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Samsung Pass Not Working

Samsung Pass is very handy to use so that you don’t need to input your passwords every time, which is often quite tricky on the small keyboard on a smartphone. Like all apps though it can malfunction and not work. Today I will explain how to get Samsung Pass to work when it’s not working.

Clear the data and cache on the Samsung Pass app, force stop the app, close other background apps, adjust the app permissions, restart your smartphone and ensure you have a network connection. Each step can fix it, so if it works after doing each step.

Touchscreen Samsung pass

Based on your experience you may know how to do some or all of the steps. I’ve worked in a retail store that sells smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi modems, and the connections and plans that go with them, and have fixed countless smartphone issues. Below, I will explain how to perform each of these steps in a way that anyone can do them, as well as some more specific issues such as when two step verification or the fingerprint verification isn’t working.

Samsung Pass Not Working

A few issues can occur with Samsung Pass, or the settings may not be set up correctly. This can cause it not to work as it should. Here’s the troubleshooting steps in order from least to most likely to get it working again.

Do a soft reset on your Samsung smartphone, clear the app cache and data, close all background apps, force stop the app, change the permission settings, and make sure you have a working Wi-Fi or data connection.

Here’s how to perform each of these troubleshooting steps. Note, that each of these steps can get it working again. So, after you do each step see if it has fixed Samsung Pass and if it’s working now.

1. Do a soft reset on your Samsung smartphone or device

When using a Samsung device there are multiple apps running in the background. It also downloads various files and modifies files on your phone. Naturally as this occurs a glitch can happen with these processes. Doing a soft reset will start your Samsung device fresh.

Based on my extensive experience fixing smartphones in a retail store, this fixes 80% of issues with smartphones so is also a good thing to know if you ever have any future issues with other apps. To do this hold the power button on the side of your device until the menu pops up. It will bring up 3 options: Power, Restart, and Emergency Call. Press the Restart button.

The phone will restart and go back to the home screen. If for whatever reason this doesn’t work, another way to do it is to hold the power button and the volume down button until the screen goes blank. After that the Samsung Logo will show up, and your smartphone will power cycle on.

How to soft reset Samsung tablets

The first method above where you press and hold the power button until some additional options come up also works for the Samsung tablet. But, the second method is a bit different on a Samsung tablet. To do that you need to power down your Samsung tablet, and then hold the power button, and the volume up button at the same time until the Samsung logo shows up on the screen.

2. Clear the app cache and data and force stop Samsung Pass

Virtually all apps on a smartphone have folders that store various files. These files are stored automatically in the background. These include what is called the ‘cache’ and ‘app data’. The files that are stored can become corrupted and cause an app not to work and freeze.

When these files are corrupted they should be deleted. They can also be deleted to free up space, and make your device run faster. To clear these folders go to the Settings on your device. Then select:

Apps > select the Samsung Pass app or search for ‘Samsung Pass’ > Tap to open it > Then tap storage

From this menu at the bottom are two options ‘clear data’ and ‘clear cache’. Tap on each one in turn and press ‘OK’ to clear it. Then go back one screen by pressing the back arrow from this menu. At the bottom is an option that says ‘Force stop’, tap that and press ‘OK’.

This will completely close the Samsung Pass app.

4. Close all background apps that are open

As you may know, apps will remain open in the background when you press the home button or open another app. When they’re open in the background they can freeze and cause issues with other apps. Normally, this function works perfectly fine. But, when you’re having the issue with the Samsung Pass app not working you should close all the apps that are open in the background.

It’s very easy to do, here’s a short video that shows how to do it. Note that the video says for specific devices. However, from experience this works for virtually all Samsung smartphones. If not, then do a Google search for ‘how to close background apps on your device’.

5. Change the permissions in the settings on the Samsung Pass app

There are three features that require the permissions to be set manually. They are:

  • Camera
  • Files and media
  • Location

They may not have been set up the first time. If these are disabled of the functionality of Samsung Pass won’t work. The place to access them in the settings is to go to Settings from the home screen of your Samsung device then go to:

Apps > select the ‘Samsung Pass’ app or search for ‘Samsung Pass’ > Tap to open it > Then tap ‘Permissions’.

The three options listed above camera, files and media, and location will show on this screen. Tap each of them individually and from the new menu that opens select ‘Always allow’. This is typically written differently for each of the three options. The main thing is instead of ‘Deny’ or ‘Always ask’, set it to ‘Always allow’ or whatever the alternative option is that means the same thing.

6. Ensure you have a working Wi-Fi or data connection

Samsung pass requires an internet connection to work. This can be a Wi-Fi connection. Or, a data connection through a sim card. Ensure your internet is working by opening up a web browser on your phone and seeing if it will go to a web page that updates its content such as Youtube.

Certain pages like Google, or email can be cached and therefore will open even if you don’t have internet access. If your Wi-Fi is not working then typically resetting your Wi-Fi modem does the trick. However, this article would be too long if I was to explain how to troubleshoot your internet connection. The bottomline is that if your Samsung phone doesn’t have a working connection Samsung Pass won’t work, so you need to get the internet working on your phone first, if it’s not before Samsung Pass will work.

If you’re using a data connection with a sim card it’s possible you’ve used up all the data. And although it shows 3G or 4G you don’t have any data allowance so it won’t send and receive internet traffic.

7. Ensure you have the up to date password stored in Samsung Pass

If you’re using Samsung Pass to log on to a website or app and you’ve changed the password for a website or app then it needs to be manually changed in Samsung Pass. For example, if you’ve changed the password for the Snapchat app, when you try to login using Samsung pass it won’t log in. To manually edit a password that’s saved in Samsung Pass go to the Settings on your Samsung device. Then tap on ‘Biometrics and Security’, from the list that comes up select ‘Samsung Pass’.

After that it will prompt you to unlock it using your fingerprint. It may also give you the option to unlock Samsung Pass using an iris scan if your device has this feature. Once it’s unlocked it will show the apps that you have passwords saved for, as well as websites that you have passwords saved for. Tap on the one that you want to change the password for and at the bottom will be an option that says ‘Edit’.

Tap on that and put in the updated password. If you’ve tried all of these steps and your Samsung Pass is still not working, then I would raise a support ticket with Samsung via their official website. They will advise you of the next steps to take.

Samsung Pass Is Temporarily Not Available

Holding a samsung phone

When you log in to an app that you’re signed out of, or open a website that you’ve previously logged into an option will come up that will say autofill with Samsung Pass in the password field. It will ask you to select from scanning your fingerprint or do an iris scan, if this doesn’t come up here’s what to do.

Clear the app data and cache from Samsung Pass and try again. If it’s still not working do a soft reset of your Samsung device by holding down the power button until some additional options come up. From these options select ‘Reset’, and wait for your Samsung device to reboot.

On top of these troubleshooting steps there are some additional ones you should do if neither of these work. I’ve explained how to perform both of these in step by step detail at the top of this article, as well as the additional steps. Scroll to the top of this article and start with step ‘1. Do a soft reset on your Samsung smartphone or device’.

Samsung Pass Fingerprint Not Working

Holding a samsung phone

When you log into a website or app that is enabled for Samsung Pass it will give you the option to scan using your fingerprint, your eyes, or autofill with the saved pass. The fingerprint function will typically work perfectly fine, but if it’s not working here’s what you should do.

Wipe the fingerprint scanner to ensure it’s very clean, do a soft restart of your Samsung device, remove the current fingerprint you have saved and add it again, and ensure you have the latest operating system. Each step has the potential to fix it, so see if it works after trying each one.

Ideally wipe the fingerprint scanner with a microfiber cloth. These are the same cloths that come with sunglasses or eyeglasses. But, a t- shirt should work perfectly fine.

Samsung Pass Not Prompting

Holding a samsung phone

When Samsung Pass is working correctly it will prompt you to autofill the password using Samsung Pass by asking you to do a fingerprint scan or do an iris scan. If you don’t get the pop up that says ‘autofill with Samsung Pass’ then here’s how to fix it.

The Samsung Pass app has likely crashed and you need to force close Samsung Pass, and restart your Samsung device. Start by going to the settings for Samsung Pass by selecting Settings, then Apps, then choose the Samsung Pass app. At the bottom is an option that says ‘force stop’.

I’ve explained how to do each of these steps in detail at the start of this article. As well as, a range of other steps you should do. Unfortunately there’s no way to know which step will work ahead of time, and it’s a matter of doing each one until it begins to work again. Scroll to the top of this article and start with ‘1. Do a soft reset on your Samsung smartphone or device’.

And do each of the steps until it begins working.

Samsung Pass Not Working On All Sites

Holding a samsung phone

Once you’ve saved the password for a website into Samsung Pass every website or app that you go to will prompt you to either autofill using Samsung Pass or add the password to Samsung Pass. If this isn’t working on every website you go to then here’s what you should do.

Soft restart your Samsung device, delete the cache and saved data for the Samsung Pass app, make sure the permissions are always enabled, and verify that you have a network connection. The most likely to fix it is doing a soft restart of your Samsung device.

I’ve provided step by step instructions for how to perform each of these troubleshooting steps at the start of this article. As well as, what to do if you try everything and it’s still not working. Scroll to the top of this article and perform each troubleshooting step one by one.

Copyright article owner is for this article. This post was first published on December 2, 2021.

The data and cache for the Samsung Pass app can be corrupted, so deleting it can fix this issue. Then do a soft restart of your Samsung device, make sure the Samsung Pass app permissions are enabled, and finally that you have a data or Wi-Fi connection and that it’s working.

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