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Maytag Washer Sensing Light Blinking

Maytag Washer Sensing Light Blinking

Maytag’s washing machines are known for durability and dependable mechanical features that ensure thorough cleaning and easy-to-use settings. Like all appliances, even Maytag washing machines have moments where mechanical glitches can arise. Maytag washers have an array of lights that alert you when something is not right but since these lights can mean a few different issues at hand, what does it mean when a Maytag washer sensing light is blinking?

When a Maytag washer sensing light is blinking, this is usually because the appliance is experiencing an issue where the motor cannot engage with the chosen command. This could be because the lid is not properly closed, or the chosen setting does not produce enough water for the load. 

A Maytag washing machine’s sensor light will blink when there is an issue you need to address. However, there can be times when the sensor light blinks, which means something more serious is wrong. This troubleshooting guide will explore 6 of the common reasons why this may be occurring with your Maytag washer so read on to find out the causes and how you can fix the problem. 

Maytag Washer Sensing Light Flashing: Causes/How to Fix

Maytag Washer Sensing Light Flashing: Causes/How to Fix

If the sensor light on your Maytag washer is continuously flashing, this is usually caused by an obstruction preventing the washer’s tub from engaging with the engine. Other possible causes could be in a device under the tub known as a shifter or shift actuator. This device controls part of the transmission process of a washing machine engine. If the shifter has malfunctioned, it will have to be repaired. 

To fix either an obstruction or a faulty shift actuator, you will need to tilt the washer back to reach the washer’s internal components. Be sure to unplug the Maytag washer before service the appliance and turn off the water to prevent leaks. You will need to replace the shift actuator if this is the cause of the problem. If you see any visible obstruction blocking the transmission and motor, remove it and see if this fixes the problem. 

If you need to replace the shifter, you can remove the belt guard to reach the faulty shifter and remove it with the appropriate screwdrivers. Lock the new shit actuator in place and screw it down. This should fix the problem of flashing sensing light. 

Maytag Washer Sensing Light On but Won’t Start: Causes/How to Fix

Maytag Washer Sensing Light On but Won't Start: Causes/How to Fix

If a Maytag sensor light is on, but you cannot get any of the commands to engage or start, this could also be a problem with the unit’s shift actuator. This is primarily caused by the shift actuator not being able to engage the drive shaft to respond to the washing machine’s commands; it could also be caused by wiring that has failed. 

To fix this problem, purchase a new shift actuator and replace the faulty shifter with a new model. You need to remove the belt shaft and unscrew the old actuator; most Maytag models use Philips head screws. Be sure to attach the new shifter’s shaft into the appropriate loop before screwing the new actuator in. 

Watch this Youtube video to see this process in action:

Maytag Washer Sensing Light Stays On: Causes/How to Fix

Maytag Washer Sensing Light Stays On: Causes/How to Fix

If your Maytag washer’s sensing light is stuck and will not move to the appropriate cycles, this is usually caused by a stuck or keypad. The keypad can occasionally become jammed or, if you have recently replaced a part on the washer, you may have forgotten to recycle the codes, which can lead to a stuck sensor light. 

To fix this issue, you can reset all of the error codes through the washer’s diagnostic mode. A manual with directions to do this is usually found behind the front panel of the washer. If you recycle the codes and this did not fix the problem, you may have to replace the control panel completely. 

Maytag Washer Sensing Light on Lid Lock Flashing: Causes/How to Fix

Maytag Washer Sensing Light on Lid Lock Flashing: Causes/How to Fix

If the sensor on your Maytag’s lid lock light is continuously flashing, the cause of this issue is usually any problem the washer is experiencing. This can be caused by either a short-circuited lid lock or the recurring problem of the shift actuator malfunctioning. This problem does not always mean that the lid lock itself is going out; therefore, it helps know the different things that could cause this problem. 

It helps run a diagnostic test based on your washer’s manual directions to fix this problem. If the error code reveals that the lid lock is the actual problem, you can replace the lid lock by removing the old one with a screwdriver and attaching a new lid lock. If the error code reveals a problem with the shifter, go through replacing the old shifter with a new one. 

Maytag Washer Sensing Fill Light Flashing: Causes/How to Fix

Maytag Washer Sensing Fill Light Flashing: Causes/How to Fix

A flashing fill light could have a few different causes. There could be a problem between the electronic sensors that provide directions to the water inlet valve. The water level switch could be going out, and in this case, you may notice the tub only filling halfway with water or not at all. Finally, the cause could be as simple as low water pressure in your home that you may need to look into. 

To fix a faulty water inlet valve, you can use a multimeter to check the coils on the valve that pick up the electric commands sent out by the washer. If the coils still have a path of voltage to the washer, this may not be the problem. If the coils are not picking up electrical currents, the water inlet valve will need to be replaced. 

Inspect the switch with a multimeter to ensure the switch is transmitting electrical currents. If the switch is faulty, you can replace it. For low water pressure in the home, this can cause the tun to fill too slowly, and this elongated time can cause the fill light to time out and flash due to an incomplete cycle. 

You can check this problem by unscrewing the water supply lines and holding them over a bucket to check the water pressure. If the water pressure is low, consult with a plumber to inspect the problem’s cause since this is beyond your control. 

Maytag Washer Sensing Not Working: Causes/How to Fix

Maytag Washer Sensing Not Working: Causes/How to Fix

If the sensor lights on your Maytag are not working at all, the control panel may have malfunctioned. Control panels can short circuit as time goes by. Additionally, this could be caused by not resetting the error codes after replacing a new part. 

To check this problem, run a diagnostic test for error codes. If all the error codes flash after the test is performed, this could be the control panel sign not working. You will need to replace the control panel to fix this problem, and it is recommended to consult with an appliance technician for this task. 

Final Thoughts

Maytag washing machines are built-to-last, but there can be some common problems, just like all other washer models. The sensing lights all correspond to a specific problem with the unit, and thankfully, these problems are easily fixed with DIY methods. Overall, many of these error codes point to a faulty shift actuator that can easily be replaced. 

Keep these troubleshooting tips in mind and happy washing. 

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