number that helps to order the correct parts. Certain large refrigerator parts websites will bring up the components they have if you search by the model number of your fridge. For example, LG XX123.

The model number is located on a panel which can be behind the vegetable and fruit crisper, at the back of the fridge. But, if it’s hard to get access it can be easier to get your user manual, or look at pictures of LG fridges to see what the model number is.

Upper and lower hinges

There is both an upper and a lower hinge on the fridge door. And the steps to replace each are a bit different. This article would be too long if I was to explain all the steps. During my research I found it very easy to find a step by step video for how to replace both the upper and lower hinges on an LG fridge with an ice maker.

So, if this is the issue that’s causing your fridge to not open or get stuck, then once you have new parts simply do a Google for ‘how to replace the upper/lower hinge on an LG fridge’ and you’ll be able to see how to do it. You also may choose to get a technician to handle everything for you including ordering the parts, if you don’t have time.

Freezer door stuck/won’t close

The freezer door is a bit different to the fridge door because it runs on rails. The rails have cog type wheels that rotate and make the freezer door open and close smoothly.

The cogs themselves can be damaged, or there can be food or ice in the rails causing them to jam, or require a lot more force to open and close.

Visually inspect the rails, and the cogs to see if you notice anything. If the cogs are broken then you can order replacement ones online. But, sometimes they might have popped out of position and just need to be put back in place.

There are a few different types of rails, and tracks/cogs that fit into the rails. Refer to your user manual to see how the cogs should look when in the correct position. And then adjust them, if you need to.

If there’s excess ice build up that makes it difficult to open and close the fridge, then you can remove the ice by turning off your fridge and letting it melt. Food stuck in the rail can also be removed with an old toothbrush of a soft bristled brush and some cold water.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Flap Not Closing

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The ice maker is one of the funnest things about using a fridge. However, the ice flap can malfunction and can be stuck in the open position. I did some research into how to fix it and here’s what I found.

To access the ice maker flap and see if it’s broken is very difficult, and it’s best to get a fridge technician to repair it for you. You need to remove the front panel of the ice maker which is tricky, and you can easily break it. Once that’s done there are additional complicated steps to fix it.

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Here’s a video that shows the process involved:

If you’re quite good with your hands, for example, you’re a car guy, or you like to do DIY then you’ll most likely be good to replace it yourself. But, otherwise it’s best to have a technician do it for you.

LG Refrigerator Ice Maker Flap Not Opening

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The flap can also fail and be stuck closed, and you’ll need to break out some ice trays, or use any extra ice you have in the freezer. But, here’s what’s required to fix an LG refrigerator ice maker flap that isn’t opening.

Generally, fixing it yourself is very difficult and it’s best to hire a technician to repair an LG ice maker flap that isn’t opening. To repair it the front needs to be removed to expose what’s called a solenoid, but it requires experience with electrical wiring.

The flap itself has a heater built into it. If the heater malfunctions ice can build up on the flap and freeze it shut.

The flap itself is one component that is connected via wire connectors to the ice maker. You can order a brand new one and swap it out. But, to access the flap, you need to remove multiple components and you need to be careful not to scratch the fridge as you open it, and don’t break any of the tabs as you remove the funnel, and the front panel.

It also requires a reasonable level of skill working with tools to pop open various components. While you’re getting it fixed you should use some tried and true ice cube trays, or buy a bag of ice to put in the freezer.

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