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Metal Roof Cost Estimator / Calculator

Installing metal roofing offers many benefits to the homeowner. It also tends to be an expensive and detailed project, even on smaller homes. Can you use a metal roof cost estimator or calculator to assist?

An online metal roof cost calculator can assist with getting an estimate of how much you will spend on a metal roof. It will cover many aspects of the project, including material cost, installation, and overages.

Budgeting using calculator

To get these figures, you will have to do some initial work. This might include considering the size of the roof and the area where you live.

A metal roof cost estimator is, just as it says, an estimator. It is not meant to give you a final price or get any project’s price down to the penny.

You can expect to get a close estimate of what you will spend. Such an estimate can be beneficial when you begin shopping for contractors or deciding whether to continue with the project.

When you consider the many benefits of installing a metal roof, it becomes clear why it is such a popular option. We will consider the pros and cons of installing a metal roof, which will help you with your decision.

Pros of Installing a Metal Roof:

Energy Efficiency: You may see a reduction in the cost of cooling your home after installing a metal roof. Some estimates say you can save as much as 25%. Those savings are why metal roofs are so prevalent in tropical regions.

Lifespan: Compared to other types of roofing material, such as tile or asphalt, you can expect a longer lifespan from metal roofing. Some estimates say that a metal roof may last 50 years or longer.

Insurance: Be sure to contact your insurance company after installing the metal roof. You might get a significant reduction in your homeowner’s insurance.

Resale Value: Depending on the roof you are replacing, you may get a significant boost in the resale value of your home after installing a metal roof.

Cons of Installing a Metal Roof:

Noise: When there is a storm outside, metal roofs are noisy. Rain can sound loud on a metal roof, but the noise is considerably louder if there is a hailstorm.

Colors: There are a considerable number of different colors available for metal roofing, but it is difficult to match the color at a later time.

Price: Although you get many benefits from installing a metal roof, you should consider the cost carefully. You could easily double or triple the amount you spend on the roofing project.

Finally, consider your safety carefully when working on the roof. Always wear fall protection and invest in a good pair of gloves. You could easily cut your hands on the metal edges. Safety glasses are always appropriate for DIY projects.

How To Calculate How Much Metal Panels Are Needed

Budgeting using calculator

One of the primary reasons why people use a metal roof cost estimator is to calculate the number of panels needed. It is a straightforward mathematical formula, but the calculator makes it much easier.

To determine how many metal panels are needed for a roofing project, calculate the square footage of the roof by multiplying the length by the width. Also, calculate the square footage of the material and divide the two for your final calculation.

The formula is as follows:

Roof: Length x Width = Roof Square Footage

Panels: Length (inches) x Width (inches) / 144 = Panel Square Footage.

Roof Square Footage / Panel Square Footage = Number of Metal Panels Needed

A critical factor for the calculation of any metal roof job is overage. Generally, you would want 10% extra material compared to your initial measurements.

Most metal roof cost estimators will include this in the figure. They may even offer the opportunity to adjust the overage according to your needs.

The primary reason why overage is needed is due to construction or measurement errors. You always want to err on the side of caution, and the overage allows you to have enough material on hand to allow for those mishaps.

There may also be surprises on many jobs, including unplanned work or unusual dimensions.

When you order the material as overage, you have it on hand. You don’t have to worry about matching the color or getting some material from a different lot.

Check ahead of time to ensure you can return any metal panels left over. It’s a good idea to keep some on hand to replace damaged areas in the future, but you may recoup some of your funds by returning full panels after the job.

How To Calculate the Cost Of Metal Panel

Budgeting using calculator

Calculating the cost of metal panel roofing is relatively easy, but there are specific considerations. This includes where you purchase the panels, how you purchase them, and the type of roofing you are installing.

As a general rule, you can calculate the cost of a metal panel by getting the price of a pack of panels and dividing that by the number of panels in the pack. In many cases, you can feed this information into a metal roof cost calculator, and it will give you the figure.

Pro Tip: Order the roofing panels through the contractor for a discount. They often have connections that can save you money.

Many people are surprised to learn that there are different metal roofing materials. Some types of roofing include aluminum, corrugated, copper, standing seam, and stone-coated.

You may find that it is best for you to go with a stone-coated sheet metal roof. It provides you with the benefits of metal while offering the look of different types of material.

Stone-coated metal roofing sheets are made out of steel. They coat the metal with small granules or stone and other materials. As a result, they can be different textures and colors. Stone-coated metal roofing can also replicate traditional materials, such as wood shakes and asphalt shingles.

Regardless of the type of metal roofing you choose, get a general idea of the cost and then calculate how much labor will cost.

How To Calculate Cost Of Metal Roof Installation (Labor, Incidentals, Etc)

Budgeting using calculator

Installing a metal roof is an advanced DIY project. Many homeowners feel it is best to pay someone for the installation. How do you calculate the cost?

The highest cost for metal roof installation is labor. You can pay someone per hour, which will average $60 per hour. Otherwise, you can expect to pay $500 or more per square. Talk to the contractor about their pricing structure before proceeding.

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If the installation is charged by the square, you are essentially paying that price for every 100 ft.² of roof. This may be of benefit if you have a roof that is complex in its design.

If the contractor says they are charging per man-hour, they should also estimate how many hours are needed for the project. This is a benefit for the same reason if the roof is complex.

In either case, the installation of a metal roof is not an inexpensive project. You will typically pay as much for the installation and incidentals as you would for the material.

Since you are paying for installation, make sure you choose a licensed, insured, and bonded contractor. Doing so will protect you from potential problems while the crew is working on your property.

Other Things To Consider When Estimating Metal Roof Installation Project

Budgeting using calculator

As with any project, there may be hidden costs associated with installing a metal roof. Some of these can make a considerable difference in the bottom line.

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Roof Removal: The estimate you received from the contractor may or may not include the removal of the old roof. They may try to lump it together as a single sum, but you can sometimes save money if you remove the old roof yourself.

Many homeowners who enjoy doing DIY projects are more than capable of removing a roof. Talk to the contractor and see how much they would be willing to lower the bid if you remove the roof yourself.

Permitting: In most areas, you must apply with the local jurisdiction for a permit. In addition, they will have regular inspections that may occur both before and after the underlayment and after the roof is finished.

Check with your local jurisdiction for any regulations that govern the removal and installation of a metal roof. In most cases, the contractor will handle this process for you, so it is seamless on your part.

Underlayment: It isn’t only about using the metal roof. It’s also about choosing what goes underneath it. Discuss the different underlayment options with the contractor. There may be some that are more suitable for your needs.

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Calculating the cost of a metal roof job is easier when you use an online metal roof cost calculator. It estimates the cost of product, labor, and incidentals. A good metal roof cost estimator will also add overage to give you a more accurate result.