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Samsung GPS Not Working

Depending on what you use your GPS for, if your Samsung GPS is not working, it could have serious consequences for you or your family.  With all the settings on your android phone, you could be stuck for hours trying to figure out how to fix the problem. Luckily, I have the solution for you right below.

The solution to your Samsung GPS not working could be as simple as downloading the latest software update for your phone and apps. Then re-activate your GPS by turning the location icon off and on in the Quick Panel. Finally, check the Maps app to see if your current location is accurate.  

Using phone GPS in car

Unfortunately, the solution above may not be enough to resolve your GPS problems. If you are still not connecting to the GPS network, you’ll need to check whether or not you’ve set your location permission settings correctly.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Location > App permissions.

Step 2. Select an App (Polaris Navigation, uGeo, etc.).

Step 3. Select “Allow only while using the app”.

Do this for each of the apps that you wish to use with your GPS.

Check each app to make sure that you have the latest version downloaded. Once you have completed all these steps, it’s time for you to go outside and re-activate your GPS by turning it off and on again on the Location icon in Quick Panel.

Go back to your Maps app or any one of the apps that you use for navigation and check to see if you are accurately located on the map.

If you’re now connected, great!

However, while these fixes usually restore most problems with access to your Samsung GPS, if it doesn’t, you may have other issues that need to be isolated and corrected.

So read on to discover what else you can try to restore the connection to your GPS signal.

Samsung GPS Signal Not Found

Holding a phone while looking at the Map

There are a variety of reasons why you may not be receiving a clear GPS signal. As we move between our home, office, and outdoor areas, so the quality of the GPS signal changes. Unfortunately, GPS signal quality suffers in an urban environment where tall buildings, car parks, and adverse weather can all affect our ability to navigate using built-in GPS features on our phones.

When you experience a Samsung GPS signal not found error, consider the immediate area you find yourself in. When indoors, the signal strength can vary from none to poor. Tall buildings, storms, and clouds all block the GPS signal. Your GPS may be turned off or you may be in power-saving mode.

Your Samsung GPS is not designed to work indoors as the receiver needs a clear and uninterrupted view of the satellite. Just walking outside and resetting your GPS by turning it off and then on again may be enough to re-establish a connection.

Inclement weather also affects GPS by interfering with the signals coming from the satellites. Electrical storms and dense cloud cover can be all it takes to prevent your phone from receiving satellite signals.

Two often overlooked solutions involve switching your GPS settings or device screen on.

Some Samsung devices experience a blocked antenna when being held in such a way that the antenna is covered or the phone is folded, such as with the Galaxy Z Flip.

Enable High-Performance Mode

Using the power saving mode or listing your apps as sleeping, can also affect your phone’s ability to pick up a GPS signal. You should therefore have your phone set to “optimized” or “high-performance” mode for the best GPS signal.

To enable High-Performance Power Mode, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click through to Settings, Battery, and Device Care/Power Saving Mode.
  2. Select Optimize Now button.
  3. Under the battery option, switch the power saving mode off.
  4. Go to Additional Settings and switch the Adaptive Battery setting to off.

By optimizing your battery, you ensure that there is sufficient power available for your GPS receiver.

Samsung GPS Won’t Turn Off

Although it can be quite frustrating having your GPS constantly on, it’s not actually a big problem or an energy draw on your battery. I have had one or two occasions where the icon and the GPS were out of sync and the GPS icon showed as “on” but the GPS was actually off when I checked it in my settings.

Here’s what I did to fix the problem.

When your Samsung GPS won’t turn off, it’s usually a problem with the icon and the GPS not syncing correctly. To solve the problem, go to Settings > Location and then select the app using GPS. On the Permissions tab, tap “Allow only when using the app”, then exit and restart your phone.

If you have more than one app using GPS, you’ll want to follow the instructions above for each app. You can also try switching the location to “off” in the location tab and then reset your phone.

If all else fails, uninstall the map apps, restart your phone, and then re-install the apps with the latest downloads.

You may sometimes find that your GPS signal is very weak. Read on to discover how I solved this common problem.

Samsung GPS Weak Signal

Holding a phone while looking at the Map

It gets very frustrating when you just cannot get a decent GPS signal. Unfortunately, GPS technology relies on line of sight for the best, most powerful signal. Here’s what I do to ensure that I have the strongest signal available.

When experiencing weak GPS signal problems, move to a position where you have a clear view of the sky. That is where GPS works best. If you’re inside a building or below ground in a parking lot, the satellites’ GPS signals cannot reach you. Also, check that your GPS is turned on in settings.

The following additional issues can also cause your phone to either lose the GPS signal or only receive a very weak signal from the satellite:

  • Bad weather is obstructing your view of the satellites.
  • Buildings or other obstructions such as mountains or hills are blocking a direct view of the sky in the direction of the satellites.
  • Heavy cloud cover is obscuring the satellites’ signal.
  • Your screen may have been turned off.
  • You are blocking the antenna in your phone from receiving a signal.
  • You have your phone set to “Power Saving” mode. Ensure that it is set to “Optimize” or “High Performance”.

Samsung GPS Totally Off

Woman holding a phone while looking at the Map

Most GPS problems are due to minor problems with your phone software or with the apps themselves. Fortunately, these issues are usually easy to sort out.

With the Samsung GPS totally off, you’ve got 3 potential causes. Either the GPS signal in your area is lacking, you have a phone software issue or your app is faulty. You can’t do anything about the lack of a GPS signal, but the software issues are easily fixed by downloading updates to your phone.

If you are located in a very built-up area or one with lots of tall trees, then you will almost certainly have issues with your GPS signal.

Your Samsung phone can make use of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for more accurate location detection in the absence of a strong GPS signal.

You can find the setting in Settings>Location>Improve accuracy. Tap the “Improve Accuracy” tab and enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning.

Samsung GPS Not Working Airplane Mode

Holding a phone while looking at the Map

Airplane mode is used to turn off transmitters on your phone as well as to avoid disturbing those around you in a meeting or when in a public place.

As a general rule, your Samsung GPS not working in airplane mode is usually related to phone software or app software issues. Placing a phone in airplane mode does not affect its ability to receive GPS signals. Updating your software and restarting your phone should resolve the issue.

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