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Projector Netflix Not Working

I’ve used a smart projector that has Netflix already installed on it, as well as a streaming device plugged into my projector. And I’ve encountered many common issues where Netflix won’t work on both. So, I thought I’d summarize exactly how to troubleshoot Netflix when it isn’t working on a projector.

If Netflix is not working on your projector, a common reason could be an HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compatibility issue. HDCP is a form of digital copy protection that prevents unauthorized copying of digital content. Some older projectors may not support HDCP, leading to issues when trying to stream Netflix. To resolve this, make sure that both your streaming device and the projector are HDCP-compliant. If the projector is not, you may need to upgrade to a newer model that supports HDCP to watch Netflix without issues.

Family watching in the projector

Another reason for Netflix not working on a projector could be an incorrect display setting. Sometimes, the resolution or aspect ratio selected on your streaming device may not be compatible with your projector, causing display issues. To fix this, go to the display settings on your streaming device and choose a resolution that matches your projector’s native resolution. Then, try playing Netflix again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Internet connectivity could also be a reason for Netflix not working on your projector. A slow or unstable connection may cause streaming problems. To solve this, check your Internet connection by running a speed test. If your connection is slow, consider moving the router closer to your streaming device or using an Ethernet cable for a more stable connection. Restarting the router can also help refresh the network and potentially improve streaming performance.

Projector Won’t Play Netflix

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I like using a smart projector because it has all the apps on it which makes it less complicated than running two different devices. Netflix is probably the app I use the most so when it wouldn’t play at all I figured out how to get it working again pretty quick. Based on my extensive research here’s how to fix a projector that won’t play Netflix.

Restarting your projector is the first thing you should try if Netflix won’t play. Simply power it down using the remote, the power button on the projector. It’s best to let a projector cool down to preserve the life of the bulb so don’t unplug it at the wall while it’s running.

Power it back up, and see if Netflix works now. If not, you should force close the app, and clear the cache.

1. Force close the Netflix app, and clear the cache

A smart projector that has an operating system such as Google Android. Each operating system is unique, but the general steps are the same.

  1. Go to home screen
  2. Move the cursor over the Netflix app
  3. Press the menu button, or long press the select button.
  4. That will bring up the additional options which are ‘force stop’ and ‘clear cache’.

In some operating systems you need to go to the App store, to access the additional options to force stop, and clear the cache for the Netflix app. In the app store there will be a place where you can see your installed apps. Then when you select the Netflix app it will show the additional options.

Each smart projector operating system is slightly unique. For example, Samsung smart projectors use the Tizen operating system which is slightly different to Android.

If you’re having trouble finding the setting then look for the instructions for how to force stop and clear the cache on an app on your brand of projector. Such as, ‘clear app cache Sony smart projector’.

The operating system of a smart projector is also generally the same as the operating system used on the same brand TV.

For example, the OS on a Sony Smart TV, will be the same as the OS on a Sony smart projector. So, you can also look for the instructions for how to do it on the smart TV.

2. Verify your projector has a good internet connection

For Netflix to work it needs a strong internet connection. Internet connections are prone to slowing down, or having intermittent issues. The easiest fix is to simply restart your Wi-Fi modem by turning it on and off again.

To check that your internet is working at a good enough speed, try to watch a video on Youtube on a different device that’s connected to the same internet connection. If the video loads and plays fine then your internet connection is running fast enough.

If not, then you should troubleshoot your internet connection by contacting your internet service provider (ISP) such as AT&T or Frontier. Once you’ve tried the above steps it’s very likely Netflix will work on your projector.

But, if it doesn’t then it’s best to raise a support ticket with the brand that makes your projector, as well as with Netflix through their respective websites.

Netflix Not Casting/Stream to Projector

couple watching in projector

I love the ability to cast my different devices to each other around my home. Sometimes, the casting function doesn’t work properly on certain apps such as Netflix. So, I thought I’d explain how to fix the issue when Netflix won’t cast or stream to your projector.

First verify that your Wi-Fi has a fast and stable connection. A VPN, or anti-virus software can also be blocking Netflix from casting, so you’ll need to add an exception or disable it temporarily. Finally, the devices you are using to cast should be restarted, such as the casting device, and TV.

I’ve explained the step by step instructions for troubleshooting a casting device in another article. It covers how to check the antivirus and VPN, as well as how to restart all of the devices, and check your internet connection.

Read how to do it, and follow along using this article about how to fix [Netflix on a Chromecast device when it isn’t working. – LINK to another article ‘Chromecast Netflix Not Working’].

Netflix Not Showing Up on Projector

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When I first got my projector I started tinkering around and seeing what apps it has, however, I was surprised to find that Netflix didn’t come with my projector. When it is not installed, it won’t show up on your projector. Here’s how to install it.

Access the app store via the home screen. Search for ‘netflix’ using the onscreen keyboard. Netflix will show up, and then simply select it, and select install. It will take some time to download and install. After that, sign in using your Netflix account.

Each operating system is slightly different, for example, a lot of projectors use Android, and instead of the app store, you select the Google Play store. But, the general procedure is the same.

Namely, if the Netflix app isn’t listed as one of the apps on your projector then you will need to install it first before it will show up. As not all smart projectors come with Netflix pre-installed.

Projector Netflix Not Loading/Opening

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On devices I use, sometimes I’ll go to use an app like Netflix, and when I select it nothing happens. It happens from time to time, so I’ll explain what steps are recommended to take to get Netflix to work on a projector when it isn’t loading or opening.

Generally, Netflix won’t load or open if the internet connection is running slowly, or has disconnected. When Netflix is unable to download the files it needs, and won’t connect to the server it can get stuck loading. But, there are a range of additional fixes to try if the internet is working fine below.

The app or the devices you’re using can also have crashed and be frozen. Restarting the Netflix app and the devices you’re using to watch Netflix on your projector is the best first step if your internet is working fine.

Projector Netflix Black/Blank Screen/No Picture

Kids watching in projector

I live watching shows and movies on my projector, and although mine works fine, a friend of mine was having an issue where the screen was just black and wasn’t displaying anything on the screen when he was trying to watch Netflix. So, I helped him to fix it and this is what to do.

It is generally caused by an issue with the video signal or the Netflix app. To check the video signal ensure the projector is on the correct source (HDMI1, HDMI2, or VGA). If it’s on the correct source, ensure the video cables are plugged in all the way.

There is usually a source button on the projector remote. It’s very common that the device you’re using to play Netflix is plugged into HDMI1, but the source is set to HDMI2.

When that happens the screen won’t show anything. Or, if you have a laptop plugged into your projector the source should be set to VGA.

Your first step through once you’re on the right source is to restart the devices you’re using to watch Netflix. This could include the projector, a computer, a smartphone. It’s also advised to restart your Wi-Fi modem.

Just be sure to inform people in your household beforehand as when you restart the Wi-Fi modem it will disconnect the internet for about 5 minutes.

Netflix app on a smart projector

If you’re using Netflix using the Netflix app on your smart projector, then you should restart the Netflix app on your smart projector. To that there are detailed instructions outlined at the very top of this article. It says ‘1. Force close Netflix’

Netflix app on another device, casting to the projector

Casting Netflix to your projector requires you to restart the device that you’re casting from. For example, if you have Netflix open in a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari, on a computer to watch Netflix. And are then casting it to your projector. Then you should restart the computer.

Other common devices to cast from are a smartphone or a casting device like a Google Chromecast. Identify what device you’re casting from and turn it on and then off again. And attempt to open Netflix again.

Netflix app on a device plugged into the projector or a receiver

If you’re using a Firestick, Roku or other similar streaming device, then you should force close the Netflix app on that device. The instructions for exactly how to do that are explained at the very top of this article. Look for the heading that says ‘1. Force close the Netflix app.

Netflix No Sound on Projector

Confused lady while watching

One time I tried to play Netflix on my projector but I didn’t get any sound. So, I looked into what the issue is and how to get it to work. Here’s what I found.

Generally, it means there’s a problem with your speaker system. To rectify this issue ensure the HDMI cable is plugged in all the way. It’s also possible that the HDMI cable is faulty. Unplug the HDMI cables that go into your projector to the speaker system.

As you may know HDMI replaced the older speaker cords that have a red, white, and sometimes yellow connection. In the old style of speaker cords, one is the video, and the other is the audio.

But, an HDMI transmits both the sound and the video. There can be an HDMI cable going from the device you’re using to play Netflix. As well as, an HDMI cable to go from the projector to your receiver.

So, it’s best to check all HDMI cables involved in your speaker system and projector. If you have a spare HDMI cable lying around, then it’s a good idea to swap it out for a different cord. The cord can sometimes fail and not work anymore.

Try a different show or movie

It can happen every now and then, that a particular show or movie isn’t working properly, which can cause it to not have any sound. So, it’s a good idea to try to play another show or movie and see if the sound is playing as normal.

If you’ve checked the HDMI cable, and another show or movie, and it still doesn’t have any sound, then verify that your speaker system is set up correctly, and the audio settings on your projector are set to what they should be.

It can be helpful to unplug any external speakers to your projector one at a time. Or, if the projector has speakers built into it, and doesn’t need any external speaker to produce sound, then unplug any external speakers and play the audio through the speakers that are built into the projector.

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If you get sound when you use the speakers built into your projector that tells you, your home theater system or external speakers such as a soundbar aren’t connected or set up correctly. In that case, run through the setup instructions for your home theater system/external speakers.

Projector Netflix Sound/Audio/Volume Not Working/Lag

Serious woman watching

After having issues with the sound when playing Netflix on my projector, the audio would be out of sync, and lag behind video making it impossible to watch. The solution that’s recommended by Netflix is:

Begin by restarting the device that’s playing Netflix. Then attempt to play a show or movie and see if the issue has been resolved. If you’re still experiencing audio lag, then try a different show or movie title. Each projector brand also has unique ways to troubleshoot audio lag.

For example, on Sony projectors it’s advised to set the digital output to PCM, and to change the A/V sync setting. If restarting your projector and the devices you’re using to play Netflix, then I would look up how to solve audio lag for your specific make and model.

As an example, if you have a Panasonic projector, look up how to fix audio lag on a Panasonic projector. The audio lag isn’t caused by the Netflix app itself. therefore, it’s generally some audio setting that is off.

Copyright article owner is for this article. This post was first published on August 23, 2021.

But, this article would end up being too long if I described how to fix audio lag for every projector make and model. So, refer to your user manual and any help documents to verify that your speakers are plugged in correctly, and all the settings that are set as they need to be.

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