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Reasons Why Bosch Washer Won’t Drain (How To Fix)

Bosch is a well known appliance company. They make both front loading and top loading washers. However, washers from time to time can have issues. Today, I will cover what to do if your Bosch washer won’t drain.

As a general rule, there is something stuck in the drain filter and it needs to be cleared, the drain pipe has a blockage, there is something stuck in the drain pump, the drain pump has failed, the lid lock has failed, or the computer needs to be restarted.

Putting clothes inside the washer

It’s difficult to know ahead of time what the issue is, therefore, it’s a matter of trying each of these troubleshooting steps to identify why it’s happening. Below are step by step instructions for how to check for each of these problems, and whether the troubleshooting step can be performed yourself, or requires a repair technician to do it.

Reasons Why Bosch Washer Won’t Drain (How To Fix)

When a Bosch washer is not draining there are multiple components that can cause this to happen. Here are the reasons why a Bosch washer won’t drain how to troubleshoot each of these issues.

In general, the onboard computer can be frozen and needs to be restarted. Do that by unplugging your Bosch washer, then plug it in again. Next, inspect the drain filter and drain hose. Finally, the drain pump, or lid switch can be the issue but these require a technician to fix.

The drain filter is a common part of a Bosch washer that can develop a clog, and is easy to clear yourself. The drain hose, and standpipe are also common areas where there can be an issue and are easy to inspect yourself. How to check each of these are explained below.

What is Causing Bosch Washers To Not Drain?

Putting clothes inside the washer

Before a Bosch washer does a spin cycle it will drain out all the water it can. When this happens you will often hear a gurgling sound, and the drain pump working. However, if your Bosch washer won’t drain at all, this is what causes it to happen.

Overall, there is a blockage in the drain hose, the drain hose is kinked, the drain filter has a blockage and needs to be cleared, the onboard computer needs to be restarted, there is something stuck in the drain pump, or the drain pump has failed.

Some of the steps can be checked and fixed yourself. However, some require a repair technician. This is because the washing machine needs to be opened up, which is difficult with someone without experience.

I’ve ordered the troubleshooting steps with the easiest steps first, and ones that you can do yourself. After that are issues that require a repair technician, which is stated in the info about each of the issues that cause a Bosch washer to not drain.

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Bosch Washer Won’t Drain Because The Onboard Computer Has Frozen

Modern washer with clothes inside

This step is very easy and fast, and therefore is the best thing to try first. There is an onboard computer that controls what a Bosch washer is doing. It can have a glitch and freeze.

Restarting it will unfreeze it. To restart your Bosch washer unplug it at the wall. Then wait 5 or 10 seconds, and plug it in again.

Start your Bosch washer at the drain/spin cycle or start the cycle from the beginning again, and see if it’s now draining. If not, do the next step.

Bosch Washer Won’t Drain Because The Drain Filter Is Clogged

Modern washer with clothes inside

Many Bosch washers have a drain filter. It’s located under a cover, or can be accessible from the front of the water. You typically unclip a cover to expose a circular knob that you turn.

It’s common for coins, hair clips, lint, or hair to get stuck in it. And clearing any blockage will get your Bosch washer to drain again.

If you’re unsure where the drain filter is for your Bosch washer have a loot at the diagrams in the owners manual for your specific model. You can find an online version of your Bosch washer on this page of the official Bosch website. That page also shows where to find the model number for your washer on your washing machine.

Bosch Washer Won’t Drain Due to an Issue With the Drain Pipe

Modern washer with clothes inside

The drain pipe on a Bosch washer can have a clog, a kink, or moved from its proper position in the stand pipe. The drain pipe needs to be positioned correctly otherwise water won’t flow correctly, and a Bosch washer won’t drain properly. The drain pipe is located behind your washer.

In some cases you can inspect it without moving your washer. However, if you can’t then gently pull your washer out only as much as you need to. The main thing you want to avoid is pulling it out so far that you pull on the water inlet pipe, and the drain pipe at the rear of your washer.

Inspect the drain pipe for any kinks that can restrict the flow of water. Then refer to the instructions below that show how a drain pipe should be installed into the stand pipe:

Note that the instructions above are for a GE washer, however, this part of a washer should be installed the same way regardless of what brand your washer is. So, the same way of installing it applies to a Bosch washer. Squeeze the drain pipe with your fingers along it to feel for a blockage.

The drain pipe can also be easily unscrewed so that you can look down to see if there’s a blockage. You can then use an old steel coat hanger to clear any blockages in it. But, bear in mind when you unscrew it water will pour out of the pipe so have a bucket or something similar handy to catch the water.

Bosch Washer Won’t Drain Because There’s a Blockage in the Drain Pump

Modern washer with clothes inside

A stray piece of laundry can get into the drain pump, and be permanently blocking it. Small items like handkerchiefs, childrens socks, or masks get stuck in it. This happens if they somehow get over the lip at the top of a washer.

It will then slide down the side of the tub and makes its way into the drain pump underneath. If you’re experienced with repairing appliances you can inspect the drain pump yourself.

Otherwise, it’s best to have a qualified repair technician inspect it for you. And if there is something stuck in it they can remove it.

Bosch Washer Won’t Drain Because The Drain Pump is Faulty

Modern washer with clothes inside

The drain pump is an individual component that sucks the water out of the tub in your Bosch washer with enough force to remove it, and push it out through the drain pipe. It is an electrical component, and like all electronic components it can fail. While it’s not very common for a drain pump to fail, it can happen.

The drain pump needs to be removed and tested with a voltmeter. If you’re comfortable doing this yourself, do that next. However, most people won’t have the skills to do this.

There is no real way to know if the drain pump is faulty without testing it using a voltmeter. Therefore, if this is the issue it will need to be diagnosed and repaired by a qualified technician.

It’s possible it’s covered under warranty. So, in the first instance it’s best to contact Bosch support.

Bosch Washer Won’t Drain Because Lid Switch is Defective

Modern washer with clothes inside

Virtually all washers have an electronic lid switch. It’s a safety feature which makes it impossible to open the lid while the washer is operating. For a washer to work the lid switch needs to be working so that the onboard computer can lock the lid.

The lid switch is a very small component and is cheap to repair or replace. But, unless you have experience repairing appliances it’s best to have a repair technician do this repair for you.

As a general rule, the drain filter is clogged and needs to be cleared, the drain hose has a kink or a blockage, your Bosch washer needs to be restarted, the drain pump has failed and needs to be replaced, or the drain pump has something like a child’s sock stuck in it.

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