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Samsung Phone Camera Photo Problems

Samsung phones are well known for taking pictures that feature clear and generally excellent quality. Occasionally, Samsung phone cameras can sometimes fail because they encounter one of several common problems that can affect picture quality. Careful trouble shooting can lead to a quick diagnosis of the cause of the problem so that you can resolve it quickly and begin to take photos again with your Samsung phone as usual.

If you have Samsung phone camera photo problems, try restarting the phone to see if this fixes the problem. If this doesn’t work, analyze your phone for any apps or systems that are requiring updates which could affect your camera. Finally, Restart in Safe Mode.

holding a phone while taking picture

If your phone camera is working normally in Safe Mode, then the problem is probably with a outside app that is causing havoc with the Samsung phone’s camera software. Restart the phone when it is out of Safe Mode and delete any apps that have been installed recently. Also, be sure to restart your phone after you delete each app to ensure that every app affected is fully uninstalled.

Now, go ahead and clear your Samsung phone app cache and all of the residual storage data. Then, start your camera again and see if it is working properly again.

If your issue is still not resolved, take the microSD card out and then reinsert it again. There have been cases where Samsung phones produce errors when reading microSD cards which lead to failure of the phone camera.

If you receive a message to Reformat the microSD card, you may need to go ahead and reformat the microSD card. Be aware that reformatting the microSD card can lead to a loss of all the data on the microSD card. To avoid this, make sure to back up all of these files by transferring them to your PC or MAC.

You can also try to Turn Off Smart Stay which uses the camera that is front facing for selfies to maintain  the position of your face when you are in a position of looking at the phone screen for an extended period without you touching the camera.

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This can often cause an issue with the rear-facing camera if the Smart Stay feature happens to be activated.

Finally, you can try to resolve the issue by conducting a hard reset to reset the Samsung phone back to the original factory settings.

Samsung Phone Camera Discoloration

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It is indeed disturbing to see that your Samsung phone camera is producing photos that are discolored with dark, pinkish, or other miscolored spots. Oftentimes, this is due to an issue with the Samsung phone camera app rather than with the phone screen or the phone camera itself.

If you have Samsung phone camera photo problems and you are getting Samsung phone camera discoloration, try enabling the automatic flash on the camera. Try to keep the phone camera away from very bright light that can damage the phone camera image sensor.

Prior to taking a photo, try to find out if you require a flash for the photo or not. If you need additional light for the picture, go ahead and Enable the Flash.

To do this, go to the Camera app. Go to Flash and choose from either Flash Off, Flash Auto or Flash On, which activates the flash for every picture taken.

Samsung Phone Camera Gone Blurry/Doesn’t Focus

Holding a phone while taking a selfie

Whether your Samsung phone is producing blurry or out of focus pictures from the front or rear-facing cameras, it is a frustrating situation that needs to be remedied quickly. Try the following troubleshooting steps to try to quickly resolve this issue.

If you have Samsung phone camera photo problems and your Samsung phone camera has gone blurry/doesn’t focus, clean the cache of the camera app. Go to Settings, then to Applications and then to Sort by All and then finally to Camera. Now Clear Camera Cache to add more camera memory.

Samsung Phone Camera Ripples

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If you have a formation of ripples on your Samsung phone camera on your Samsung phone camera screen, it can be both maddening and aggravating. Luckily, some simple troubleshooting steps can rapidly resolve the issue.

If you have Samsung phone camera photo problems and Samsung phone camera ripples, first go to Settings. Then go to Security. Now go to Lock Screen Options. Then go to Ripple Effect and unclick it and you will see it is disabled.

Samsung Phone Camera Picture Colors Not Lining Up

Holding a phone while taking a selfie

If you are looking forward to sharing your photos from your Samsung phone and the picture color is not lined up, it is probably enough to make you want to just throw the phone away. Luckily, there are a few simple steps to take to clear up this problem.

If you have Samsung phone camera photo problems and the phone camera picture colors are not lining up, go to Settings and then to Display. Then go to Motion Smoothness. Select the 60 Hz Refresh Rate Option. Then tap on Apply.

If this does not solve the problem, you can try a Factory Reset on your Samsung phone.

Samsung Phone Camera Too Bright

Holding a phone while taking a selfie

There are several factors that can cause your Samsung phone camera to be too bright. This includes how intense the ambient light is and how much light is allowed in during the photographing process. Read on to learn what steps to take to discover what is the actual cause of your Samsung phone being too bright.

If you have Samsung phone camera photo problems and the Samsung phone camera is too bright, tap on the camera icon. Tap on More and then on Pro. Then tap on the plus and minus icon and then go ahead and slide the brightness bar to the level of brightness that is most desirable.

Then, take a picture and then Capture. At this point your picture should be saved in your picture’s Gallery. Now, go to your main screen and press on Home.

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