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Can You Get Read Receipts On Samsung?

The answer is yes. Read receipts are easy to enable or disable at anytime. You simply enter your message setting menu and find the section marked ‘More Settings’. Once you are on that menu, you can turn on and off both your text messages as well as multimedia message read receipts. It is as simple as toggling the button next to ‘Text Messaging’ and ‘Multimedia Messaging’ to the right where it will turn blue to show it is enabled, or to the left where it will show as gray to let you know that it is disabled.

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Samsung Subwoofer Not Working

Here are steps to take if your Samsung subwoofer keeps cutting out. First, check to make sure that all of the connections to the soundbar and the subwoofers are correct and functioning. You also want to be sure that you are trying to get sound from something compatible with both. There could also be an issue with the subwoofer. You can verify this by running a soundcheck.

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How To Reset A Refrigerator

Since most refrigerators don’t have an automatic reset function, it is necessary to disconnect the refrigerator from the power source and reconnect it again. This is done by unplugging the refrigerator or turning the circuit breaker to the off position. Wait at least five minutes before reestablishing power again. This will fully reset the refrigerator.

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How To Reset A Washing Machine/Washer

Generally speaking, you can reset a washing machine by disconnecting the power. The easiest way is to unplug it from the wall but you can also flip the circuit breaker and fully disconnect it from the power in that way. After allowing a few minutes to pass, reconnect the machine and give it 30 seconds to fully restart before using it.

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