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Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect Properly or Keeps Disconnecting

The Ring doorbell allows you to see, hear, and communicate with visitors at your front door without leaving the couch. It’s easy to set up and works with a WiFi connection. But despite its ease of use, some owners still experience issues where the doorbell struggles to connect.

Your Ring doorbell keeps disconnecting because of a lousy WiFi signal. If the WiFi is strong, reset the doorbell in the Ring app. Walking it through the setup process again will adjust its settings so the WiFi connection can last. A recent power failure or 5G network upgrade might be to blame, too.

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This article will explain why your Ring doorbell won’t connect to your WiFi or its Chime. Additionally, we’ll tell you how to solve this problem from inside the Ring app.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi

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If your Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi, be sure to turn on the 2.4 GHz network for your router, Enable SSID Broadcast for the 2.4 GHz network and make sure your router is not too far from your Ring Doorbell or use a wifi extender. Finally, reboot your router and Ring to see if your Ring reconnects.

Take the following steps to reboot your router and your Ring:

  1. Unplug the router for about one minute.
  2. Plug it back in and check to see if the doorbell reconnects. If not, perform the next step.
  3. Press the button to put the ring device in setup mode. Wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Reconnect your ring device to the WiFi.

Is your WiFi problem still happening? If so, Ring manufacturers recommend checking the device’s power supply. If it’s battery-powered, replace the batteries and see if that’ll improve the connection. For other models, test the wires supplying your doorbell with electricity.

Once the electric supply is sufficient and the router resets, the Ring device will connect to WiFi.

Ring Won’t Stay Connected to WiFi

If your Ring device is experiencing frequent disconnections from Wi-Fi, there may be several reasons for this issue and some steps you can take to resolve it:

Possible Reasons:

  1. Wi-Fi Signal Strength: Weak Wi-Fi signals can cause intermittent connections. Distance from the router, obstacles, or interference from other devices can impact the signal strength.
  2. Network Congestion: Overloaded Wi-Fi networks with multiple connected devices can lead to instability and disconnections for your Ring device.
  3. Outdated Firmware: An outdated firmware on your Ring device may cause compatibility issues with your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Router Settings: Certain router settings like MAC address filtering or firewall configurations can prevent the Ring device from staying connected.
  5. Power Source: Insufficient power supply or unstable power sources can affect the device’s connectivity.

Steps to Fix:

  1. Wi-Fi Router Placement: Ensure your Wi-Fi router is positioned centrally and elevated, away from large obstructions and electronic devices that may interfere with the signal.
  2. Signal Booster/Extender: Consider using a Wi-Fi signal booster or extender to improve signal strength in areas where the Ring device is located.
  3. Bandwidth Management: Prioritize the Ring device on your network to allocate sufficient bandwidth, especially if you have many connected devices.
  4. Firmware Update: Check for firmware updates for your Ring device regularly. Install the latest updates to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.
  5. Router Settings: Review your router settings and disable any features that may conflict with Ring’s connectivity, such as MAC address filtering.
  6. Reconnect the Device: Try removing the Ring device from your Ring app, reset the device, and set it up again as a fresh connection.
  7. Power Source Stability: Ensure your Ring device is powered adequately and consistently. Consider using a wired power source for devices that support it.
  8. Contact Ring Support: If the issue persists, contact Ring customer support for further assistance. They can provide specific troubleshooting steps and help diagnose the problem.

By following these steps, you can address the issue of your Ring device not staying connected to Wi-Fi, ensuring a stable and reliable connection for enhanced home security and peace of mind.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to App

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There are several reasons why your Ring device won’t connect to the Ring app, including:

  • Your phone settings could be incompatible with the app.
  • The device is too far away from the router.
  • The modem needs to reset.

If you’ve already tried resetting your modem, then your phone may be the problem. Sometimes, if your phone is using its cellular data, the Ring app won’t function correctly. To use the app, connect to your home network and try again.

If this also fails, install the Chime Pro to boost the WiFi connection to your doorbell. This product increases the doorbell’s internet connection so it can link to the app successfully.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to the Internet

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Your ring doorbell won’t connect to the internet if:

  • There’s insufficient power.
  • You recently changed your WiFi network’s name.
  • A recent power failure occurred.
  • The network upgraded to a 5G network.
  • Your WiFi password includes symbols.
  • The device’s batteries are low or dead.

When there’s an inadequate power supply, the device won’t connect to the internet either. Consider getting new batteries for the doorbell to improve its connectivity. Blackouts can also cause low power levels. Therefore, if you recently experienced a power outage, you may have to wait a few minutes before you can connect to the WiFi again.

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Your Ring doorbell won’t connect if you also recently changed the name of your home network. The doorbell saves your network’s name in its system, so it can no longer find it when you change the name. Enter the Setup wizard to connect the doorbell to your WiFi with its new name.

Regarding your network, if the password or signal strength changes, the Ring device may not connect to the internet. To solve this, adjust the Ring doorbell’s settings to reflect the correct network information.

How To Manually Connect Your Ring Device

If none of these suggestions work for you, try manually connecting your Ring device using its app with these steps:

  1. Open the Ring app and select the main menu.
  2. Click “Devices.”
  3. Pick the Ring device you’re trying to connect.
  4. Select “Device Health.”
  5. Tap “Reconnect to WiFi.”
  6. You can also select “Connect to WiFi” if this is your first time on the network.

The machine will automatically join your network afterward.

Ring Doorbell Lost Connection

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Your Ring device will lose its connection when the WiFi unexpectedly turns off. However, if other devices can connect to your network, your Ring device may be experiencing a shortage.

Before testing the doorbell, check the following:

  • Ensure the wires are connected to your modem and router properly.
  • Inspect the circuit breaker to see if someone turned a switch off.
  • Look for the power light on your Ring doorbell. If it isn’t on, then your doorbell has no power and lost connection.

There’s also a chance that your doorbell is incompatible with your Ring device. Confirm that you’re using an appropriate doorbell with the Ring compatibility list.

After reviewing your home and confirming that everything is connected correctly, contact a technician about the voltage running to your Ring machine. Generally, there should be 16VAC or more powering your doorbell.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect To Chime Pro

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If your Chime Pro is experiencing issues connecting to your Ring doorbell, reset the Chime Pro.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the Chime Pro.
  2. Wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
  3. Hold the reset button for 10 seconds. (For older models, use a paperclip to press the button.)
  4. Reconnect the Chime to the Ring device.

Ring Doorbell Won’t Connect to Existing Chime

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Are you getting an error message when trying to connect to an existing Chime? If so, the app is having difficulty recognizing the bar code you’re trying to enter.

Try the following steps to connect to the Chime:

  1. Enter the Setup wizard in the Ring app on your phone.
  2. When prompted, scan the QR code on the bottom of the Chime instead of the bar code.
  3. Take a photo of the QR code.
  4. Use this every time you try to connect the doorbell to this particular Chime.

How To Reset a Ring Doorbell

Alternatively, you can reset the Ring doorbell entirely and see if that solves the connection problem.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the safety screws on your model.
  2. Slide the covering off the back of the device.
  3. Locate the reset button, holding it for 15 seconds.
  4. Open the Ring app on your phone.
  5. Enter into the main menu, and ensure that you’re on the menu for the matching doorbell.
  6. Tap “Settings.” Go into “Device Settings.”
  7. Tap “General Settings.” Click “Remove this device.”

Following this process, your Ring device will be ready for a new setup and capable of connecting to the Chime you already have.

Ring Doorbell Chime Keeps Disconnecting

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Your Ring doorbell chime will keep disconnecting when it’s too far away from your router or if the device has lost power. Consider repositioning the Chime to enhance its connectivity and stop it from continuously disconnecting.

When picking a spot for your Chime, make sure it has the following:

  • Sufficient voltage. Consult your manual to confirm which voltage level is required.
  • Few building materials in the way. Walls, ceilings, and floors can block your internet connection. Minimize interferences by putting the Chime in an open space.
  • Access to only one network. Other networks can interfere with your internet signal.

Using these tips, your Chime will be in the ideal position for maximum connectivity.

Another method you can use to solve your Chime’s connection problems is to unplug your main router for 30 seconds. Doing this will reset its mechanics, making it easier for the Chime to interact with it. After plugging it in, your Ring Chime will automatically reconnect.

On the other hand, if your Chime device isn’t getting enough power, it won’t connect. Ensure that the light on your Chime extender is glowing to indicate that it’s on. If not, plug the Chime into another socket to receive sufficient power and function.

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If the issue continues, contact an experienced technician or consult a Ring customer service center immediately.

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