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Peloton Not Working

The world of indoor and at-home workouts has greatly widened, making having a home workout system something that is attainable for anyone who has the space to do so. If you have entered the elite world of Peloton though and your equipment is not working, what can be done?

If your Peloton bike isn’t working, try clearing the cache of your bike, clean the touch screen with an LCD cleaning agent, be sure that Bluetooth has been enabled on the bike if you are trying to use other devices such as the heart rate monitor, and confirm power is present at the connection point.

Peloton electric bike exercise

Peloton indoor bikes have changed what indoor rides look like, offering owners the ability to join different classes, a wide variety of different workouts, exercise and compare progress with other riders, and develop their own at-home workout system that not only works for them, but gives results from the comfort of their own home. However, some owners have experienced issues with their bike’s function, and if this is you, continue reading below to find the fix.

Peloton Not Working

Peloton has made its way into the indoor workout world in a very big way, marketing its exercise bikes as a luxury item that can be afforded by all so long as you have the space to accommodate the piece. The allure, the accessibility, the reliability, and the results that this brand offers are matched by very few, which is why so many are willing to take the leap and bring one into their home. If you find your Peloton not working though, what should you do?

If your Peloton isn’t working, it could be that the cache on the bike simply needs to be cleared. To do this, simultaneously press the ‘Up’ and ‘Power’ button then release them when the screen appears. Then, press the ‘Down’ button and click on ‘Wipe Cache Partition,’ then hit ‘Power.’

Once these steps have been completed, the cache on your Peloton bike will clear and when the process has completed, you will then turn the touchscreen back on. Just as any other smart device, Peloton bikes save data to your particular bike so that stats, history, and other various engagement sectors can be recorded and saved. When too much has built up on your bike, this can cause function to slow or completely halt, which is why clearing the cache can be beneficial.

Peloton Won’t Turn On

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If you were to simply have your road bike mounted in a room of your home or office, you would be able to get onto your bike, start pedaling, and begin your workout. However, when it comes to Peloton bikes, they are indoor bikes that are designed to be used when powered on, as they are smart devices that operate with power to give you the best classes and the best workout out there. If your Peloton won’t turn on though, how can you get your next workout going?

If your Peloton won’t turn on, the most likely problem is a loose connection at some point in the bike. Be sure to check the connections at the display panel, on the base of the bike, beneath the resistance mechanism, and at the power brick as well as this is where disconnection can occur.

Peloton bikes can be used in a variety of different ways, but at the very core of their design, they are used to push and strengthen those who use them which means that many owners find themselves in the middle of very intense usage of the equipment. There is no problem with high-intensity workouts with these bikes, but it does mean that wires can be loosened over time, which may be the reason your Peloton will not turn on.

Peloton Touch Screen Not Working

Peloton electric bike exercise

One of the most attractive and alluring features of Peloton bikes is that they come equipped with a touch screen that not only helps you track your progress, but gives you the ability to join hundreds of different classes no matter what your workout routine looks like. Gone are the days of pressing numerous buttons to increase your resistance on a dull and hard to interpret screen. However, if you find that the touch screen on your Peloton isn’t working, continue reading below

If your Peloton touch screen isn’t working, it could be that the screen has taken on too much sweat build-up over time, causing the touch function to not work. If you sweat heavily and don’t clean the screen after every use, be sure to use an LCD cleaner to remove any residue.

The screens on Pelotons are designed to be able to continue working if sweat makes its way onto the screen during a workout. However, if you are someone who sweats a significant amount and find that sweat always makes its way to the screen, yet you never clean the touch screen once a workout has completed, this build-up can become thick enough to cause the screen to not notice your touch, which is why it should be cleaned after every ride.

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Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working

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When it comes to working out, some of the greatest progress seen across the board is when the heart rate is increased, but increasing the heart rate doesn’t look the same for every single person. Because of this reason, and other health-oriented driving factors, Peloton added heart monitoring to their bike so users could keep track of not only what is going on with their body, but what their heart rate looks like as well. What, then, do you do if this feature isn’t working?

If the Peloton Heart rate monitor isn’t working, be sure that you have your bike connected to Bluetooth. The heart rate monitor runs on ANT+ to show your heart rate on the screen, you must have Bluetooth enabled for the device to function in real-time when you are in the middle of a ride.

If you confirm that your bike is connected to Bluetooth yet the heart rate monitor is still not working, check to make sure that the battery within the monitor is not the problem. If you replace the battery and the monitor is still not working, it could be that you are wearing the device improperly. Be sure that it is placed right above your heart, that the connection pads are wetted before applying, and that the fit is tight and not moved easily during intense movement.

Peloton Bike Not Turning On

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As previously noted, in order for a Peloton bike to function, it has to have power first. Unlike a road bike, this device functions through the use of power so that users can intensify their workout, have access to online classes, and keep track of their progress on the touch screen that is provided with the bike. Therefore, if you have a Peloton bike and you notice that it suddenly won’t turn on, not only do you have no workout, but you have a big problem to solve.

If your Peloton bike isn’t turning on, be sure that if you have the device plugged into a surge protecting power cord, that the cord is turned on and functioning. Once this is confirmed, check that the outlet the cord is plugged into is working and that the power hasn’t somehow been tripped.

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It is important to note that Peloton bikes are Android devices and can be easily damaged if a power surge were to reach the machine. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, it is essential to connect your Peloton to power by using a surge protected power strip. If you have recently experienced a power outage or know that a power surge has occurred within the area, this could be the cause of your bike not working and customer support should be contacted.

Apple Watch Not Connecting to Peloton

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Another great feature of Peloton bikes is that the brand has rolled out various third party integrations that work to connect users other devices directly to their bikes, with one of those integrations being Apple Watches. If you want to combine the health features of your Apple Watch with the capabilities of your Peloton, the process is simple and once connected, is incredibly accessible. If your Apple watch isn’t connecting to your Peloton, read below.

If your Apple Watch isn’t connecting to your Peloton, disable and enable the gym detention feature on your watch and then reset the watch. To do this, open ‘Settings’ on the Apple watch and go to ‘Workout’ > ‘Detect Gym Equipment’ > wait one minute > and restart your watch.

Once you have completed a force restart with your Apple Watch and it has turned back on, go back into ‘Settings’ > ‘Workout’ > ‘Detect Gym Equipment’ > then enable the feature once again. When you see that the feature has been turned on, try again to see if you are able to pair your Apple watch with your Peloton bike. This quick unpairing and repairing should be able to resolve most issues that are connected with an Apple watch not pairing to a Peloton bike.

Peloton Metrics Not Working

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The metrics offered on the screen of your Peloton during a ride are what give you the ability to see what your cadence is, what your resistance is, what your strive score is, and what your overall output looks like. This helps to keep users informed of their progress during their ride, then can save that data to help drive their next workout. However, if you start a workout on your Peloton and the metrics are not working, what can be done to resolve this inconvenient issue?

If Peloton metrics are not working, the most common issue is caused by a loose connection located at the back of the touchscreen. To reconnect the monitor and the touchscreen securely, simply insert both cables behind the touchscreen securely into their ports.

Once you have confirmed that both cables are securely inserted, you can then try to join a class and see if the metrics are displaying once again. If they are not, remove the same two cables completely from their ports and check both to make sure there is no damage at the point where they are inserted. If you see that they are in good shape, insert them back into their designated ports after one minute and see if this reset causes metrics to appear once again.

Peloton Not Connecting To WiFi

Peloton electric bike exercise

Just like any other smart device, Peloton bikes are machines that use real-time data and live classes to get you going where you want your workouts to take you, therefore, they must be connected to the internet to function. Without this connection, you will not be able to join live classes or replay any older classes and your metrics will not be updated either. If you have a Peloton bike and it isn’t connecting to WiFi, read below to find a quick fix to your issue.

If your Peloton is not connecting to WiFi, one of the most effective and common fixes is to reset your router. To do this, simply unplug the router directly from its power source and allow it to sit for one minute. You can then plug it back in, allow it to reboot completely, then try reconnecting.

Be sure that you allow the router plenty of time to reboot completely before trying to connect your bike to WiFi again, but if it does connect, your problem has been resolved. If you reset your router and your Peloton bike still will not connect, try disconnecting all other devices that are running on the same network to free up space. A crowded line can be a major reason as to why your bike cannot join.

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If your Peloton isn’t working, try unpairing and repairing the ‘Detect Gym Equipment’ feature on your Apple watch, confirm that both cables have been securely inserted to the proper ports on the back of the touchscreen, and try resetting your network if your bike will not connect to WiFi.